Board approves delegation of eleven proposed IDN test strings, and directs staff to implement evaluation plan.


Vint Cerf suggested that as there had been considerable discussion of this issue at the recent Board retreat. There was general discussion regarding the involvement of Root Server operators in the discussions and other community approvals. Tina Dam outlined that a process had been established for removal of the names if there was any issue at the root level.

Bruce Tonkin moved for the following resolution to be approved and Peter Dengate Thrush seconded it:

Whereas, on 19 July 2007 a revised version of the IDN Evaluation Plan was posted after full consultation with the Internet community.

Whereas, the Plan recommends the evaluation of eleven Internationalised Domain Names in the DNS root zone, representing the term "test" translated into Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil.

Whereas, on 29 June 2007, the ICANN Board accepted the IANA Root Zone Procedures for Test IDN Deployment.

Whereas, on 22 July 2007, the method for invoking the emergency removal procedure was finalised taking RSSAC's recommendations into consideration.

Whereas, ICANN has reviewed the IDN Evaluation Plan, and has determined that the proposed delegations would be in the best interest of the local and global Internet communities.

It is resolved (07.65), that the proposed delegation of the evaluative domains xn{}kgbechtv (representing the term "test" in Arabic), xn{}hgbk6aj7f53bba (representing the term "test" in Persian), xn{}0zwm56d (representing the term "test" in Simplified Chinese), xn{}g6w25ld (representing the term "test" in Traditional Chinese), xn{}80akhbyknj4f (representing the term "test" in Russian), xn{}11b5bs3a9aj6g (representing the term "test" in Hindi), xn{}jxa1pd1p (representing the term "test" in Greek), xn{}9t4b11yi5a (representing the term "test" in Korean), xn{}deba0ad (representing the term "test" in Yiddish), xn{}zckzah (representing the term "test" in Japanese) and xn{}hlcj6aya9esc7a (representing the term "test" in Tamil) to IANA is approved.

It is further resolved (07.66), that the Board directs ICANN Staff to implement the IDN Evaluation Plan, and report back to the ICANN Board following the conclusion of the evaluation.

A voice vote was taken and all Board Members present approved unanimously by a vote of 12-0.

Peter Dengate Thrush asked if we need to talk about the presentation of this resolution to the Country-Code and GAC communities. Vint Cerf suggested that this is a question that should be directed to Paul Levins. Tina Dam advised that there is a communications plan and an announcement will be made that explains the evaluation plan of the test which has been approved and will be send to SOs and ACs.

Implementation Actions

  • Implement IDN Evaluation Plan and report back to Board. 
    • Responsible entity: ICANN staff
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 2008

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