Board authorizes the President to establish a foreign business license and an office for ICANN in Sydney, Australia.


The General Counsel presented a proposal to the Board to permit staff to initiate a foreign business license and to open an office in Sydney, Australia in order to make more efficient the handling of our staffing and facilities in that part of the world. The board generally discussed the proposal and staff provided human resource, contractual relationships and outreach information relating to the regional presence of ICANN. Paul Twomey noted for the record that he will continue to maintain his offices in the main, Marina del Rey office.

Whereas, it is important for ICANN as it globalizes its operations to be able to both employ staff from different countries and to put into place the ability to operate on a 24/7 timeframe for operational and logistical support. In 2003, ICANN opened an office in Brussels, Belgium, which has helped ICANN to become more efficient and responsive.

Whereas, ICANN already has a significant presence in Australia, and obtaining a foreign business registration in Sydney will enable ICANN to further increase its operational efficiency and responsiveness, reducing administrative inefficiencies created by the lack of a formal business presence there.

Resolved (06.87), the Board authorizes the President to establish a foreign business license and an office for ICANN in Sydney, Australia.

The resolution was received the unanimous support of all 11 board members present, with no abstentions. In addition to the board members who were not present during any of the meeting, Hagen Hultzsch and Rita Rodin were not present for the vote.

Implementation Actions

  • None
    • Responsible entity: Not applicable
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: Not applicable

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Additional Information

  • The resolution did not address funding for the items identified therein.

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