• Category: International Agreements
  • Topic: Supplement to IETF-ICANN Memorandum of Understanding
  • Board meeting date: 22 November 2006
  • Resolution number: 06.86
  • URL for Board minutes/resolution: http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/minutes-22nov06.htm
  • Status: Completed


Board approves Supplemental Agreement to ICANN-IETF Memorandum of Understanding that finalizes agreed upon criteria and procedures, including specific timelines and reporting metrics.


Whereas, ICANN and the IETF signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2000 detailing ICANN's responsibilities in supporting IETF-related activities through its performance of the IANA function.

Whereas, Section 4.1 of the ICANN-IETF MOU provides "The IANA will work with the IETF to develop any missing criteria and procedures over time, which the IANA will adopt when so instructed by the IESG.

Whereas, ICANN staff and the IETF have developed a Supplemental Agreement that finalizes the criteria and procedures mutually agreed upon. The processes and scope of work outlined in the Supplemental Agreement document work that ICANN staff already performs, and adds specific timelines for satisfactory performance of that work, as well as reporting metrics designed to allow the public to assess ICANN's performance of the IANA function.

Resolved (06.86), the Supplemental Agreement to the ICANN-IETF MOU is approved.

The resolution was received the unanimous support of all 11 board members present, with no abstentions. In addition to the board members who were not present during any of the meeting, Hagen Hultzsch and Rita Rodin were not present for the vote.

Implementation Actions

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    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 22 November 2006

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