The Noncommercial Stakeholders Group has been providing input to the ICANN community, ICANN organisation, Data Protection Authorities, and other stakeholders on the impact of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on ICANN policies.

Our subject matter expert on this topic is Dr Stephanie Perrin.

This page is the repository of correspondence, papers, and other material that the NCSG or our subject matter expert have produced on this topic.

Date of PublicationDescriptionDocument Type

Outgoing Correspondence
17 Oct 2018NCSG Letter to ICANN Board about Domain Name Registrants Data ProtectionLetter
23 Apr 2018

NCSG Response to Article 29 Data Protection Working Party

11 Apr 2018

Privacy Issues Update at ICANN

Briefing Note
09 Apr 2018Comments of the NCSG on the Draft IPC/BC Purpose Statement Published on 27 March 2018Letter
11 Mar 2018

Statement of the Noncommercial Stakeholders Group on the 8 March 2018 Model for GDPR Compliance

09 Mar 2018Berlin Group Working Paper on Privacy and Data Protection Issues with Regard to Registrant Data and the WHOIS Directory at ICANNWorking Paper
05 Mar 2018ICANN’s non-compliance with European data protection law - Art 29 letter.pdfLetter
29 Jan 2018NCSG Input on Proposed Compliance ModelsLetter
29 Jan 2018

Comments on GDPR Interim Compliance Models for WHOIS & Associated Privacy Compliance Issues by Stephanie Perrin

08 Dec 2017Analysis by Dr Stephanie Perrin of the International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications 62nd Meeting in ParisBlog Post
19 Oct 2017

Letter to Theresa Swinehart and Akram Atallah Regarding ICANN's Non-Compliance with European Data Protection Law

06 Feb 2017Update by Dr Stephanie Perrin on ICANN Data Protection Issues: Will there be Enforcement of Data Protection Law in the Future?Blog Post

Incoming Correspondence
12 Apr 2018Letter to the NCSG from the Article 29 Data Protection Working PartyLetter
27 Nov 2017Letter to the NCSG from Theresa Swinehart and Akram Atallah Regarding ICANN's Non-Compliance with European Data Protection LawLetter

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