9 April 2013 - NCSG Open Membership Meeting at ICANN #46 in Beijing, China

13:30 - 15:30 (Beijing local = UTC/GMT +8 hours)   

Room: Function 9

Discussion Agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions from membership  [ 13:30 ]

  2. WHOIS Expert Working Group (aka "gtld Directory Services) [ 13:45 ]
    - Visit from Stephanie Perrin, member of ICANN's Expert Working Group on Whois 
     Background: ICANN Wiki on Expert Working Group

  3. ICANN Outreach and Engagement Efforts [ 14:15 ]
    - Visit from Sally Costerton, ICANN staff member responsible for outreach and stakeholder engagement

  4. Open membership discussion on growing trend at ICANN to replace the bottom-up community-led policy development process with top-down staff unilateralism   [ 14:45 ]

  5. ICANN's Accountability Transparency Review Team (ATRT-2)     [ 15:00 - 15:30 ]
    Visit from some members of ATRT-2.  NCSG members can ask questions of team and provide input into team's work on ways ICANN can improve its accountability, transparency and reliability in carrying out its mission.
    Background: ICANN wiki on ATRT2

Note: NCSG moves to Grand Hall A at 15:30 for NCSG's meeting with the ICANN Board of Directors

Remote Participation:
* Adobe Connect with audio streaming:

* Telephone Dial-in Numbers:
 Passcode: NCSG

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  1. NCSG, NPOC, and NCUC have submitted a joint proposal to hold an outreach-oriented workshop at the IGF Bali.  It might be worth spending just a few minutes getting on the same page about what we will be doing there.

  2. I'd like to find some time to talk about the RAA, registrants' rights, and contract negotiations in general. http://pad.ncuc.org/p/RegistrantsRights



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