DATE: Tuesday, 14 March 2023

TIME: 10:30 - 12:00 EST

ROOM: Gran Cancun 3-5

Question from the Board:

The final SubPro report assigns resolution of many, potentially complex issues to the Implementation Review Team (IRT).  IRTs can - and sometimes have - become bottlenecks, for example, in connection with efforts to relitigate policy outcomes or where there are gaps in the policy being implemented.  What concrete steps can the board, org, or community (or all 3 collectively) take to improve the IRT process?  Please be as concrete as possible.


CPH to Board Questions:

  1. We appreciate that the issue of efficiency and reducing bottlenecks is one that spans the whole process and all parties, what are some of the specific challenges from a Board perspective when it comes to liaising with, and reviewing outputs of, PDPs and IRTs?  We also note that in addition to efficiency the CPH wants to highlight the importance of transparency in all ICANN processes, for example the  ongoing SOI discussions within the GNSO.

        2.   RySG would like an update on the status of the IGO process.

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