DATE: Tuesday, 14 March 2023

TIME: 16:30 - 17:30 EST

ROOM: Gran Cancun 3-5

On behalf of the CSG, please find our questions for the ICANN Board.  We look forward to thoughtful and robust discussions in Cancun.  We note that the ISPCP may submit an additional question regarding closed generics.

CSG Questions to the Board:

  1. (ISPCP presents Question 1) Several years of work stagnation at ICANN may be threatening the long-term viability of the multistakeholder model.  What is the board doing or will do to prompt Org leadership to get work finished and out the door, and what are the near-term priorities for work to be completed?
  2. (BC presents Question 2) Two of three CSG constituencies, plus the ALAC, set forth in a January letter their expectations for community consultation – based on 2009 and 2013 precedents – regarding changes to the RA and RAA.  We have not received a reply from ICANN.  Can you confirm that Org will follow those precedents as they relate to community consultation?
  3. (IPC presents Question 3) What are the boards plans to have ICANN implement approved policies for thickwhois and privaxy/proxy?
  4. (BC presents Question 4) EU has now passed NIS-2.  How does the board envision ICANN amending its policies to comply with NIS-2?
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