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We create digital services that support ICANN's policy development and outreach efforts. Learn more about how we work and what we're thinking by reading our blogs.

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Find the complete list of projects, including those in our backlog, go here.


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Have a project idea you want to request? You can tell any of us and we'll see what we can do to help.
 Chris Gift, VP of Digital Services 
              twitter: @cgift
              email: chris.gift@icann.org  

 Laura Bengford, Sr. Product Manager
              twitter: @laurabengford
              email: laura.bengford@icann.org

 Steve Allison, Product Manager
              email: steve.allison@icann.org  

 Jeff Salem, UX Designer
              email: jeff.salem@icann.org

Guides and Resources

The following guides and resources are used by the Digital Services team to build their services. Take a look through these guides and resources to get a better understanding of how we accomplish our work.

Discover the rest of our guides and resources; think there's something we should consider using on your project? Contact jeff.salem@icann.org and let him know.

Service Delivery

  1. Discovery: A short phase, focused on understanding what the service is supposed to do, and even before that, who it is actually for.
  2. Definition & Design: We'll learn precisely what it is we’re trying to build - and that’s often quite different to our initial view. The vision of the product will change through conversations, interviews, workshops and research as we build a picture of what we actually want.
  3. Alpha: The Alpha phase is the MVP - the minimum viable product. Its a primitive version of what we want to build, stripped down to its basic functionality so that we can test it in a live environment, with actual users and see if they use it, and it works, in the ways we assumed.
  4. Beta: This is the pre-live version. Again, shared publicly, this is a fully-functioning prototype where we get as many users as possible to test it.
  5. Launch: Once the beta phase ceases to raise obstacles, we can go live - final changes to design and the implementation within the ICANN environment follow


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  1. Anonymous

    I have been trying to send a report to icann via https//new.icann.org/en/about/governance, through its report form. I had finished the complaint info, which was about unlawful intrusion of spoofing hackers using generic router and certificate piggybacking on the legitimate ATT UVerse router issued to me by ATT. When I typed the info indicating I was not a robot, it returned to me indicating it was in correct. I was positive I typed the correct info. Then I regenerated more info to send my complaint form to ICANN. It went through the process but the form did not go through. Then the form I sent came back and all boxes had input saying "nothing to report." I was then disconnected to my wifi connection. If this comment goes through, I solo give if this is not the right protocol to send this info. But I have had internet spoofing issue for more than five years now, and nobody seem to know how to help. My email address is mawellness8gmail.com