Members:  Katrina Sataki,Ajay Data, Souleymane Oumtanaga, Stephen Deerhake, Alejandra Reynoso, Pablo Rodriguez, Byron Holland, Biyi Oladipo,Jian Zhang, Nick Wenban-Smith, Demi Getschko, Laura Margolis, Jordan Carter

Observers/Liaisons/Regional Organizations:  Barrack Otieno, Philippe Fouquart, Maarten Simon, Miguel Ignacio Estrada, 

Staff: Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson

Apologies:  Margarita Valdes, Abdalla Omari, Giovanni Seppia

Did not attend - no apology sent:  Young Eum Lee

Recording: Zoom replay

Minutes EN

Agenda:  Draft Agenda ccNSO Council meeting 18 April 2019 version 1.pdf


Chat Transcript:

05:00:49 From Kimberly Carlson : Welcome to today’s ccNSO Council Call on 18 April 2019 @12:00 UTC. Apologies from Giovanni Seppia, Abdalla Omari, Margarita Valdes, Jordan Carter
05:01:19 From Jordan Carter : hi, Jordan joined
05:02:20 From Kimberly Carlson : Noted, thanks Jordan. Welcome
05:02:35 From Kimberly Carlson : Barrack please mute
05:02:39 From Stephen Deerhake : Bar stools were a great idea...
05:03:00 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : Separate room for council call was great!!
05:03:10 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : council meeting I mean ;)
05:03:26 From Jordan Carter : I thought the separate room for the council meeting worked well, a bit more intimate and easy to see everyone
05:03:37 From Stephen Deerhake : +1 @Alejandra. I thought it worked fine.
05:03:38 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet : +1
05:03:46 From Barrack Otieno : sorry my laptop froze
05:03:49 From Laura Margolis : +1
05:03:55 From Biyi Oladipo : the separate meeting room was great.
05:03:58 From Hiro Hotta : +1
05:04:00 From Pablo Rodriguez : The U shape room worked well
05:04:05 From Kimberly Carlson : Thanks, noted
05:04:14 From Jordan Carter : much better than a strange long row of us
05:04:36 From Biyi Oladipo : the u shaped also worked for the strategy session.
05:09:03 From Philippe Fouquart : Just for the ccNSO's council information, several GNSO councilors in their own capacity expressed their puzzlement on the CEO's post and individual support for the ccNSO's letter.
05:17:11 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : Let's move forward and see if there is a formal objection
05:17:24 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet : Green light on that third option from me
05:17:25 From Jordan Carter : I support us moving forward, the last of your three options
05:19:42 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet : Annebeth has been brilliant
05:19:44 From Demi Getschko : Enfatically support AnnBeth!
05:19:51 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet : We are very lucky to have her doing this for us
05:19:58 From Jordan Carter : Definitely welcome Annabeth carrying on
05:20:05 From Stephen Deerhake : Happy she's willing to continue...
05:20:30 From Pablo Rodriguez : I fully support Annebeth continued work on WT5
05:20:48 From souleymane : support
05:22:11 From souleymane : Yes
05:23:58 From souleymane : I think .TC must proceed redelagation and change names on IANA data base
05:25:21 From Bart Boswinkel : @ Nick is that old hand?
05:25:37 From Bart Boswinkel : or tick
05:25:45 From Bart Boswinkel : I meant
05:29:10 From Ajay Data : I will be happy to
05:29:18 From Ajay Data : volunteer for IDN
05:29:27 From Demi Getschko : Good points, Bart!
05:29:36 From Stephen Deerhake : Looks solid.
05:29:40 From souleymane : Yes good comment
05:33:30 From Joke Braeken : Deadline: 26 April 2019, 23:59 UTC
05:36:17 From Stephen Deerhake : Vote and move on... ;-)
05:36:36 From souleymane : ok
05:37:06 From Ajay Data : screen is blank now
05:40:40 From Pablo Rodriguez : i love this mind map, it puts things into perspective very well.
05:44:11 From Jordan Carter : I love the mind map more than the Gantt chart, I am not sure how that one helps much at this stage
05:45:02 From Pablo Rodriguez : This type of representation of the work the ccNSO performs facilitates the reporting to other comunities and outsiders. Good Job!
05:45:28 From Laura Margolis : Agree with Pablo!
05:45:49 From Stephen Deerhake : Lot's to do...
05:46:17 From Ajay Data : excellent, very professional to show mind map and chart
05:46:26 From Young-eum Lee : Agree with Jordan.
05:48:12 From Pablo Rodriguez : The mind map and the Gantt complement each other, agree the Gantt it is not as easy to read.
05:49:28 From Demi Getschko : Very nice job!
05:49:55 From souleymane : Good job
05:51:37 From Biyi Oladipo : great job. I suggest we have detailed schedule/Tor for the different roles and responsibilities circulated especially for those who are new.
05:57:32 From Jordan Carter : I thought we were not allowed to clash the high interest . cross community sessions with our member meeting, in the policy forum B meeting?
05:58:58 From Stephen Deerhake : No ALAC meeting I presume?
05:58:59 From Jordan Carter : ah cool thanks Alejandra
05:59:16 From Stephen Deerhake : OK.
06:00:19 From Stephen Deerhake : Is the TBC ECA Public forum date (Tuesday) set in stone? My request was for Monday, but I think Tuesday will work...
06:00:21 From Katrina : our argument is: we cannot ask people to travel half way around the world and then either sit through sessions that are of no interest for them or have nothing to do because they do not want to attend a session that is totally irrelevant to them
06:00:52 From Stephen Deerhake : Thanks.
06:01:57 From Katrina : Stephen: there are ALAC meeting, of course, but there is no ALAC/ccNSO Council meeting
06:02:34 From Jordan Carter : thanks Katrina, that makes sense. Hopefully the cross community stuff will be interesting and relevant@
06:02:50 From Katrina : we're working on it, Jordan :)
06:03:40 From Joke Braeken : Feedback from the community on the ICANN64 ccNSO Members Meeting was collected via an online satisfaction survey with questions similar or identical to previous satisfaction surveys. The survey was shared via e-mail, social media and via an announcement on the ccNSO website with the ccNSO Members and ccTLD community on day 2 of the ccNSO Members Meeting. The survey closed 2 weeks later, on 27 March 2019, 23:59 UTC. 33 answers have been received, 10 more than the number of responses for ICANN63 in Barcelona. Consult the ICANN64 satisfaction survey results here:
06:07:25 From Pablo Rodriguez : You may count with .PR' s support
06:08:04 From Kimberly Carlson : Thank you Pablo, please email me directly
06:09:02 From Pablo Rodriguez to Kimberly Carlson (Privately) : As usual we will be happy to pledge $1,000 or let's talk about how else we can heelp
06:09:14 From Kimberly Carlson to Pablo Rodriguez (Privately) : thank you so much
06:09:28 From Stephen Deerhake : Can we see where things stand $-wise in another week or so, or are we showing a major shortfall?
06:09:57 From Young-eum Lee : I also agree that cocktails are important
06:09:59 From Jordan Carter : soft support for me for option 1 - do what we can, drinks with less food.
06:10:04 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet : let's do something, we don't need food, I'm sure I can persuade Nominet to contribute
06:10:12 From Jordan Carter : not so in favour of cancelling
06:10:13 From Demi Getschko : May be we could wait a little bit more before reaching a decision re: cocktail
06:10:38 From Jordan Carter : we have pledged a small EUR500 from .nz
06:10:53 From Ajay Data : lets do it. create better structured plan within budget
06:11:01 From Jordan Carter : let’s do what we can
06:11:30 From Barrack Otieno : we can also write to ANRT the local ccTLD operator
06:11:39 From Kimberly Carlson to Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet (Privately) : Hi Nick, please email me directly with any support you can drum up
06:11:47 From Barrack Otieno : .MA is a cohost
06:12:06 From Stephen Deerhake : I'm checking now to see if Canada is still there... ;-)
06:12:07 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet to Kimberly Carlson (Privately) : yep ok will do :)
06:12:17 From Kimberly Carlson to Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet (Privately) : Thank you
06:13:06 From Kimberly Carlson to Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] (Privately) : is that.a new hand?
06:13:37 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] to Kimberly Carlson (Privately) : That was a forgotten hand ^_^'
06:13:45 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] to Kimberly Carlson (Privately) : Thank you
06:15:13 From Kimberly Carlson to Barrack Otieno (Privately) : Hi Barrack, any assistance in using your contacts would be greatly appreciated
06:15:53 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet to Kimberly Carlson (Privately) : What currency do we look for?
06:16:00 From Kimberly Carlson to Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet (Privately) : USD
06:16:12 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet to Kimberly Carlson (Privately) : OK
06:18:48 From Joke Braeken : wiki:
06:18:50 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : The ccNSO review webinar was very similar, if not the same, as the update we had in Kobe :)
06:19:01 From Joke Braeken : with further info on yesterday’s webinar
06:20:18 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : Not from me
06:21:32 From Philippe Fouquart : it would be a good idea to share thoughts on this
06:21:49 From Philippe Fouquart : b/w GNSO and ccNSO councils, that is
06:24:08 From Young-eum Lee : Just got notice that I was subscribed to the mail list.
06:24:23 From Laura Margolis : me too
06:27:55 From Philippe Fouquart : this evening? TONIGHT!!? :)
06:28:07 From Philippe Fouquart : yes
06:28:16 From Demi Getschko : AOB: - Just to let you km=now: exactly today, .br comemmorates the 30th anniversary of IANA delegation…
06:28:39 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : Woo Hoo \o/ !!
06:28:40 From Demi Getschko : Thanks!
06:28:40 From souleymane : congrat
06:28:43 From Joke Braeken : congratulations Demi
06:28:48 From Stephen Deerhake : Congrats!
06:28:50 From Laura Margolis : congratulations!
06:28:52 From Miguel Ignacio Estrada : Parabéns Demi!
06:28:59 From Hiro Hotta : congratulations!
06:29:00 From souleymane : Thank
06:29:04 From souleymane : no
06:29:06 From Demi Getschko : It will be just a virtual cocteil
06:29:06 From Pablo Rodriguez : Congratullations Demi!
06:29:11 From Biyi Oladipo : congratulations Demi and .br
06:29:12 From Barrack Otieno : congrats Demi
06:29:12 From Kimberly Carlson : Thank you everyone, have a happy Easter
06:29:13 From souleymane : Contrat demi
06:29:22 From Stephen Deerhake : Bye all!
06:29:30 From Bart Boswinkel : Bye all
06:29:50 From Barrack Otieno : thanks Katrina and everyone
06:29:52 From Young-eum Lee : Congrats, .br! Thanks everyone!
06:29:53 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : Thank you! Bye :)
06:29:54 From Philippe Fouquart : Thanks Katrina, thanks all. Bye.
06:29:54 From Joke Braeken : Thank you all. Bye!
06:29:56 From Demi Getschko : Thanks to all. See you
06:29:57 From Miguel Ignacio Estrada : thank you!
06:29:59 From Laura Margolis : bye!!
06:30:03 From Biyi Oladipo : bye all
06:30:05 From Hiro Hotta : bye thanks

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