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The purpose of the Pilot Holistic Review Terms of Reference Team is to work collaboratively to develop the Terms of Reference for the Holistic Review Pilot.  The team includes a subset of former ATRT3 members, of the Organizational Effectiveness Committee of the Board, facilitated by ICANN org. The ICANN community will have an opportunity for input on the final Terms of Reference through the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees, and the completed Terms of Reference would be an important input for future prioritization and budgeting across ICANN.

(green star) (green star)  ICANN Preparing to Launch the Pilot Holistic Review

             22 April 2022 Blog entry by Avri Doria

Holistic Review Pilot ToR Reference Materials:

Pilot Holistic Review Terms of Reference (ToR) Public Comment

Open: 30 August 2022. You can find the Public Comment proceeding here.

Pilot Holistic Review update and request for community input from ICANN Board Chair, Tripti Sinha (3 October 2022)

(green star)(green star) Reference: ICANN75 presentation - Pilot Holistic Review Update and Draft Terms of Reference Public Comment proceeding

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