17:39:28 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome to the ALAC Monthly Call
17:54:35 From Vanda Scartezini : hi everyone …. hi Claudia, carnaval here….
17:58:59 From Alperen Eken : You cannot hear me I guess
17:59:28 From davekissoondoyal : Hello everyone
18:01:15 From Hadia Elminiawi : hello all
18:02:10 From Javier Rúa-Jovet : hello to all
18:02:20 From Heidi Ullrich : Welcome, All!
18:02:23 From humbertocarrasco : Hello everyone!!
18:02:29 From Justine Chew : Hello all, just to let you know that I will have to do double duty with SubPro PDP WG call starting in an hour.
18:03:20 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Indeed that will effect several of us
18:03:43 From Heidi Ullrich : Action Items will be taken at: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Action+items%3A+2020-02-25+ALAC+Monthly+Teleconference
18:04:05 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : (though I do wonder why we get so many clashes with a GNSO PDP call schedule that has been advertised and unchanged for years now) SIGH
18:05:49 From Hadia Elminiawi : 4 am in Egypt :)
18:07:43 From Holly Raiche : @ Hadia - 4 am is acceptable (barely) It’s the calls at 1.00-3.00 …
18:08:12 From Alan Greenberg : Sorry to be late.
18:09:12 From AK oloyede : hi I have an item for AOB
18:09:48 From Hadia Elminiawi : @Holly ok
18:11:29 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : Hi Abdulkarim.. I have just seen your message. I will get back to you after the policy section
18:11:39 From Heidi Ullrich : Tuesday (today for some) is the single issue CPWG o SupPro. Wednesday is the CPWG with Paul Diaz from PIR.
18:12:31 From Holly Raiche : @ Heidi - what time is the SubPro meeting?
18:13:08 From Evin Erdoğdu : ICANN Public Comment Update: See https://alpha.icann.org/en/public-comment and provide feedback by 13 March 2020 to public-comment@icann.org
18:14:06 From Javier Rúa-Jovet : Subpro in :45 mins aprox.
18:14:52 From Heidi Ullrich : @Holly: Agenda and date/time is at: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/2020-02-25+CPWG+SubPro+Single+Issue+Call+on+Geographic+Names
18:14:59 From Holly Raiche : @ Hadia/Alan - do you want my participation on the EPDP
18:15:12 From Heidi Ullrich : 18:00-19:00 UTC on the 25th
18:15:24 From Hadia Elminiawi : @Holly sure
18:16:32 From Judith Hellerstein : If anyone has suggestions for travel support please let me know
18:16:34 From Holly Raiche : Thanks Hadia - will do
18:16:48 From Yrjo Lansipuro : Sorry for joining late
18:17:49 From Heidi Ullrich : @Olivier/@Jonathan, will the ALAC need an extension on the SSR2 public comment?
18:18:03 From Holly Raiche : That would be great Hadia
18:18:20 From Evin Erdoğdu : Thank you Hadia!
18:23:10 From Alperen Eken : I will note this, we can add a graph each month :)
18:23:36 From Alberto Soto : Hi, I’m sorry to be late
18:23:46 From Judith Hellerstein : i do not think they are allowed
18:24:51 From Satish Babu : I think observers are kind of individual members in probation...
18:25:11 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : Thats great news, Sergio..
18:25:33 From Alan Greenberg : Ahh, ok, so the number is zero because we not yet ready for unaffiliated members.
18:25:44 From Judith Hellerstein : Yes Alan that is what I thought
18:26:04 From Justine Chew : Thumbs up for LACRALO
18:26:06 From Alan Greenberg : I would suggest we use a DASHm then because having a zero sends a different message.
18:26:09 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : this sounds like quite a long term approach... is there a likely or aspirational 'deadline"for this to be achieved?
18:26:45 From Alan Greenberg : I didn't mean to start a debate! Sorry.
18:26:51 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : @Satish. I believed that observers status was to enable them to find out whether they wanted to join as individual members
18:27:33 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : That makes perfect sense @Maureen for any RALO that wishes to offer that transition opportunity
18:31:20 From Jonathan Zuck : Sorry I’m late. For some reason I thought it was tomorrow
18:31:50 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : ANy one who needs to read through the now Adopted PDP 3.0 you can find it here -> https://gnso.icann.org/sites/default/files/file/field-file-attach/pdp-final-report-10feb20-en.pdf
18:32:13 From Heidi Ullrich : EURALO’s webpage: :https://atlarge.icann.org/ralos/euralo
18:32:17 From Heidi Ullrich : Might be a good place
18:32:19 From León : Hello everyone
18:32:28 From León : my apologies for lateness
18:32:50 From humbertocarrasco : Hi León!!!
18:33:00 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome Leon and Jonathan
18:33:00 From Holly Raiche : Good idea
18:33:27 From Heidi Ullrich : We will be rolling out the new At-Large/GSE Policy Engagement Plan
18:33:36 From Holly Raiche : Would be interesting
18:34:03 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : something like News from At-Large
18:34:12 From silvia.vivanco : Perhaps the EURALO Newsletter could be a good place to post such news @ Seb
18:34:22 From silvia.vivanco : and a link to it in the wiki and Web
18:35:24 From León : Hola Humberto!
18:35:44 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : its Regional but not global
18:36:43 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : I think what Sebastian is referencing to is something that is diverse news bulletins for At-large
18:36:58 From Jonathan Zuck : UA!
18:37:10 From Jonathan Zuck : Commitments from governments to update websites?
18:37:27 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : Yes, serious topic
18:38:45 From Alan Greenberg : Note I will need to leave in 20 minutes.
18:39:25 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : How about we have you directly after Leon, @Alan
18:39:55 From Jonathan Zuck : Whew!
18:40:08 From Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond : re: Valentine Day message, shame on the Board to cancel the Date during Spring Break in Cancun! :-)
18:40:09 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : informal but *Meaningfule* tone :-)
18:40:10 From Justine Chew : We have lots of love to share, @Leong
18:40:19 From Justine Chew : @Leon, sorry for typo
18:40:32 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : +1 Justine
18:42:00 From Holly Raiche : We need to keep that in mind….
18:44:59 From Holly Raiche : It’s so close to becoming a pandemic - so understandable in the circumstances
18:45:41 From Marita Moll : I think it was the right decision -- and thanks for having the courage to take it. @ Leaon
18:45:56 From Marita Moll : Leon
18:46:15 From humbertocarrasco : I do not think KL will be possible
18:46:34 From humbertocarrasco : In Latin America there is not any case of coronavirus
18:47:09 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : I hope the Board do actually attend the plethora of virtual sessions now going to be held, so they get *the full experience* of the **experiment**
18:47:34 From Holly Raiche : @ Humberto - I hope you are wrong. So much is lost without having everyone there in the same time zone.
18:47:54 From Jonathan Zuck : There IS talk about making it two days later to avoid the weekend
18:47:56 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : and the emphasis is not accidental (insert highly cynical tone)
18:48:14 From Vanda Scartezini : certainly it will be necessary to restructure the whole meeting to allow people to really participate.
18:49:24 From Hadia Elminiawi : +1 rearrangements would be necessary to allow for a decent participation
18:50:13 From davekissoondoyal : By when we should know whether the KL meeting will be face to face or virtual meeting
18:50:45 From Holly Raiche : +! - BUT there is only so much one can to about the different time zones….
18:51:01 From Heidi Ullrich : ICANN67 FAQs just published: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/icann67-faq-2020-02-24-en
18:51:28 From Alan Greenberg : For KL, hopefully there is sufficeint time to relocate if KL is not possible. Presuming thre is SOME site that is acceptable.
18:51:44 From León : Agree Alan
18:51:59 From Justine Chew : But it's not simply about whether a region (currently) has recorded any cases, it's also about who enters and leaves that region
18:52:11 From León : Exactly Justine
18:53:03 From Holly Raiche : +1 Justine
18:53:42 From Heidi Ullrich : The text states: Will I receive a certificate of proof for participating remotely?

Participants may use the virtual confirmation email as confirmation. If you have not registered, please register here. ICANN is not able to provide any certificates that document whether an attendee participated in any individual sessions.
18:53:43 From Javier Rúa-Jovet : do we get certificates in F2Fs?
18:53:48 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : ICANN has never issued certificate of attendance
18:53:58 From Heidi Ullrich : Which says that the virtual confirmation email can be used for confirmation
18:54:09 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : i doubt your alone in this Humberto
18:54:56 From humbertocarrasco : @Heidi, unfortunately, that solution does not work in my case
18:55:15 From humbertocarrasco : It is not enough for my employer
18:55:27 From humbertocarrasco : Thanks a lot Leon!!
18:56:50 From Alan Greenberg : The FAQ makes it very clear that ICANN will not pay for any communications costs to facilitate participation in the virtual meeting. That is VERY unfortunate.
18:57:07 From humbertocarrasco : Cheryl, I believe you are right!!
18:57:14 From Heidi Ullrich : Many of your questions may find responses in the FAQ page
18:57:48 From Sebastien Bachollet : We have also a question about Interpretation!! « Only » English and Spanish
18:58:35 From Judith Hellerstein : Actually for at large sessions we should have all out at large langages
18:59:11 From Judith Hellerstein : Also @heidi we have extra hours left and we could expand the RTT cover more sessions during these meetings
19:00:08 From León : I will excuse myself as well
19:00:10 From Javier Rúa-Jovet : bye! on to subpro!
19:00:13 From León : thanks everyone!
19:00:35 From Alan Greenberg : Thanks. Bye all.
19:01:10 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : we will Start SubPro in a minute
19:01:29 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : I am multi tasking...
19:03:13 From Heidi Ullrich : @Judith, we can look into RTT.
19:03:44 From Heidi Ullrich : FAQ text: Will I receive a certificate of proof for participating remotely?

Participants may use the virtual confirmation email as confirmation. If you have not registered, please register here. ICANN is not able to provide any certificates that document whether an attendee participated in any individual sessions.
19:05:00 From Holly Raiche : Have we heard from Andrew Sullivan?
19:05:27 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : excellent JZ look forward to hearing from them
19:05:28 From Heidi Ullrich : @Sebastien, re languages other than ES: For those sessions that would normally have live interpretations in other languages at an ICANN Public Meeting (e.g. the official languages of the United Nations), a translation of the official session transcript can be requested. This will be posted to the meeting website after the meeting when available.
19:06:21 From Heidi Ullrich : Dev is working on numerous slide decks :)
19:07:39 From Sebastien Bachollet : @Heidi it was not what both JZ and myself ask for on behalf of At-Large participants.
19:07:51 From Heidi Ullrich : I understand Sebastien.
19:08:39 From Sebastien Bachollet : And for us we are loosing French we use to have. Not the best way to have a good participation for our people
19:10:39 From Judith Hellerstein : but sebastien we can look at getting RTT for some of our sessions
19:11:07 From Sebastien Bachollet : It is not and can remplace interpretation
19:12:18 From Judith Hellerstein : i know but I thought it might help
19:12:36 From Alberto Soto : @Seb It's for Goran that translation is an expense, not an investment as I told you personally somewhere in the world trying to defend translation within ICANN's budget
19:13:12 From Evin Erdoğdu : ICANN67 FAQ: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/icann67-faq-2020-02-24-en
19:14:55 From Alberto Soto : +1 SeB
19:15:25 From sergio salinas porto LACRALO : agree whit Sebastian
19:15:51 From Hadia Elminiawi : webinar team meeting is on 25th February @20:00 UTC
19:16:21 From Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong : i agree with Sebastian if we don't have French is that we will black list a big community
19:16:29 From sergio salinas porto LACRALO : I apologize, but I must go to rest in a few hours I will have to drive my car for 400 km en route.
I send a hug to everyone!
19:18:00 From sergio salinas porto LACRALO : byeeeeee
19:21:23 From Heidi Ullrich : Preferably Mon-Thursday;
19:21:33 From Heidi Ullrich : Weekend ok if needed
19:21:40 From Alperen Eken : Bye Sergio
19:22:19 From Heidi Ullrich : There is also no interpretation the week after ICANN67.
19:23:04 From Jonathan Zuck : especially since we have more translation at our regular meetings...
19:24:13 From Judith Hellerstein : Also are we doing any thing after 2300 UTC on Monday? since monday evening is a jewish holiday
19:24:43 From Heidi Ullrich : ICANN will be offering Meetings & Technical Services as well as Language Services support from 0900 – 1700 Cancún time (UTC-5) between 7-12 March
19:25:28 From Judith Hellerstein : Ash Rangan
19:25:49 From Holly Raiche : @ Heidi - why only this times?
19:26:00 From Holly Raiche : (sorry - those..)
19:26:56 From Judith Hellerstein : What about our interpreters? can’t we use them for all our at large calls
19:27:20 From Holly Raiche : Those times do not make sense - given that the meeting is now online and global
19:28:00 From Marita Moll : I will be unable to attend any meeting on Monday 7th as this is the day I am traveling back to Canada from Cuba -- whereas I had been scheduled to travel to Cancun from Cuba on Sunday 6th.
19:28:37 From Heidi Ullrich : @Judith, interpretation on our regular calls will end at the end of this week and begin one week after the end of ICANN67 (23 March)
19:29:19 From Judith Hellerstein : OH Ok but we can use the RTT for all our calls
19:29:24 From Judith Hellerstein : As we have the hours
19:30:32 From Judith Hellerstein : @sebastien, I agree with you
19:30:48 From davekissoondoyal : agree with Sebastien
19:31:22 From Holly Raiche : We should at least extend the hours of meetings from 0700 to 1900 - or some thing close if they are to encourage others now not physically present at the site to participate
19:31:27 From Judith Hellerstein : I do not understand why our regular interpreters cannot make our meetings
19:32:10 From Heidi Ullrich : @Judith, those interpreters are working during ICANN Meetings on other sessions. There are many sessions going at the same time during an ICANN meeting.
19:32:21 From Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong : As ALAC community we need to thing about our ALS who speaking only French language. example firstly Africa we have mostly connectivity challenges access and we will add no interpretation so surely we will impact participation. we need to thing as this point very seriously if we need all icann community to the virtual meeting
19:34:00 From Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong : for time zone I suggest to use UTC time for virtual meeting it will be easy for any one
19:35:37 From AK oloyede : am having connectivity issues. if it's not sorted I move my AOB item to next meeting
19:36:21 From Hadia Elminiawi : ok AK
19:38:14 From Judith Hellerstein : Our interpreters use adigo and others do not have that ability
19:38:22 From Justine Chew : This call is for 2 hours
19:48:17 From Vanda Scartezini : ccTLD - i could join this group since i have some knowledge of cc governance from my time at dot br
19:48:59 From Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong : @Maureen iam interesting to join to contribute I have an experience about Cctld (.td) delegation
19:49:01 From Justine Chew : So none of the proposals submitted for the Flexibity Fund will "move forward"?
19:49:14 From Holly Raiche : I am also considering the ccTLD issue - but would want to hear more first
19:50:43 From Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong : I was part of working Group of national cctld. td for their policy review..
19:50:52 From Justine Chew : Sorry, who is "they"?
19:51:46 From Justine Chew : SO-AC Chairs collectively?
19:52:49 From Justine Chew : So we need to work further on justifying our proposa? Hmm.
19:54:26 From Claudia Ruiz to AK oloyede (Privately) : @Abdulkarin- how is you connection? Can you speak for your AOB?
19:55:15 From Vanda Scartezini : ok will write you Maureen thank you!
19:55:53 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : I Skyped and chat chanel here with you re the ccNSO PDP REVIEW item,
19:57:46 From Vanda Scartezini : thanks for this call !
19:58:04 From Hadia Elminiawi : Thank you all - bye for now
19:58:05 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : bye for now... thanks everyone...
19:58:16 From Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong : thanks you all and bye .
19:58:20 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : thank you all
19:58:21 From humbertocarrasco : Bye!!!
19:58:22 From Satish Babu : Thanks and bye!
19:58:23 From Marita Moll : Okay, interesting times ahead. Bye for now
19:58:24 From DANIEL K. NANGHAKA : bye
19:58:29 From Sebastien Bachollet : ;). Thanks Maureen
19:58:35 From Dave Kissoondoyal : thanks and bye to all

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