Click here for the AC/SO CEO Selection Group (aka 360 Group) Proposal

The proposed membership of the “360 Feedback Group: aka “360 Group”: The chairs [and a limited number of elected/selected representatives from SO/SG/ACs and ALAC] should participate in a “360 Input /Consultation/Review process to provide ongoing input on the selection/recruitment criteria of the CEO/President, and ongoing annual review of the CEO/President, and the Board. The group would act on a volunteer basis, but with designation from their respective bodies.

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  1. I am lukewarm to the 360 idea. At best it will slow the CEO selection process and at worst it will politicize it.

    Some public input is useful and increasing transparency is certainly needed, but this proposal is overkill, IMO.

  2. I agree with Evan -- once again ;-)

  3. I liked this idea. I disagree with the statement that this will slow the process. The process will be done one way or another. If the advice is not done in time it will not be considered at all.

  4. I also agree this  would be a cumbersome process indeed and I doubt  productive...  We have of course as a community a need to be consulted on key traits and desirable / essential characteristics  but we can do that in a more 'Public Comments'  model...

    1. My understanding is that this is an initiative created because it was never a "Public Comment" model that I know off to do this before. We should give it a try and see what comes out.  The only concern that I have is that the group might be to large to manage.