This TTF project is to write a one pager on the Adobe Connect room with frequent issues and solutions for posting in the AC room for first time users.

What you need to use Adobe Connect

On your computer (deskop or laptop) :

Important reminders when using Adobe Connect

Are you listening to this meeting via the phone bridge?  Please mute your computer audio!

  • To mute your computer audio, look for the green speaker icon in the menu bar in the upper left corner of the room and click the speaker icon to mute the audio.
    The speaker icon will appear greyed out showing your audio is muted.


I am not using the phone bridge but I want to say something. How do I speak for others to hear me?

  • click on the telephone icon
  • select "Using Computer" when the "Join Audio Conference" dialog box appears
  • select "Allow" from "Adobe Flash Player Settings" dialog box
  • the telephone handle icon changes to a green microphone meaning your voice is being heard by participants.
  • Mute your microphone! Click on the green microphone icon to mute the microphone when you are not talking.
    A forward slash across the microphone like means your microphone is now muted.
    You can unmute your microphone by clicking again on the microphone icon

    Keyboard Tip : you can press Ctrl+M on Windows or Command+M on Mac to toggle the microphone on and off.


I mistyped my name - How do I change my name in Adobe Connect

  1. Click the Pod Options icon in the upper right corner of the Attendee List pod.
  2. Choose Edit My Info.
  3. Change your name to something more appropriate.
  4. Click OK.

Latest version of One Pager 


For the 2nd point in the one pager, (how to connect your microphone to Adobe Connect so you can speak so that other meeting participants can hear, I've done a screencast showing the various steps.


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