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In this AT-Large Summit II newsletter, the ALAC chair shares his thoughts about ATLAS II and upcoming capacity building webinars

The ICANN At-Large Summit II will begin in London in



Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

Welcome to the first At-Large Summit II Newsletter! As an At-Large Structure (ALS) representative attending the 2nd At-Large Summit during the 50th ICANN meeting in London, you'll receive regular news updates to keep you informed about Summit activities and information to prepare you for the At-Large Summit.

In this Newsletter:

  • ALAC chair shares his thoughts on ATLAS II
  • Capacity Building Webinar on "Security and Stability"
  • Presentations, Recordings of previous Capacity Building Webinars available
  • Learn more about the city of London!


Olivier Crépin-Leblond

Olivier Crépin-Leblond, chair of the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), shares his thoughts about the ICANN At-Large Summit II taking place during the 50th ICANN meeting in London from 21-26 June 2014 that you will be attending

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1300 - 1400 UTC




Capacity Building Webinar on "Security and Stability"
The sixth PRE-ATLAS II Capacity Building Webinar on the Topic "Security and Stability" is scheduled for May 15 2014 from 13:00 - 14:00 UTC, presented by Julie Hammer, the ALAC's liaison to the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) .

The draft agenda and call details can be found at:

French and Spanish interpretation will be provided.

Adobe Connect:

Conference IDs (

  • English:  1638  ; Spanish: 1738 ; French: 1838 

If you require a dial-out please contact At-Large staff at with your preferred number.





Presentation, Recordings of previous Capacity Building Webinars available

Previous pre-ATLAS Summit II Capacity Building Webinars were on topics of

  • Communications
  • IPv4-IPv6 migration
  • Policy Development Process
  • Future of Internet Governance, Part 1
  • Future of Internet Governance, Part 2

Visit the Capacity Building Webinars Page for the presentation and recordings if you missed any of them!



Capacity Building Webinars Page





Learn more about the city of London!

The city of London is the venue of the 50th ICANN meeting and the At-Large Summit II.

Visit the London Travel Page to learn more about this historic city.


London Travel Page




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  1. Is there a Spanish translation for this letter as well?

  2. Spanish and Portugese versions created in Google Doc in past 6 hours - wiki page updated

  3. Dev: Do you have any idea when the first newsletter is going out? Also, I suggest to add more text to the chair interview. Thank you for doing this.

  4. Hi Eduardo - been working with Staff - who now has access to a Mailchimp account and have successfully imported the template, and should all the summit attendees imported by today. ICANN legal has requested a disclaimer to be inserted - that should hopefully be received by ICANN legal by today in time to send the newsletter tommorow (Tues 13 May 2014) 

    I'm updating the newsletter (as you can see with the edits to this page) to meet this deadline - challenge is getting ES translation (there was no response from the comm group), whereas the FR translation came in.


  5. Thanks for the update and effort.