The current NCSG Liaison is Evan Leibovitch.

Previous NCSG liaisons were:

Beau Brendler (NARALO)

Wolf Ludwig (EURALO)

History of the NCSG Liaison Position:

After a meeting with the GNSO's Non-Commercial Users' Constituency at the ICANN Lisbon meeting, the two communities decided to appoint liaisons in order to facilitate inter-constituency cooperation and coordination for times when that was felt to be useful. Accordingly, Carlos Dionisio Aguirre, an ALAC member from LACRALO, volunteered to take on the job, as the first NCUC Liaison from the ALAC. When the NCUC turned into the NCSG in 2009, so did the ALAC liaison position.

NCSG Liaison Reports:


Dedember 15, 2013:

The CCWG created jointly by the NCSG and ALAC, as a result of our meeting during ICANN Buenos Aires, has produced fruitful results. The CCWG is now taking shape, with almost every stakeholder group and advisory committee submitting members. The challenge is in setting goals and deliverables that may be produced before the Brazil 1Net meeting.

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Carlos Aguirre

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