ICANN Meeting 51 Los Angeles October 2014 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 17Oct14)


1. ROLE OF SSAC LIAISON.  My role as SSAC Liaison is to provide a conduit whereby ALAC can provide the SSAC with input to and feedback on SSAC Reports, and suggest and influence the selection of topics that the SSAC might study.  Additionally, I seek to ensure that SSAC reports are written in a way that is understandable and meaningful to the ALAC audience.  Like all other liaisons, this role means that I not only need to keep up to date with all SSAC topics that are being worked on (whether I am a member of the Working Group or not), but also need to keep a watching eye on topics being discussed in the ALAC.  It is also the case that much of the work that SSAC is doing cannot be discussed in open forum, and so my reporting cannot usually be as detailed as other liaisons.

2. MEETINGS ATTENDED IN LOS ANGELES.  As always, the schedule of SSAC and security related meetings in Los Angeles was busy, although it was noticeable that many of the usual constituency groups who like to meet with the SSAC were too busy with their own internal business to do so this meeting.  This was clearly because of the high degree of focus on IANA Transition issues. 


SSAC Meetings

Saturday 11 October

0900-1200: SSAC Administrative Committee

Sunday 12 October

1530-1630: SSAC Briefing to ALAC

Monday 13 October

1030-1200: SO/AC High Interest Topics

Tuesday 14 October

0800-1800: SSAC Private Meetings

Wednesday 15 October

0830-1500: DNSSEC Workshop

1600-1645: DNS Risk Framework Briefing

Thursday 16 October

0800-0900: SSAC Public Meeting


ALAC Meetings

Saturday 11 October

1900-2300: ALAC Leadership Team Working Dinner

Sunday 12 October

0900-1800: ALAC Working Session

Wednesday 15 October

0700-0815: ALAC Leadership Team and RALO Breakfast

1830-2030: NARALO Outreach Function

Thursday 16 October

0700-0800: ALAC and Regional Leadership Wrap-up Meeting

1200-1400: ALAC and Regional Leadership Wrap-up Meeting

Friday 17 October

0800-1130: ALAC Leadership Team Meeting


Other Sessions and Meetings

Saturday 11 October

1400-1700: DNS-OARC Open Meeting

Monday 13 October

0700-0815: DNS Women’s Breakfast

0830-1000: Welcome Ceremony and President's Open Session

1400-1700: ccNSO Tech Day Sessions

1900-2000: ccNSO Drinks with the Board

Tuesday 14 October

1900-2100: ccNSO Cocktail Party

Thursday 16 October

1030-1230: ICG Community Meeting

1400-1700: Public Forum

1715-1845: ICANN AGM

1900-2100: Farewell Cocktail Party

Friday 17 October


700: ICG Meeting


3. SSAC MEETING WITH ALAC.   The briefing provided by Patrik Fältström, the SSAC Chair, on Sunday 12 October provided a summary of the two most recently released SSAC Reports:

  • SAC067 Overview and History of the IANA Functions dated 15 August 2014
  • SAC068 SSAC Report on the IANA Functions Contract dated 10 October 2014

Both released reports are intended as background information to assist the ICANN Community as a whole in its work to develop an IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal.  Both reports will be translated into all 5 UN languages.  A third report is still being developed by the SSAC covering recommended principles and other considerations for the Transition. 

ALAC Members expressed the unanimous view is that both documents are extremely useful and have added significant clarity to the debate over the IANA Stewardship Transition.   Comment was made that the breakdown of who does what under what contract/MOU in SAC068 was especially enlightening.  A comment was made that on a range of 1-100%, these documents score 110%.  The SSAC is most grateful for this feedback.

Patrik also advised of the other current active Working Party within SSAC:

  • Public Suffix Lists

as  well as two new Work Parties which will commence following ICANN 51:

  • New gTLDs: Mid-course correction, Collisions, Timing of next round
  • Registrant Protection/Credential Management

Both of these new Work Parties are covering topics which are of significant interest to the ALAC.


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