FY21 Additional Budget Request Results for RALO Funding to Support an Outreach Activity


This activity will be supported for an additional fiscal year and administered by Policy Development Support staff in collaboration with the regional vice presidents from the Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) team. In view of the current budget climate, approval is granted for $20,000 (which is the same amount as the last three years' allocation) instead of the $30,000 requested. Approval is conditioned upon: (1) criteria to determine each RALO’s spending being published in a central, publicly accessible online location; (2) the required report for the FY20 ABR being submitted on time; and (3) a report submitted for FY21. In addition, the RALOs are strongly encouraged to focus funding on online activities that involve cross-regional engagement, instead of travel and in-person meetings that incur venue, catering and/or travel costs. The extent to which the FY21 funding is allocated to online cross-regional engagement must be described in the FY21 report, and any expenditure on travel or physical events noted and explained. The criteria and reports are to be submitted to sbr-outcomes@icann.org and
submission is a condition of future resource allocations, if any.
With effect from FY22, this activity will be moved to the core ICANN budget, to be planned and (if appropriate) budgeted for on an annual basis. It is important to note that moving an activity to the core budget does not guarantee that it will be funded each year.

RESPONSIBLE ICANN STAFF: Heidi Ullrich (Policy) and Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) regional teams


RALO Discretionary Criteria:

1.0  Purpose of the Discretionary Funding

To provide opportunities for members of all RALOs to do local outreach and engagement about ICANN and ICANN policy related issues within the region.

Please refer to the Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC) Proposal, page 7 HERE for more details.

2.0 Selection Criteria

  1. The applications for funding support for the local  ALS activity must come from a certified ALS or individual member that has demonstrated to be active by consistently participating in the regional monthly calls at least once every 3 months.

  2. The ALS  or individual has previously organized or attended a special event with tangible outreach and engagement activities with specific expected results.

  3. The funds should be a portion of the full budget for the event.  

  4. The Discretionary funds use shall be in alignment with the RALO Strategic Outreach Plans filed for the relevant Fiscal year. 

  5. Staff will consider regional balance within each RALO during their review of the requests.

  6. For virtual engagement events, the RALOs are strongly encouraged to focus funding on online activities that involve collaborative engagement activities that reach across more than one RALO. While cross RALO events are encouraged, single virtual RALO/ALs activities will be also considered. Funding requests are limited to hosts of virtual events for reimbursement on activities that facilitate and/or promote these events rather than reimbursement to users for access to online events.  Additionally, requests will be considered to reimburse registration fees for virtual events. (draft text).  

3.0 Application Process

  1. request form needs to be completed to initiate the process.
  2. The request needs to be reviewed and approved by Regional Leadership prior to sending to ICANN org staff. 
  3. The request must be sent to Silvia Vivanco, Senior Manager, At-Large Regional Affairs and Heidi Ullrich, Vice President, Policy Development and At-Large Relations the relevant Regional Leadership at least three weeks prior to the planned activity. 
  4. Approval (or not) will be informed via email to the organization representative that made the request.

4.0 Approval Process

  1. Staff determines if request follows the established criteria. Consult with the region officials if in doubt.

  2. Staff determines if there are sufficient funds available to support the request. If not, the maximum allowed for the request will be what is available in the fund at the moment of the request.

  3. If necessary, Staff coordinates a conference call with RALO leadership and the person(s) making the request with the purpose of gathering more details about the utilization of the funds.

5.0 Reporting and reimbursement 

  1. All requests and its final approval (or not) are to be published in a WIKi page for transparency purposes.

  2. The ALS or individual member must produce, not later than 15 days after the end of the engagement, a report summarizing its outreach efforts and possible outcome.

  3. Reimbursement will be processed by At-Large Staff, upon receipt of paid invoices, after the event has taken place or project is completed.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TRAVEL BOOKING: All trips on buses, train and planes as well as hotel accommodation must be booked through ICANN Constituency Travel. Please work with At-Large staff on any travel booking under the RALO Discretionary Funding ABR.

FY21 RALO Available Funds

Each RALO is granted $4k for FY21


 Funds Used

Available Funds


FY21 RALO Requests


Date Submitted

Date of Event

Submitted within three weeks of Event?







NARALO28 August 202029 October - 1 November 2020YesGlenn McKnightEarly bird registration to the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 

IEEE GHTC  celebrated their 10th anniversary but with a twist. The event was a virtual event. The event included four days of free pre-liinary sessions and it saw 149 registered attendees from 22 countries with a high percentage from United States 

The sessions was divided int humanitarian technologies focused on Health, Electricity and Communication and the breakout sessions had 40 student papers on these topics. 

More detail on topics at 

Since i know the organizers  I was able to engage the current  IEEE president and IEEE President Elect about NARALO in specific and ICANN in general.  Promotion included providing links to ATLARGE and distribution of the digital versions of our brochure and mailcard.  
The  IEEE SIGHT groups associated with  IEEE Sections also had sessions which Alfredo and I volunteered assessing a special Covid Grant programme where we did more than 75 grant application assessments. 

I will be following up the IEEE Groups. 

Thank you to ICANN discretionary funds 

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