Terri Agnew:Welcome all to the Finance and Budget Subcommittee Working Group call on Monday, 22 December 2014 at 20:00 UTC

  Terri Agnew:meeting page: https://community.icann.org/x/DokQAw

  Alan Greenberg:Loud buzz/background noise on adobe sound

  Alan Greenberg:Dialing in now.

  Glenn McKnight:calling now

  Oksana Prykhodko:Hi everyone!

  Heidi Ullrich:Welcome, All

  Heidi Ullrich:Did all of you see the note from Finance sent on Friday?

  Glenn McKnight:On call and adobe now

  Heidi Ullrich:FBSC Workspace: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Finance+and+Budget+Subcommittee+WG+Teleconference+2014-12-22

  judith hellerstein:no since i was not on the email list then

  Glenn McKnight:Going to  workspace now

  Heidi Ullrich:FY16 Workspace: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+FY16+Budget+Development+Workspace

  judith hellerstein:HI Ali

  Ali AlMeshal:Hi Judith

  Oksana Prykhodko:@Heidi - I just checked my e-mail box - no letter from Finance(

  Dave Kissoondoyal:Hello All

  Humberto Carrasco:Hello

  Glenn McKnight:Two from Naralo

  judith hellerstein:No Heidi.  I did not get the email

  Ali AlMeshal:no I have not

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:I think I received it. was it sent to the community finance list?

  Oksana Prykhodko:Additional Budget request process

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:oh yes it seems to have been sent there...

  Oksana Prykhodko:I did find it of 20 December

  judith hellerstein:Are you sending it again?

  Glenn McKnight:i still don't see  it

  judith hellerstein:I was not on the list at that point

  Glenn McKnight:I have the invite to this call and the  ALS  votes

  Glenn McKnight:@judith you should have it now

  Glenn McKnight:Looking in my spam too

  judith hellerstein:@alan, many emails have been going to spam

  Glenn McKnight:nothing yet

  Oksana Prykhodko:got it again, thank you!

  Leon Sanchez:Hello everyone, sorry for being late

  Leon Sanchez:I was trying to find the AC room link :P

  judith hellerstein:We were not late since they could not find xavier so we are just starting now

  Leon Sanchez:Great @Judith :-)

  Glenn McKnight:Looks  like most of us  didn't have the forms

  Glenn McKnight:Reviewing the documents  now and the funding requests for NARALO  last year

  judith hellerstein:What are the difference between Member and participant

  Glenn McKnight:Both of  Naralo are here

  Silvia Vivanco:All regions are represented

  Dave Kissoondoyal:I zm participant from Afralo

  judith hellerstein:All 3 from naralo are here, me, glenn, and leon

  Leon Sanchez:@Judith remember that for ICANN purposes, Mexico is LACRALO  ;-)

  Glenn McKnight:Do the  financial  requests  need to be mapped to the  ICANN strategic plans?

  judith hellerstein:But Puerto rico is Naralo?

  Leon Sanchez:Yes, Puerto Rico is NARALO

  Glenn McKnight:Yes  PR  is  NARALO,  part of  US  hegemony

  Glenn McKnight:Maybe  parts of  Cuba can be too 

  Heidi Ullrich:@ Judith - yes. PR is in NARALO.

  judith hellerstein:Ok I understand

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Beran Gillen

  Beran Gillen:hello everyone

  Glenn McKnight:I think the requests  need to abide to a strategic goal of ICANN and  ALAC in specific

  Glenn McKnight:Given the due date  we need to call out to our RALOs  the request  for submission due by  end of  Feb.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:SOme of us got it Friday and have read and understood it of course...

  Glenn McKnight:@Judith as  Naralo secretary we should add this item in our  January call and face to face call in Singapore

  Alan Greenberg:Some of us are more fortunate than others

  Holly Raiche:And maybe add the outcomes of this meeting for the APRALO call later today? - CLO - you or I can report

  Holly Raiche:I should have addedAli as well

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Happy for you to take the lead Holly I am a mere particiant these days ;-)  you  an Ali hold the Roles

  judith hellerstein:Yes we will add this to our next call

  Holly Raiche:@ Ali  - take notes - (CLO is never just a participant!) I will also take notes

  Ali AlMeshal:agree with Holly to add this in our monthly call

  Heidi Ullrich:Please refresh the At-Large FY16 Budget Development Workspace at: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+FY16+Budget+Development+Workspace

  Heidi Ullrich:The FY16 AC/SO key docs have been added.

  Heidi Ullrich:The timeline is also on this page.

  Glenn McKnight:Any   limits on the  amounts and number of  submissions?

  Heidi Ullrich:@Holly, the At-Large FY16 Budget Development page is designed to be a one-stop shop for all things FY16 :)

  Holly Raiche:Thanks Heidi

  Glenn McKnight:Does  it  include  funds for  Special Projects?

  Glenn McKnight:ie.  Regional meeting

  Heidi Ullrich:@Glenn, we see your question. I've alerted Alan

  Glenn McKnight:Two questions 

  Glenn McKnight:1.  Can a  RALO submit muliple  proposals and what is the amount  limits

  Heidi Ullrich:@Glenn, yes I see them.

  Glenn McKnight:2.  What about  special  projects  ie  Regional  group meeting

  judith hellerstein:@heidi what about captioning?  I know Chris Mondini is looking at it on a wider scale but what about pilots in naralo?

  Glenn McKnight:Do  we need our  RALO  to  identify which  proposals  have merit  first  before the formal submission?

  Glenn McKnight:We have  had a history in NARALO of  late  submissions

  Oksana Prykhodko:Last year we tested cross-RALO (APRALO and EURALO) CROPP request. It worked excellent. I hope we can continue this practice beyond CROPP

  Heidi Ullrich:@Judith, I believe captioning will need a business case. Christopher Mondini was in communication with Glenn about this.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:There is of course the CAPA on the tota request likely to be funded for whole of ICANN COmmunity use/ deignation  which id=s $500,000 USD @Glenn

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:IS the CROPP  still continuing as a Pilot or now being used as a

  Oksana Prykhodko:@Tijani - full support! Outreach without inreach has no sense

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Programme per se => CROP? 

  judith hellerstein:@heidi yes I know but in the interim can we put it in a special request

  Ali AlMeshal:I asked the same Cheryl and the reposne was still pilot

  Heidi Ullrich:@Judith, please work with Glenn, Laura and Christopher. It might, but I am not sure.

  judith hellerstein:@heidi. Thanks. I will

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:One wonders  for how long it will be  and indeed if it is likely to continue or not when it is in that forme f course Ali,  so that does effect in future terms  what our community might look to for outreach at ICANN Hosted or Sponsored events of couse...

  Fatimata:even if the request is very high?

  Heidi Ullrich:In the past, General Assemblies, and IGF Workshops have been approved.

  Glenn McKnight:I would think the  strategic plan is an overriding  guideline for submissions

  Heidi Ullrich:Also, some surveys for outreach were approved.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:indeed @Heidi

  Alan Greenberg:@fatitmata. within some level of reasonableness, our challenge is to justiify it.

  Ali AlMeshal:thanks

  Glenn McKnight:Question    Do we  need to get  any matching funding

  Fatimata:thanks Alan

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:TThe Value for ICANN as a WHole and how it fits with Strat pPlanning is essential  IMO

  Glenn McKnight:@Olivier   made  a  good  point about   regional intersessional  meetings  so  the RALO can reconvene.  Perhaps  every two years

  judith hellerstein:@glenn- great idea

  Glenn McKnight:Pehaps  we can  do this before or  after  a   IGF  meeting in the US  or  the CIRA  internet Forum

  Heidi Ullrich:Thank you, Xavier.

  Heidi Ullrich:The ALAC and RALO leaders will meet with you in Singapore.

  Heidi Ullrich:We can go over a bit

  Terri Agnew:https://www.icann.org/en/about/financials/budget-requests-fy15-09may14-en.pdf

  Holly Raiche:We probably need a wiki to continue the conversation - including a review of the successful - and many non successful applications - to undeerstand what works, what doesn't and why

  Holly Raiche:We also need to review what is considered as part of the budget - and already covered - and what should be considered as a special application.  We can also continue the conversation on metrics

  Heidi Ullrich:@Holly, the FY6 Workspace has the past information on it

  Heidi Ullrich:I will add the list of final approved requests

  Holly Raiche:Agreed - it was helpful when making a CROPP applicarion - but it hasn't been easy to find

  Silvia Vivanco:https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+FY16+Budget+Development+Workspace

  Heidi Ullrich:Many of last year's requests were seen as being part of the normal staff support

  Heidi Ullrich:2015 IGF workspace, including for 2015 IGF: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/

  Humberto Carrasco:ok

  Ali AlMeshal:agree with Cheryl

  Ali AlMeshal:regional IGF

  Silvia Vivanco:Strategic Objectives : https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/strategic-engagement-2013-10-10-en

  Leon Sanchez:I am sorry but I have to leave the call :(

  Heidi Ullrich:Thanks, Leon.

  Glenn McKnight:Do we need to identify which strategic plan Results  Based  Outcome is tied to the submissions?

  Terri Agnew:goodbye Leon

  Leon Sanchez:I am sure I will be seeing many of you on the next days but for those I won't Happy holidays!

  Silvia Vivanco:Strategic PlanningICANN Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2016 - 2020 is the basic framework

  Glenn McKnight:Bye  Leon, Happy holidays

  Glenn McKnight:@silvia  we can only see 110K worth out of the 680K  of proposals  in the centre screen

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks 

  Silvia Vivanco:I have scrolled down

  Glenn McKnight:Yes thanks  

  judith hellerstein:For everyone wanting to see the full list, go to the separate link, https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/budget-requests-fy15-09may14-en.pdf

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Judith

  Glenn McKnight:budget  allocations  needs  some  analysis

  judith hellerstein:@heidi and @Alan.  the budget here says that CROPP is more than 3 days is that correct

  judith hellerstein:I have heard from others that 2 nights 3 days is too short

  Heidi Ullrich:@Judith, the CROPP in the past was 3 days and 2 nights.

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:the crop is a complex process. I would suggest changing it as little as possible

  judith hellerstein:see item 50

  Glenn McKnight:I think it's  to ALAC  best  interest to take the time and submit viable  proposals  given the potential  financial support

  judith hellerstein:It says the following: Expanded resources will be allocated topermit longer trips and coverage of activity registration fees where appropriate

  Heidi Ullrich:@Judith, I don't see anything re length of stay on item 50

  Dave Kissoondoyal:Glen +1

  judith hellerstein:Says it will be allocated to permit longer trips?

  Heidi Ullrich:@Judith, that was FY15

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:That is correct Tijani  it is carefully  bakenced as a hybrid

  judith hellerstein:Yes bur in FY15 we were told that it was only 3 days 2 nights which was the same as last year's pilot

  Heidi Ullrich:I know in FY15 registration fees were included.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:there is LOTS  to consider re CROP

  Glenn McKnight:I think those  who are  very familar with the CROPP application and  who have participated have  valuable imput to improve  CROPP  I think is what  Judith is  suggesting

  Heidi Ullrich:I haven't heard of any extension in days in FY15.

  Glenn McKnight:Nope

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Bye   Seasons Greetings to you all...

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  all  

  judith hellerstein:Yes @heidi registration fees were inlcuded but the days were not expanded as this says it should

  Humberto Carrasco 2:thank you very much

  Beran Gillen:thank you everyone

  Beran Gillen:bye bye

  Dave Kissoondoyal:thanks a lot and bye

  Ali AlMeshal:bye

  Silvia Vivanco:Bye all

  Fatimata:Thank you all and happy holidays

  Heidi Ullrich:Bye! Happy Holidays!

  Oksana Prykhodko:Happy holidays, bye!

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