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  1. I'm volunteering for this group!


  2. We spent a lot of time in Prague talking about the ExCom and related matters. Hopefully we can complete that task during the July 24 meeting.

    I suspect that the ExCom falls under both the Definiton and Structure DT and our Duties and Metrics DT. The origins can be found HERE. - At-Large RoP ALAC Executive Committee (ExCom) Origins Workspace.
    For the current discussion, we should presume that there will be two Vice-chairs and two other ExCom members. All chall be considered ALAC Officers. If the final outcome is different, we can make appropriate changes.

    I propose that we set the ExCom Duties as follows (based on the pattern in the original documents but adjusted based on several years experience):

    - The ExCom supports the ALAC Chair in the overall management of the ExCom.
    - The ExCom has no explicit powers other than those resting with the Chair and delegated as he/she wishes.
    - As suggested by JJS, it is expected that an ExCom member, and particularly those designated as Vice-chairs will be given specific "portfolios" where they will have the lead role overseeing any ALAC activity in that area (subject to Chair approval).
    - The prime purpose of the ExCom is to work with the Chair to ensure that the ALAC can focus on the most appropriate issues with the minimum of administrative overhead.
    - Should the Chair need to make any substantive decision on behalf of the ALAC, to the extent possible, the ExCom shall advise the Chair to ensure regional issues are considered. All such decisions should be ratified at the next ALAC meeting.
    - Each ExCom member is expected to attend ExCom teleconferences and meetings, typically held twice per month, and to do his/her best to fulfill all tasks that are undertaken on behalf of the ExCom and ALAC.

    The ALAC and the ExCom are lead by the ALAC Chair. In Prague, we came the the conclusion that the Chair should be nominated according to the current overall rules (timing was not looked at in detail) and should be selected by the outgoing ALAC. We might consider that this be done prior to the ICANN meeting, to provide some overlap and allow for transfer of responsibilities.

    The remaining task is how to select the other four ExCom members, one from each region not represented by the Chair. In the last few years, a "slate" of officers has been proposed at the same time as the Chair is nominated. Although this has worked out well and we should allow it to continue, but we cannot presume that it will happen each year. Even if it does happen, the rules must allow any of the positions to be contested.

    - Once the Chair is selected, nominations should open for the other four Officer positions.

    - As today, nominations can come from any ALAC member. Nominations should factor in ability for the overall ExCom to work as a team, and specifically ensure that the nominee has sufficient interest and time to fulfill the duties.

    - If there is more than one candidate from any region, an election will be held. In Prague we talked about this happening shortly after the ICANN meeting and the electors being the new ALAC. As well, it could take place at the ICANN meeting with the old ALAC voting. As discussed in Prague in regard to selecting the Chair, the benefit of having the old ALAC doing the selection is that they may be more knowledgeable on the issues, particularly if there is a lot of turnover in ALAC members (there can be as many as 8 new ALAC members in an odd year).



  3. Prior to the Prague meeting, I was requested to go through the current RoP and try to identify all existing requirements and obligations for all positions. The results were posted to the mailing list but I have now uploaded them onto the wiki.

    Spreadsheet of requirements found in current RoP

    Analysis of prerequisites, co-requisites and requirements

    There were two parts:

    1. A spreadsheet going through the RoP and listing all prerequisites and requirements. The spreadsheet also listed thoughts on going forward, but I did not complete that section.
    2. A summary of all prerequisites, co-requisites and requirements. This document has many questions that need to be resolved.

    I suggest that we go through this last document and try to come to consensus on the various questions.