Topic proposals for the At-Large Capacity Building Working Group series of webinars are now being accepted.

Please add your proposals for At-Large Capacity Building webinars to be scheduled between September and December 2015 in the table below.

Proposals will be accepted through 24 August 2015.


Dev Anand TeelucksinghAt-Large Working Groups - what they are and how At-Large can take part.

Many At-Large Members are not aware of the various At-Large Working Groups which offers the opportunity to work with other members of At-Large to better represent the interests of individual end users in ICANN and At-Large activities.


ALACPolicy Webinar on the GNSO Policy ProcessThe ALAC had an Action Item for the Capacity Building WG to consider holding a webinar on the GNSO policy process.
Glenn McKnight

Engaging Your Audience with the Right Call to Action

Today’s RALO constituents want ROI for their time. They want to be engaged, educated and inspired to take action, in fact it’s why they subscribed in the first place. Through an integrated email and social media campaign organizations can move supporters and fans up the ladder of engagement, creating a more loyal brand following and  higher  participation rates

In this session attendees will learn why acquisition has evolved into engagement and how that shift can benefit the organization. Attendees will also see several examples of campaigns and get tactical advice for creating their own.

The goal of the webinar to  move the  audience from passive  observer to supporter, advocate and volunteers.  The  key participants  are the  Outreach members from each RALO

Glenn McKnight

Show, Don’t Tell: Online Storytelling Through Digital Media

All  RALO's have an important mission – and your stories help illustrate the impact of the work you do. They are why you do what you do, and your website is the ideal platform for sharing them.

Your stories engage your constituents. They connect them to your cause. But often times, text on a web page isn’t enough. Nor should it be. In the Internet of Things, there is a multitude of ways to share your message. In this session, we’ll explore alternatives to “telling” stories, and highlight organizations using inventive ways to share their stories through technology for greater engagement.

You’ll walk away with new ideas you can apply to your organization’s website, examples of successful implementations of these techniques, and resources to help you get started telling your own stories in new and engaging ways.

Eduardo DíazAt-Large New WebsiteHow to navigate through the new re-vamped At-Large web site effectively
Eduardo DíazHow to work with volunteersTalk about how to work with volunteers in general. How to engage and work with volunteers effectively. What to expect and not to expect. What motivates volunteers to be volunteers.
Eduardo DíazHow to acquire domain names and what you should look forExplain how to go about acquiring a Domain Name. What to look for. How to search for the correct name. What happens when your domain expires. How can you protect them.
Eduardo DíazPolicy development in ICANNExplain how policy is developed in ICANN from beginning to end (maybe use a case study). Explain the difference between Advisory Groups and Service Organizations within this context.
Peter KnightWebinar on establishing, recruiting, and building new ALSsIt could be something like a general explanation followed by some case studies.Nadira 
Nadira AlarajMastering ICANN AcronymsMastering ICANN Acronyms is a challenge particularly to the newcomers whose language where Acronyms is not commonly used. Which set of acronyms to start with and how to pronounce them. How to acquire more acronyms with time. 
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  1. Got in late...good proposals on the framework. 

    Any specific attention to criteria for membership or working groups at a glance? Consideration should also be given to countries with low bandwidth for accessing materials online or downloading it.