Thursday, 01 October 2015 Teleconference

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Beran Gillen, Maureen Hilyard, Eduardo Diaz, Vanda Scartezini, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Dave Kissoondoyal, Sandra Hoferichter, Alan Greemberg, Sébastien Bachollet

Apologies: Harold Arcos, Rafid Fatani, Satish Babu

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  1. Welcome and Introduction - Beran Gillen, Chair
  2.  Action Items from previous meeting
  3. Review of Draft Schedule for Meetings A and C
  4. Update of sub group on LAC Meeting B - Vanda Scartezini
  5. Think tank update -- Maureen Hilyard 
  6. AOB
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  1. Dear members, after my post on Meeting B today i am expecting to have feedback from the sub group till tomorrow to then post it to your comment in general previously to our meeting on Thursday. 

  2. On behalf of Vanda:    Sep 28, 2015  Suggested model for Meeting B


    I am posting this here  to your comments: please do this till end of tomorrow, since I would like to post it too at the larger meeting group wiki in order to get their feedback  about our debate.

    Regarding the suggestion above we have discussed during our meeting today, and several suggestion came out related to the areas are now in blue



    Suggestions related to outreach:

    -       Break down the outreach meetings in small groups with separate languages (English + Spanish for the 1st model B)

    -       Focus on target audience (like NGO for instance) instead of focus on the ACs and SOs and have all interest groups to talk with that target audience during day 1.

    ALAC meetings:

    -       One main point is: shall we keep all regular meetings ALAC use to have during B model? If not what can we cut?

    -       Working groups may need more time-  we have 4 groups sequentially and may be 2-3 in parallel to try to accommodate persons who participate on more than 2 WG. If needed can be expanded  first hour on the afternoon on day 2.

     Cross community

    -       We may need to spread  cross-community meetings from day 4, among all 2/3/4 days to accommodate their own schedule. SSAC + GNSO organization is done and will be posted at their wiki, so we need also to take a look to go forward with this point.

    Since main reason of B model is enhance outreach and inreach, it was commented  the need to have room for Fellowship + Next Generation  - need to see their schedule too. However, let’s remember that those members have open floor to all ALAC meetings during the week and will also participate on the morning general outreach session during day 1 and can join other sessions during the afternoon of that same day. 

    LAC STRATEGY ( since first B model will be in Central America) - some outreach actions from LAC Strategy can also be used as part of our activities- to this we will need to check on Budget and infrastructure 

     I believe those above were the main points of our call today. Please feel free to add comments I did not included.

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  3. Hi everyone

    I think that Vanda and the team have made a brave attempt to cater for meeting B expectations.  But as was pointed out by Alan and others, we are still reliant not only on ALAC input but also that of the other ACs and SOs so that we can expect that right up to the last minute, things might change.

    And I defend the WG that the original ideas of the team were aimed at doing things differently until we were told that the outreach was to be inhouse rather than out in the community - although Nick did say that he was prepared to be flexible - and for the first meeting we should continue to ask for things that we believe will add value to our outreach objectives. .

    Therefore the university visit and the LACRALO Showcase could be among those off-site events. I think a showcase is important because the target audience will NOT be the ICANN community (as we normally do) but a specific external community to explain what LACRALO and ICANN do, and then finish it off with a networking cocktail event - paid for by local sponsors or ICANN (smile)  This external community could be NGO groups, or some other At-Large section of the community.

    For this reason, I would suggest that this event takes place outside of the meeting venue, so that other activities might take place in its meeting space that don't involve LACRALO and perhaps some other ALAC members who might be needed to attend the event. 

    My 2c worth