1. RALOs to decide on one representative to participate in group call with ICANN Legal regarding the RALO Bylaw changes the RALOs are considering
    1. Referred to RALOs and Secretariats
  2. LACRALO to put the questions it has developed onto the ALAC-Registrar [wiki: [Ideas for future ALAC-Registrar meetings|] ([Ideas for the content of educational materials to be developed by At-Large & Registrars|]) and have a call on each one of the RALO teleconferences for this to happen. But the question may be a little unclear.
  3. ExCom members, during their RALO meetings, to encourage ALS observers in various meetings. ExCom members, during the various meetings, are to encourage all RALOS to mention the fact that meetings are open to all.
  4. ExCom to consider having interpretation on calls in which only 1-2 members request it.
    1. In progress:  Overall strategy for archiving with interpretation/translation must be discussed at some point in future.  (Of course, ICANN operating language is English.)
    2. Note:  Even if interpretation not requested, must consider its usefulness for future archival purposes; it is true of translating transcripts, wiki and mailing-list work, etc.
  5. Future ALAC Statements, which are lengthy, are to include an executive summary.
  6. Staff to update list of Cross-Constituency WGs on ALAC AG wiki page
  7. Cheryl to manage winding up and archiving WGs to be closed, Matt to schedule time to work with Cheryl on this.
    1. Wiki pages:At-Large Engagement in ICANN WGAt-Large Naming Issues Taskforce WGFuture Structure, Accountability and Transparency of ICANN WGccNSO / At-Large Coordination WGAt-Large IRT Process WG


  1. Board Consultations - in progress
    1. ALAC to refine its goals regarding its advising of the Board (for possible inclusion in 2012-15 Strategic Plan and/or Board paper). Focus on how the Board accepts and responds to advice from the ALAC.
    2. ExCom to develop a template for policy Statements, which might include executive summaries.
      1. Does the Board have a preferred template for Statements?
      2. Does the Board have a preferred template/format for the Chair's report at the meetings?
    3. At Large Improvements - in progress 
      1. ALAC to refine its goals regarding its advising of the Board (for possible inclusion in 2012-15 Strategic Plan and/or Board paper).
        1. Include metrics regarding how much policy work ALAC does
        2. Include way of prioritizing ALAC statements for Board (possibilities include marking statements important enough for Board action, sending Board monthly/bimonthly list of ALAC statements, establishing list of topics about which the Board should consult with the ALAC)


  • Staff to monitor the use of additional languages over the course of a few months, as ALAC, APRALO, and LACRALO calls will be offered additional language interpretation by the Language Services. 

  • Staff to work with Alan on making the monthly reports more accessible
  • Gisella Gruber to work with captioning services to check AC room captioning pod issues in tablet (android OS, iPad); currently the pod appears as 'unsupported content' in tablets 

  • Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Judith Hellerstein to volunteer for the metrics tracking effort in stage 2


  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond to report back to the ALAC on the Public Comment on Statistical Analysis of DNS Abuse in the gTLDs. 

  • Evin Erdogdu to follow up on the Mauritius ALS applications to clarify the differences 

  • Ariel Liang to follow up with Garth, Alberto, Andrei, and Wafa on their decision of the review document / motion


  • Evin Erdogdu to begin tracking the number of individual At-Large members and report during ALAC teleconferences 

  • Ariel Liang to forward Christopher Wilkinson the past statements related to new gTLDs 

  • Ariel Liang to document the consensus call on WT5/SubPro leadership appointment on the wiki after checking the recording (45-47 min after the call) 

  • Alan Greenberg to solicit volunteers to update the documentation regarding expectations of ALAC members appointed by the NomCom and work with Gisella to find a time for a round table discussion with the ALAC Reps in the NomCom in AUH

  • Heidi Ullrich to add the question about geographic regions to the list of Board questions; check with Olivier on the specific wording 

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