The following room diagrams where discussed  with ICANN Meeting Staff during the ICANN 49 meeting. Date: 26/03/14. Please check the audio recording for more details.

Click on the room name to see pictures of the room itself.

Update  on Monday  May 26 on room  allocation 

Hi All,


Meetings staff have informed us that the Fayre could be held in the Balmoral room (the second largest meeting room) and re-set for the needs of the Fayre if it is re-scheduled to Tuesday, 24 June between 19:30 and 21:30.

 According to the Metropole’s site, the Balmoral can fit 300 for a reception (see:

 Could you please let me know if there is consensus for the Fayre to be re-scheduled to allow it to be held in the Balmoral room?


Kind regards,


Heidi Ullrich

Senior Director 




Note: Click on the room names to see photos of the room area







FIAMMA Restaurant and Sports Bar (for information, if needed)

ATLAS II Fayre of Opportunities Room Details

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