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ALS Participation

  1. Definition of the criteria of involvement and participation:
    1. Meeting: attend RALO conference calls and any other virtual or face to face meeting
    2. Contribution: Contribute to the RALO discussions and/or to the ICANN policy development through mailing lists or wiki pages
    3. Vote: Vote in the elections of RALO officers and representatives within and on various ICANN constituencies
  2. Definition of the ALS status:
    1. Active
    2. Less active
    3. Standby
  3. Definition of the threshold Parameters:
    1. Active:
      1.  Participation in “a” meeting or more each “b” month; Or
      2. “c” Contribution or more each “b” months; Or
      3. “e” Vote in the last “f” consecutive elections
    2. Less active:
      1. Participation in “a” meeting or more each “b” months; Or
      2. c” Contribution or more each “b” months; Or
      3. e” Vote in the last “f” consecutive elections
    3. Standby:
      1. Participation in less than “a” meeting each “b” months; Or
      2. Less than “c” Contribution each “b” months; Or
      3. Less than “e” Vote in the last “f” consecutive elections
  4. Treatment
    1. Less active ALSes are contacted by the RALO chair notifying them, based on the statistics, they are not seen to be involved or participating in the RALO and ICANN related activities. Such ALSes have an opportunity to respond to say how they are involved and active, or to explain the reason of their modest activity. Based on the response given, the ALS can either be returned to Active status or remain in the less active one. If there is no improvement after a period of 6 months, the considered ALSes will be considered as in standby status.
    2. ALSes in standby status:
      1. Lose their voting rights
      2. Are removed from the quorum needed for voting on motions and elections
      3. Their representatives cannot be elected as representatives in or from the RALO
      4. Should be notified of the status change and may regain their “less active” status and even their “Active” status if within the next twelve months they fulfill the conditions required for the concerned status.


  • a= Nbr of meetings
  • = Nbr of Months
  • c = Nbr of contributions
  • e = Nbr of votes
  • f   = Nbr of elections
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