TIMELINE (Revised)

The ALAC ExCom suggested the following timetable for nominations and consultation recommendations from RALOs for consideration by the ALAC for appointment as the 2013 NomCom At-Large Delegate positions:

1. Nominations Open:  24 July 2012

2. Nominations Close:  7 August 2012

3. Nomination Acceptance Deadline: On or before 10 August 2012

4. RALO nominee prioritization period:  Between 10-15 August 2012 (this may include a vote if desired)

5. ALAC Notification: RALOs to transmit all accepted nominations with a recommendation for a preferred candidate if the RALO wishes to provide one by 15 August 2012

6.  ALAC Review of RALO Recommendations/Additional List of Nominations Accepted: 22 August -26 August 2012

7. ALAC selection and endorsement vote: Carried out on-line between 28-31 August 2012

8. Notification to NomCom of Appointees: No later than 3 September 2012 or as arranged with NomCom Secretariat



Nominees for NomCom

Geographic Region

Nominated/Supported By

Dates Nominees Accepted

Role Previously Held By (Reelection Possible)Regional Candidate recommended to the ALACALAC Appointed 2013 Delegates to the NomCom
Mohamed El BashirAFRALO
  • Fatimata Seye Sylla
  • Tijani Ben Jema
  • Hawa Diakite
  • Schombe Baudouin
  • Adetokunbo Abiola
  • Alione Badara Traore
  • Aziz Hilali
  • Pascal Bekono
  • Yaovi Atohoun
  • Hadja Sanon


 24 July 2012Mohamed El Bashir (yes)Mohamed El Bashir 
Siranush VardanyanAPRALO
  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr
01 August 2012Siranush Vardanyan (yes)Siranush Vardanyan 
Veronica CretuEURALO
  • Wolf Ludwig
  • Adela Danciu
09 August 2012Yrjo Lanispuro (no)Veronica Cretu 

Vanda Scartezini

  • Sergio Salinas Porto

5-August-2012Jacqueline Morris (yes)Vanda Scartezini (LACRALO 1st Priority) 
Alejandro PisantyLACRALO
  •  Eric Huesca
DeclinedJacqueline Morris (yes)  
Jacqueline MorrisLACRALO
  • Dev Anand Teelucksingh
4 August 2012Jacqueline Morris (yes)Jacqueline Morris (LACRALO 2nd Priority) 
Glenn McKnightNARALO
  • Self-Nominated
  • Evan Leibovitch
  • Garth Bruen
  • Darlene Thompson
  • Eduardo Diaz
17-July-2012Glenn McKnight (Yes)Glenn McKnight 



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1 Comment

  1. SOI - Mohamed El Bashir

    I have served in different ICANN structures including ccNSO and ALAC, i am a strong believer of the multi-stakeholder model, and i would like to stengthen ICANN model through my participation in the NOCOM.

    As an experienced member being served in 2012 NOMCOM, I will be able to actively contribute due to my understanding of the process .