Call for initial membership of this WG occurred in conjunction with ICANN43 in Costa Rica, and teleconferences held from March to December of 2012. Work then continued as part of wider ALAC ROP Review WG activity. The ALAC SC on Metrics restarted in 2013; all meetings are listed below. Membership is open to all, with the aim of reasonable regional representation.

The ALAC Subcommittee on Metrics is a subgroup of the wider ALAC Rules of Procedure (ROP) Working Group (WG), with balanced representation of RALO and ALAC members.

The primary purpose of the SC is to create, develop and propose detailed metrics and performance indicators of ALAC members, and representatives of the At-Large Community, to the ALAC. This includes but is not limited to, participation in ICANN activities as appointees, as described in the 2013 ALAC Rules of Procedure (Part B Section 9, Item 9.9): 

“The ALAC is empowered to publish an Adjunct Document: Metrics and Remedial Actions for ALAC Members and Appointees to describe in fuller detail the metrics referenced in Paragraphs 9.2 – 9.4..."

In addition their prime objective, the SC also focuses upon:

  • Specifics of proposed metrics and key performance indicators, as listed in ALAC ROP (Part B, Sec 9.2 - 9.4) 
  • Additional metrics and indicators, and any interpretation or reporting variations proposed
  • Publications and tools for metrics and performance measurement, as well as access to information for display and use. 
  • Building trust, consensus and understanding of performance metrics within the ALAC, RALOs, At-Large Community (including ALSes and Individuals) and wider ICANN Community.  


Staff Support Leads: Heidi Ullrich and Gisella Gruber

Mailing list: 

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The members of ALAC Subcommittee on Metrics, organized by regional affiliation, are:




Cheryl Langdon-Orr



Maureen Hilyard

ALAC Member


Holly Raiche

ALAC Member


Andrew Molivurae



Tijani Ben Jemaa

ALAC Member


Baudouin Schombe



Fatimata Seye Sylla



Hadja Ouattara

ALAC Member


Adetokunbo Abiola


EURALOOksana Prykhodko 


Rudi Vansnick



Adam Peake



Roxana Goldstein



Raquel Gatto



Lance Hinds



Dev Anand Teelucksingh



Jose Arce



Cintra Sooknanan



Alejandro Pisanty



Alan Greenberg

 ALAC Chair


Darlene Thompson


Former members 


Next Call: TBD

Previous Call: 08 February 2015


Metric Expectations and Requirements For ALAC Members

Definition of criteria for involvement and participation:

    • Meetings attendance            
       i.     ALAC conference calls and other virtual or face-to-face (F2F) meetings                                                   
      ii.     Conference calls and other virtual or face-to-face (F2F) meetings related to the member's RALO
    • Contributions to                                                    
      i.     ALAC discussions through mailing lists or wiki pages                                                   
      ii.    Comment on ICANN policy development through applicable mailing lists or wiki pages
    • Voting in                                                    
      i.     Elections of ALAC members, including its Chair, Liaisons or representatives serving various ICANN constituencies
      ii.     Other voting (ratification of statement, accreditation, surveys, et al).

Classification of ALAC Member Status

    • Active
    • Less active
    • Standby

Definition of Parameters

    1. Active
         i.    Participation in “aa” meeting or more each “b” months  
         ii.    “ca” Contribution or more each “d” months
         iii.    “ea” Vote in the last “f” consecutive elections
    2. Less active
         i.    Participation in “ab” meeting or more each “b” months 
         ii.    “cb” Contribution or more each “d” months
         iii.    “eb” Vote in the last “f” consecutive elections
    3. Standby
         i.    Participation in less than “ac” meeting each “b” months  
         ii.    Less than “cc” Contribution each “d” months
         iii.    Less than “ec” Vote in the last “f” consecutive elections


  1. Less active members are contacted by the ALAC Chair, who notifies them that they are not measured as involved or participating in the ALAC and ICANN related activities. Such members have an opportunity to respond in defense, to articulate how they are involved and active, or to explain rationale for their modest activity. 

    In case communication channels are not well established between the ALAC Chair and the less active member, the ALAC Chair may involve the RALO Leadership, if the ALAC Member is a RALO appointee. The use of an impartial third-party for mediation may be utilized if it is still difficult to reach a common ground. Based upon member response, the member may either be returned to active status or remain in the less active status.

  2. If there is no improvement after a period of 6 months, the less active member will be demoted to standby status.

  3. Members in standby status:
  • Lose their voting rights
  • Are removed from quorum, required for voting on motions and elections
  • Cannot be elected as representatives in or from the ALAC
  • Lose travel funding
  • Are notified of the status change
  • May regain less active status or even active status, if within the next 6 months
    1.     They fulfill the conditions required for the less active or active status and regain the applicable status.
    2.     They still do not fulfill the conditions required for either the less active or the active status and lose their standing as ALAC member.

Monthly Reports

ALAC Subcommittee on Metrics Drafting Workspace

Documents and Wiki Pages


ALAC, RALO, and ALS Metric Expectations and Requirements

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