Gisella Gruber: (7/28/2015 18:55) Welcome to the ALAC monthly meeting on Tuesday 28 July 2015 at 1900 UTC
  Gisella Gruber: (18:56) Agenda:
  Maureen Hilyard: (19:53) Hi all
  Holly Raiche: (19:53) Hi Gisella - someone is calling me, but it rings only once and noone is there!
  Holly Raiche: (19:54) Morning all
  Juan Manuel Rojas: (19:54) Thank you! Hi everyone
  Holly Raiche: (19:55) This time it rang twice - and noone is there!
  CLO: (19:55) hi all
  siranush vardanyan: (19:56) hlgood evening, everyone
  Maureen Hilyard: (19:56) Dream on Alan :)
  Ali AlMeshal: (19:57) hello everyone
  siranush vardanyan: (19:57) leavimg tomorrow, dears;)
  siranush vardanyan: (19:57) leaving
  siranush vardanyan: (19:58) :))
  Fatima Cambronero: (19:59) hello everyone
  Allan Skuce: (19:59) Greetings.
  Oksana Prykhodko: (20:00) hello erveryone
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:00) Hello everyone
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:00) Hi All
  Garth Bruen: (20:00) Hello
  Vanda: (20:01) hy everyone
  Eve Edelson: (20:01) hello I'm here, just listening for now
  Garth Bruen: (20:02) I know many of you have already commented on the issues I sent to the list, summarized here:
  Garth Bruen: (20:02) As requested I am drafting language for Leon.
  Garth Bruen: (20:03) Vilkomen Lutz
  Holly Raiche: (20:03) @ Garth - great.  It's an important issue
  Garth Bruen: (20:03) "Wilkomen"
  Glenn McKnight: (20:03) @Eve  can you contact me after the call- Glenn  re:  ISOC  Funding
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:03) @gisela Beran said her call dropped so she needs another dial out
  Eve Edelson: (20:04) @Glenn will do
  Garth Bruen: (20:04) Thanks Holly. Sorry I missed you the other week.
  Holly Raiche: (20:05) And sorry I missed all four of you - but the place was packed with rellies (that's Oz for relatives)
  Glenn McKnight: (20:05) North America-Glenn
  siranush vardanyan: (20:06) just wanted to thank staff for the support for getting docs for visa application process to be started now. visa for Dublin i mean
  CLO: (20:07) excellent attendance :-) :-) :-)
  John Laprise: (20:07) Thank Twitter for my presence... :)
  Leon Sanchez: (20:07) Did you say my name Gisella?
  Garth Bruen: (20:07) @Holly, we were in NYC. Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, the whole gamut
  Holly Raiche: (20:08) @ Garth - what a great trip!
  Garth Bruen: (20:09) Yes, we don't have to do anything else with the kids all summer
  CLO: (20:09) :-) :-) :-)
  Gisella Gruber: (20:09) Glenn - you have been noted on attendance
  Glenn McKnight: (20:09) @gisella  correct
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:09) Welcome to all the new ALS representatives who are joining their first ALAC call :)
  Holly Raiche: (20:09) Dev wanted to add an item
  CW: (20:10) Have we started? there is no sound
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:10) @Holly, it has been added. Item 14
  Holly Raiche: (20:10) Tks
  Ariel Liang: (20:10) Policy Development workspace:
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:10) @staff can we have scrolling privileges for the agenda
  Garth Bruen: (20:11) Too loud here to take off mute for too long. Contractors have ripped out the side of our house, ice damage from last winter.
  Ariel Liang: (20:11)
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:13) Scrolling privileges on the agenda please
  Gisella Gruber: (20:13) @ Judith - all good now?
  Ariel Liang: (20:13)
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:14) yes. Thanks
  Ariel Liang: (20:14)
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (20:15) :-)
  Ariel Liang: (20:16) discussion paper on improving policy advice development process:
  Holly Raiche: (20:16) Ariel - I think Alan wants the document in the window
  Ariel Liang: (20:17) we will get it uploaded shortly
  CLO: (20:19) reminder to staff that some of bus can not use links from Abobe rooms ... so for me please also Skype them at some point
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:19) These are topics that might be covered in the ALAC development sesison in Dublin
  Holly Raiche: (20:20) Wheere will this document beposted?
  Ariel Liang: (20:21) The doc is posted on the agenda page here:
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:21) At-Large Improvements :
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (20:22) +1 for the Webinars!
  Glenn McKnight: (20:22) Curous  what the  attendance is like for  webinars ?
  Holly Raiche: (20:23) @ Glenn- good point, but I would hope it would be good
  Glenn McKnight: (20:24) @Judith  what  did Mark Urban say about  accessibiity of some webinar  tootls  I think he was critical of  Webex and Adobe connect on mobile
  Holly Raiche: (20:24) @ Alan/Gisella - maybe look at that paper in the ALT meeting?
  Glenn McKnight: (20:24) We need to make sure that  the audio quality is really good and the interaction on the webinar for  mobile  users is properly done or it's a waste of time
  CLO: (20:25) you are not alone Dev :-)
  Holly Raiche: (20:26) OLC - your voice is VERY soft
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:27) Hi All, please note that the Capacity Building WG will be working with Dev, as Chair of the SubCommitttee on Outreach and Engagement, organizers of regional capicity building webinars , and GSE staff to coordinate on the next series of capacity building webinars. The ALAC policy making process may be a good topic.
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:28) @glenn Mark Urban said webex was poor and adobe connect on PC/MAC is excellent and very accessible but Adobe Connect in IOS and android had problems because of flash
  Glenn McKnight: (20:28) @ Jusdith my  point  is that  we need to make sure the  tool  works in all formats
  Gisella Gruber: (20:28) @ Eve - please check your private chat
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:28) but audio is fine and we could use a work around for putting up the slides by uploading them to a server and then pasting the link in one of the pods or chat
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:29) when adobe implements html5 it all should work well
  Glenn McKnight: (20:29) Good  poiint  Judith
  Vanda: (20:29) @glenn = +1
  Leon Sanchez: (20:29) Welcome to our side of the world Heidi!
  Eve Edelson: (20:29) @ Gisela I see your chat, is there a separate chat?
  Eve Edelson: (20:30) @ Gisella I mean
  CW: (20:30) Leaving the call. Can't follow from here. CW
  Gisella Gruber: (20:30) @ Eve - bottom of your screen.
  Gisella Gruber: (20:30) @ CW - what is your issue? You are on the audio bridge I believe
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:30) Good We have a bunch of feedback and they were totally confused about everything so could you send out the info again to the list and I can send it on the naralo list
  Holly Raiche: (20:31) Welcome Milo
  Gisella Gruber: (20:31) @ Milo - I sent you a private message. If you would like to follow in French, we can dial-out to you
  Vanda: (20:31)  gracias Alberto por levantar esto punto por Haiti
  Fatima Cambronero: (20:31) Welcome Milo!
  Glenn McKnight: (20:31) @ Akberto   we have done work with IEEE and  Engineers without Borders in Haiti 
  Maureen Hilyard: (20:31) Nice one, Alberto
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:32) @dev do you have any update on the work on the confluence wiki
  Glenn McKnight: (20:33) @Dev  any update  Dev  on the  LACRALO  Mailing list
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:33) @APRALO, the dued diligence for the application from Sri Lanka will be sent to you next week. We will ask for your regional advice.
  Garth Bruen: (20:33) Leon, I sent the proporsed language. Gracias
  siranush vardanyan: (20:33) question for Dev: i know we will come to cropp stuff, as i am via phone and typing takes time, please consider this question to be answered when time comes. the question: what is the reason that the cropp request submitted from our region more than two weeks ago is still not approved or rejected? it would be not fair towards people who put a lot of efforts for submitting on time with all initial approvals to dissaprove our request because of timing limits of cropp. we hope for quicker response from the committee.
  CLO: (20:33) yeYes WP1 is going on several off us are "missing it"
  Alberto Soto: (20:33) @Glenn ,  Thanks, I hope to have more news about it!!!
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:33) We have received the outreach strategy from NARALO.
  CLO: (20:34) and APRALO
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:34) Noted, Cheryl
  siranush vardanyan: (20:34) @Heidi: noted for the new als info
  Gisella Gruber: (20:34) Tijani has joined the audio bridge - not able to join the Adobe Connect
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:35) Outreach and Engagement SC Report :
  siranush vardanyan: (20:35) apralo's strategy was submitted quite a long time already
  Ariel Liang: (20:35) To see the reports from WGs, RALOs, Liaisons:
  siranush vardanyan: (20:35) i do
  Eve Edelson: (20:35) new to this, will try to keep up with readings!
  Glenn McKnight: (20:35) Not  all
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (20:36) bookmarked
  Garth Bruen: (20:36) Alan, good question. Where? How? NOT CENTRALIZED OR SUMMARIZED!!!!
  Holly Raiche: (20:36) I thought the new website space would solve that!
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:36) @siranoush before CROPP funding cna be approved your strategy needs to be approved first. without this your cropp application can not go forward
  Maureen Hilyard: (20:36) That would be really helpful, Alan - putting reports in one space
  Glenn McKnight: (20:36) Routine   routines  that  I read  are  bookmarked  for monthly reports  etc
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:36) @leah welcome
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:36) Is that an AI, Alan?
  Allan Skuce: (20:37) Standardization.
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:37) The tech task force actually does stuff. We review many different apps and work on many issues
  siranush vardanyan: (20:37) Judith, knowing that we submitted strategy before the cropp request with approval from vps as well
  Holly Raiche: (20:38) Please - make them easier to find!
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:38) As someone who has to prepare multiple WG reports, I would be interested in feedback
  Garth Bruen: (20:38) OR easier to submit....
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:38) but not sure that the strategy was approved yet. I think we are behind in the aspect
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:38) We can post them on the ALAC portal :
  Garth Bruen: (20:39) And submitted in a way that tags them for keywords etc.
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:39) Also the outreach and engagement team is being reconstituted and they have to approve these plans
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:39) or create a link in the Gateway box at the top of the ALAC portal
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:39) @dev is that correct?
  siranush vardanyan: (20:39) but it should not be reflected on the regions, Judith
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (20:39) there should be a "like" or "no like" button on the reports
  Holly Raiche: (20:39) @ Heidi - yes please
  Glenn McKnight: (20:39) This is  why we  proposed  a revised template for the  RALO  reports with metrics
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:40) @judith - correct
  Holly Raiche: (20:40) It will be looked at in the ALAC Review!
  Glenn McKnight: (20:40) It's  not  uncommon to add   voting, metatags  etc into  reports
  Garth Bruen: (20:40) @OCL: Not like, but "useful" "clear" etc.
  Vanda: (20:40) I believe reports could be more under clear templates to make it easy to understandable for outsides. I have submitted to some friends interested in entering ICANN and I needed to "translate"the main meaning to them and why it is important
  Glenn McKnight: (20:40) Wow,  the  daily reports  at  BA  was  largely ignored
  Garth Bruen: (20:41) I think Glenn, Dev and myself were the only ones who posted them
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:41) @dev any update on whether we can traspose the output from the form to the confluence wiki
  Holly Raiche: (20:41) One of he problems with BA report is they should include more than the fact that someone attended!
  Fatima Cambronero: (20:41) @Glenn, the pictures are not ignored
  Glenn McKnight: (20:41) Dev   did a  wonderful report
  Holly Raiche: (20:42) Pics are fine - but they do not set out what happened!
  CLO: (20:42) agree with you Dev
  Fatima Cambronero: (20:42) agree Holly
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:43) The ICANN53 meeting reports page :
  Garth Bruen: (20:43) Question: WHO are we trying to please by writing reports? Some alleged annoymous critics? Or should they actually be USEABLE by AL?
  Garth Bruen: (20:44) If they are intended to be usable by AL, the strucutre does not work
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:44) +1 Dev
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:44) @Garth - We're trying to please At-Large
  Holly Raiche: (20:44) @ Garth - I think it is more important to report on meetings that everyone else did NOT attend
  Glenn McKnight: (20:45) @Dev  I  tried to stress the  value of  the  Tech Task force  ATLAS 2  recommendations
  Vanda: (20:45) @ garth they need to be also useful for someone from outside that can understand what is relevant about it. .
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (20:45) Thanks Glenn
  Glenn McKnight: (20:45) @ Hi  John
  Glenn McKnight: (20:45) @ Your  welcome  Dev
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:45) no @garth I posted daily reports as well
  Garth Bruen: (20:45) @Holly, then the reports should be loaded into the schedule format. Someone can look at the schedule and find the reporting.
  siranush vardanyan: (20:45) i don' t think that daily reports from the meetings itself are not useful in the sense that  many are only stucked with alac works and just kentioning " i was here or there" does not make sense for me
  Garth Bruen: (20:45) Sorry Judith, yes
  Holly Raiche: (20:46) Again - they should be easier to find
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:46) @gisella @heidi @ariel beran got dropped . Can you redial her
  Garth Bruen: (20:46) The schedule shows us what is going to happen - it should be followed by what we did or saw happen
  Heidi Ullrich: (20:47) Beran is back
  Gisella Gruber: (20:47) @ Hudith - we are redialling Beran
  Gisella Gruber: (20:47) Beran is back on
  Judith Hellerstein: (20:48) Thanks
  John Laprise: (20:49) In loud environment so speaking is problematic: Meta-Question: The .Africa report noted but did not investigate ICANN potentially failing to follow its own policy (it invalidated the decision on the GAC grounds). Why should we expect ICANN to follow the policy developed through the hard work of the CCWG?
  Holly Raiche: (20:51) @ John - the .africa issue was the subject of a BBC report today - not pretty (they quoted an ICANN statement)
  John Laprise: (20:51) I heard.
  CLO: (20:51) kinda busy yes
  John Laprise: (20:52) please read
  Garth Bruen: (20:52) Amen John
  John Laprise: (20:53) public process audits?
  John Laprise: (20:53) It's hard to critique what we don't know.
  Leon Sanchez: (20:53) We are designing different mechanisms to address that John
  Vanda: (20:54) reconsideration process some times are attacehd to california law and sometimes it conclicts with rules. we are using...
  John Laprise: (20:54) My concern is that the .africa situation only came to a head through the concerted action of an involved actor. over much time
  Garth Bruen: (20:57) @John, the engery required to get serious issues addressed is too much for most
  Vanda: (20:57) @alan. lots of issues to be duscussed under this question and the meaning of accountability...
  John Laprise: (20:57) @Garth Agreed resources req'd for redress
  Vanda: (20:58) agree with Olivier...
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (20:59) We trust strangers. I'd rather trust my peers than people I do not know at all.
  John Laprise: (20:59) Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Those Romans...
  Vanda: (20:59) agree again olivier... lots of issues shaould be debated  under ALAC
  Holly Raiche: (21:00) @ John - so  very true a question - maybe ask Brutus
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (21:01) Advisory Committees, by the fact tht they are more independent, should have aLL the say and the SOs should have less influence as they are conflicted.
  Garth Bruen: (21:01) facinus quos inquinat aequat?
  Holly Raiche: (21:04) @ ocl - And have you told MM that they should have less influence?
  CLO: (21:07) I do hope the calls as weekly will be 60 mins though
  Holly Raiche: (21:08) @ CLO - absolutely agree
  Vanda: (21:08) @alan, i bleieve we need really to do a lot of work on this
  judith hellerstein: (21:09) @leah @eve have you taken the webinars mentioned earlier in this session about introducing At large to new ALSes.  I think they are called onbarding
  Alan Greenberg: (21:09) @CLO  60 vs 45 or 60 vs 90
  judith hellerstein: (21:09) sorry on boarding
  Glenn McKnight: (21:10) @Heidi,   Eduardo and I already discussed the  ALAC  spot from NARALO  and  I volunteered as the NARALO  ALAC  person
  CLO: (21:10) 45 to 60    please.  not 60 v 90
  Vanda: (21:11) I@clo agrre
  siranush vardanyan: (21:12) and we have maureen as alac mekber and myself and cheryl as ralo reps - this will be from apralo
  Eve Edelson: (21:12) @ judith I have not, would like to, via here ? -->
  Alan Greenberg: (21:12) CLO, that sounded like a threat, not a hint!
  siranush vardanyan: (21:12) Cheryl , your name is already in;)
  judith hellerstein: (21:13) @heidi @Gisella @ariel can you post the link to the onboarding webinars again. Thansk
  judith hellerstein: (21:14) Eve has asked that question
  Gisella Gruber: (21:15) Welcome to Vernatius Ezeama, Our Rights, AFRALO
  Ariel Liang: (21:15) @Eve that's the correct link
  Ariel Liang: (21:16) You can listen to the recordings and review the transcripts of the first 'informal' onboarding webinar (held on Jul 16) here:
  Glenn McKnight: (21:18) We need  to make sure  that  existing  ALS  pick up their  game  and met the same  scrutiny as the new  ALS, ie.  Website  link,  alternate  reps. 
  Eve Edelson: (21:18) @ Ariel thank you
  Oksana Prykhodko: (21:18) Any criteria for RALO, especially for RALO Bylaws?
  Ariel Liang: (21:18) @Eve no problem
  Fatima Cambronero: (21:19) agree with @Alberto
  Vernatius EZEAMA: (21:20) Thanks Gisella Gruber
  siranush vardanyan: (21:23) @Heidi: shoul we send additional e-mail to you with the names or it is enough we posted here?
  judith hellerstein: (21:24) I think Satish volunteered
  Ariel Liang: (21:24) announcement about the solicitation of ICANN WG to Review the IDN Implementation Guidelines:
  Vanda: (21:24) @ with alberto too.
  Holly Raiche: (21:24) A Ariel - could we have the agendaa on the screen? Thanks
  siranush vardanyan: (21:24) yes, Satish already volunteered for this
  judith hellerstein: (21:25) Why is Satish not a good candidate
  CLO: (21:26) he may not have put in a "cv" for it (yet)
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:27) LET Workshop:
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:27) LTP Workspace!
  Glenn McKnight: (21:28) No  objection
  judith hellerstein: (21:28) I will email him and see if he is still interested
  siranush vardanyan: (21:28) Judith, he is interested and i will ask him to dubmit his state il
  Vanda: (21:29) no objection of course
  CLO: (21:29) Judith perhaps that should be left to Siranush or anothe r AP Leader
  siranush vardanyan: (21:29) stayemen of interest
  Leon Sanchez: (21:29) +1000 CLO
  CLO: (21:29) we all know how active he is in the IDN WH
  Vanda: (21:29) LAC RALO has a newone coming and depending on the country..may ahve similar issue
  siranush vardanyan: (21:29) sorry for typos. i will ask Satish to submit his SI
  judith hellerstein: (21:30) thanks Siranush
  CLO: (21:30) Most appropriate that YOU do Siranush
  siranush vardanyan: (21:31) yes, I also think so as we have already with Satish on this as well
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (21:31) :-p
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:31) We have
  Vanda: (21:32) I can pput my name to this region for item 11 as well if it has agreemnt on it from my region + the newcomer from nomcom may be...
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:32) 81 days to ICANN 54 in Dubline
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:32) Dublin
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:34) EURALO GA - 2 90 min sessions on Wed with a Networking session in the evening.
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:35) Please do let staff know which presentations you found most useful.
  Leon Sanchez: (21:35) I could also put my name for the Leadership training if feasible
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:35) This will provide us direction in how to schedule the meetings.
  Vanda: (21:35) leon. ok you you have time is ok for me
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:35) @Leon, your hand in or your hand up (graduate)?
  Leon Sanchez: (21:36) Thanks Vanda!
  Gisella Gruber: (21:37) Holly - please speak up
  siranush vardanyan: (21:37) Maureen is named for oeadership training as apralo priority. but we also need to wait for the name of the nomcom appointee
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (21:38) I think a session or sessions is defintely needed for the ATLAS II Improvements
  Holly Raiche: (21:39) @ Leon/Gisellaa  maybe add time for the ALAC Review
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:40) New Meeting Strategy:
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:43) We now have draft schedules from the GNSO and SSAC.
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:45) Point taken, Alan and Beran. However, the B Meetings will now include public sessions outside of AC/SO meetings.
  Holly Raiche: (21:46) The whole point of the B meeting was to get out of the inter-community meetings
  Daniel Nanghaka: (21:46) Universities institutions are key players for outreach
  Vanda: (21:47) agree. - inside LACRALO startegy we area focusing on universities as a new program to attract qualified people ..
  Vanda: (21:48) sorry not LACRALO startegy - LAC strategy...
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:48) Sorry, I meant "will NOT include public sessions outside of AC/SO meetings"!
  Daniel Nanghaka: (21:48) There has not been a strong penetration to Universities
  Garth Bruen: (21:48) WOOHOO
  judith hellerstein: (21:48) What does that mean?
  siranush vardanyan: (21:48) wohooo, congrats
  John Laprise: (21:48) +1 Daniel
  Alan Greenberg: (21:49) ICANN has the most inventive tstaff titles
  judith hellerstein: (21:49) Do we lose her
  Vanda: (21:49) congratulations!!!
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (21:49) Bravo!
  judith hellerstein: (21:49) Congrats to all
  Holly Raiche: (21:49) Congratulations to all
  Allan Skuce: (21:49) Yeah staff!
  judith hellerstein: (21:50) I am confused about this
  siranush vardanyan: (21:50) Alan,  Maureen raised her hand relqted CROPP issue, please give her the floor ;)
  Gisella Gruber: (21:50) Thank you all
  John Laprise: (21:51) sorry
  Ariel Liang: (21:51) Thank you all :)
  John Laprise: (21:51) I'm good
  siranush vardanyan: (21:51) Alan, you missed Maureen's hand
  Alan Greenberg: (21:52) Maureen, on which subject?
  siranush vardanyan: (21:52) on cropp
  judith hellerstein: (21:53) Yes and what about Guam and the marshall Islands which are part of NARALO but logically they should be part of APRALO
  Garth Bruen: (21:54) But not Pago-Pago, Pilau according to the AP rep
  Glenn McKnight: (21:54) If  the  West  Indies  ALS  move  to NARALO  they lose the   opportunity to  benefit from the Fellowship  program.    Naralo  gets  no befneft  from the   Fellowship.   As   Judith states   the US   territories in the South Pacificic  naturaally should be in APRALO
  Leon Sanchez: (21:55) Can we put the link to the report or enable scroll please?
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (21:55)
  judith hellerstein: (21:55) Why should they lose their ability for fellowship. they are still from developing countries
  Vanda: (21:55) @glenn, this is relevant for the countries to think about.
  Leon Sanchez: (21:55) Thanks Dev!
  Holly Raiche: (21:55) Folks - I have a hard stop at 0700
  Ariel Liang: (21:55) Unsynced. You may scroll the report
  judith hellerstein: (21:56) We have no ALSes in Guam, Marshall Islands so they can not ask to be in APRALO
  siranush vardanyan: (21:56) can u send the report to us by e- mail? thanks in advance
  judith hellerstein: (21:57) but I think they should be moved to APRALO who then could be outreach to them
  siranush vardanyan: (21:57) thanks
  Ariel Liang: (21:57) @Siranush - noted. will do
  Holly Raiche: (21:57) Really have to go - Bye all
  judith hellerstein: (21:57) bye Holly
  Vanda: (21:57) by holly nice day!
  Alan Greenberg: (21:57) @Glenn, I beleive that Fellowship eligibility is based on the country, not region.
  Heidi Ullrich: (21:57) Bye, Holly
  siranush vardanyan: (21:57) by Holly
  judith hellerstein: (21:57) Thanks @alan
  Leon Sanchez: (21:58) I too have a hard stop at the top of the hour
  Leon Sanchez: (21:58) I will be leaving in 2 mins
  Leon Sanchez: (21:58) I apologize for not being able to make it till the end
  Garth Bruen: (21:58) Ok
  Garth Bruen: (21:59) I will post the link again:
  Leon Sanchez: (21:59) Thanks everyone, I have to leave
  Garth Bruen: (21:59) IF staff could place it in the notes, I will also place it in the comments section for the meeting agenda
  Leon Sanchez: (21:59) bye
  Vanda: (21:59) nice night Loen..
  judith hellerstein: (21:59) Bye allan
  siranush vardanyan: (22:00) but our strategy was posted few weeks ago
  Vernatius EZEAMA: (22:00) Bye allan
  judith hellerstein: (22:00) @maureen the problem is that the new rules mandate that we have an adoped strategy and APRALO's strategy is still a draft and has not been voted on
  judith hellerstein: (22:01) I believe as Dev has explained it to me that the strategy needs to be approved by the new outreach and engagement committee which has not met yet
  Vanda: (22:01) should remain with legal group I beleive..
  siranush vardanyan: (22:01) wyen the voting is planned? the committe should consider doing this on time and the reagions shoul not suffer by the committee not doing it
  Garth Bruen: (22:02) @Alan but the BUDGET makes is CLEAR
  Allan Skuce: (22:02) Thanks, Bye.
  Garth Bruen: (22:02) The Budget shows complaince with GDD
  Vanda: (22:02) thank you Allan, very ineresting meeting.
  judith hellerstein: (22:02) bye all
  Ariel Liang: (22:02) thanks all bye
  Vanda: (22:02) bye to all
  siranush vardanyan: (22:02) bye all
  Fatima Cambronero: (22:02) thanks all! bye
  Ali AlMeshal: (22:02) bye
  Daniel Nanghaka: (22:02) bye all
  Alberto Soto: (22:02) Thanks!! Bye all!!
  Ron Sherwood: (22:02) Bye all
  Vernatius EZEAMA: (22:02) Bye all
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (22:03) Hello Siranush, unfortunately, also working against us was the reconstitution of the Outreach and Engagement SC - when attempting to try to do it with the existing Outreach, it was pointed out that the O and E SC needed to be reconstituted
  Oksana Prykhodko: (22:03) bye all
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (22:03) Bye all
  Garth Bruen: (22:03) exhunt
  Garth Bruen: (22:04) "exeunt"
  Juan Manuel Rojas: (22:04) bye all
  Maureen Hilyard: (22:04) Vale Garth
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