ALAC Voting Delegates to the NomCom for 2019-2020

The ICANN Bylaws require that the ALAC, in consultation with the RALOs, appoints five voting members of the NomCom, one per ICANN region. Voting members of the NomCom are appointed for a one year term, starting at the close of the 2019 Annual General Meeting and ending at the 2020 Annual General Meeting, and may be re-appointed for a further term of one year subject to the requirement under the ICANN Bylaws.

XI-2.4.e The ALAC shall, after consultation with each RALO, annually appoint five voting delegates (no two of whom shall be citizens of countries in the same Geographic Region, as defined according to Section 5 of Article VI to the Nominating Committee.
VII-3.1 Each voting delegate shall serve a one-year term. A delegate may serve at most two successive one-year terms, after which at least two years must elapse before the individual is eligible to serve another term.

Criteria for NomCom Delegates:

  • The NomCom is responsible for selecting members of the ICANN Board, ALAC, ccNSO and GNSO. This is a very important function and all candidates should meet important criteria.
  • Familiarity with the ICANN groups to which the NomCom appoints (Board, ALAC, GNSO, ccNSO).
  • Ability to judge people (such as when interviewing and hiring).
  • Comfortable and preferably fluent with English (listening, reading, speaking).
  • Good on-line skills such as on Google & Social media.
  • Time Commitment - Must be willing to devote substantial time under tight deadlines (March-June). Will involve travel to up to 4 meetings.
  • Ability work in a group environment, standing up for what you believe in a discussion with other "strong" people, but at the same time, must be a good listener and be willing to change your mind if someone else has a good argument. Diplomacy is important.
  • Experience and knowledge of the requirements and expectations of At-Large and the wider ICANN community.
  • Experience of selecting candidates for technical working groups, job positions or familiarity with recruitment procedures.

Election calendar :

  • Close nomination period: 8 July at 12 UTC.

  • Committee Selection: 8 July 2019

  • Vote : 9 - 12 July at 12 UTC, 2019

  • Announcement of voting results : Friday 12 July, 2019

Election Committee members :

  • Mohamed El Bashir (Current AFRALO Chair)
  • Fatimata Seye Sylla (current AFRALO Vice Chair)
  • Seun Ojedeji (incoming AFRALO Chair)
  • Aziz Hilali (Former Nomcom member)
  • Dave Kissoondoyal (Former Nomcom member)

The selection group will receive the Candidate’s expression of Interests (EOI), review them and select the top 2-3 candidates for voting.



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to the ALAC 



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the NomCom

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Aziz Hilali

(NOT eligible for


Mary Uduma

Withdrew her nomination acceptance

Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong

Withdrew her acceptance on   


2019 AGM - 2020 AGM

Remmy NwekeLiz Orembo



Hadia ElminiawiSelf nomination


EOIHadia ElminiawiHadia Elminiawi

Titi Akinsanmi 

Candidate not retained by the Selection Committee

Dave Kissoondoyal



Isabel Odida

Candidate not retained by the Selection Committee

Self nomination



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