Gisella Gruber: (1/21/2019 20:39) Welcome to the ALAC Monthly call on Tuesday 21 January at 01:00 UTC
  Gisella Gruber: (20:40) Draft agenda:
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (1/22/2019 00:49) Excellent
  Evin Erdoğdu: (00:49) Hello all, welcome.
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (00:50) Thx
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (00:56) hi all
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (00:57) :-)
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (00:59) Xmas season starts winding down in Puerto Rico today, although some say February 1st is official end.... We just can't stop partying down here...
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:00) Half your Luck y friend
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:00) my friend
  Vanda Scartezini: (01:00) hi everyone..
  Gisella Gruber: (01:01) @ ALberto - do you need a dial-out?
  Vanda Scartezini: (01:01) we just finish LacRALo call 
  Alberto Soto: (01:01) Hi, I had another schedule scheduled for this meeting.
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:01) howdy all
  Alberto Soto: (01:01) @Gisella, yes please!
  Satish Babu: (01:01) Hi all!
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:02) Hi Satish
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:02) Its  minus  22 celcius in  my home town tonight
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:02) its chilly 
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:02) bare skin freezes within minutes
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:03) You only have updates and discussions on the Agenda, so you can continue as long as no votes are taken in the call that don't run  a couple of days post meeting as per RoPs
  Heidi Ullrich: (01:03) Hello, All. 
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:03) Hi @Heidi
  Satish Babu: (01:03) That sounds bad, Glenn
  Alberto Soto: (01:03) I withdraw my apologies!
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:03) She is home with herbal tea to hand
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:04) it is 0100 in Bath
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:04) so hardly able to be too loud either
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:04) G appreciates the time zone sufferers believe me
  Alan Greenberg: (01:05) Not an official meeting if not quorate.
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:05) 7 ALAC though
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:06) yes 8
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:07) Hola Harold y Alberto!
  Alberto Soto: (01:07) Hola Javier!
  Holly Raiche: (01:07) Greetings all
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:07) Hey Humberto!
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:08) I think Alberto is on via Adigo
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:09) ok music..
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:10) nice 
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:10) cue   dream sequence  ...
  Justine Chew: (01:10) Hi, I'm here in case of any follow up needed on the WT5 ALAC statement and it's at decent hour where I am ;)
  Alberto Soto: (01:10) Yes Javier, by  Adigo Argentina
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:10) I just got out of Hamilton (the musicial) and it wasnt bad at all.
  Holly Raiche: (01:11) Sydney is LOVELY and warm
  Holly Raiche: (01:11) Great page Evin
  Alberto Soto: (01:12) Buenos Aires,  10PM 27 degrees
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:12) Thx for that summary page.
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:13) Sounds like our weather Alberto we have been hitting the low 40's in middle of days last week only 30 here ATM though.
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:13) San Juan, 9:12PM 23 degrees Celsius, 74 degrees Fahrenheit.
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:14) Yes
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:14) Which is WT5
  Harold Arcos: (01:14) yes
  Gisella Gruber: (01:14) Leon Sanchez has joined the call 
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:14) : ) Looking forward to feedback on Exec Summary page:
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:14) Holly if youmute people may not think there is interventions pending when you comment
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:14) That is WT5-geographic names as TLDs
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:14) Work Track 5 on Geographic Names at the Top Level - Supplemental Initial Report of the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process:
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:15) Initial Report on CSC Effectiveness:
  Leon Sanchez: (01:15) Hello everyone
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:15) Hello Leon! Welcome
  Humberto Carrasco: (01:15) Hello everybody
  Leon Sanchez: (01:15) My apologies for lateness
  Leon Sanchez: (01:15) Hi Evin!
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:15) Hola Leon! La pase de maravillas en CDMX y alrededores....
  Leon Sanchez: (01:16) Que bueno Javier! Me hubieras avisado para vernos o para hacerte algunas recomendaciones!
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:16) Indeed Maureen if the comments are counter what is said then personal Comments should go in
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:16) hand up by @Justine
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:16) @Holly there was a Google Doc (recently closed for comment), and discussions on CPWG and wiki + mailing list.
  Holly Raiche: (01:17) Thanks Evin - 
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:17) nothing to apologise for Justine you had lots of input to deal with
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:18) @Justine confirmed: it is posted on the wiki workspace under "FINAL DRAFT VERSION TO BE VOTED UPON BY THE ALAC"
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:18)
  Justine Chew: (01:20) Thanks @Evin
  Gisella Gruber: (01:20) At-Large Structure Application Tracking page:
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:21) :-)
  Satish Babu: (01:22) Great!
  Satish Babu: (01:23) Agree with Maureen...
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:23) APRALO members on wiki:
  Evin Erdoğdu: (01:24) And on website:
  Vanda Scartezini: (01:24) agree  humberto...
  Harold Arcos: (01:24) Thanks Humbeto +1  Noted.
  Gisella Gruber: (01:25) At-Large Reports page:
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:28) Thx @CLO
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:29) :-)
  Leon Sanchez: (01:30) Is Alan's sound funny? or is it just me?
  Gisella Gruber: (01:30) @ All - we are trying to locate that noise 
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:30) Someone needs to mute their line they are either eating their lunch or having supper, quite distracting as we try to listen to Alan
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:30) @Alan sound normally funny
  Maureen Hilyard: (01:30) Im not getting any noise from Alan's line
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:31) @Alan sound ok 2 me
  Vanda Scartezini: (01:31) neither do I ( no noise)
  Heidi Ullrich: (01:31) It is a clinking sound like someone is stirring tea in a cup or something. 
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:31) it's bell like background of utensil on glassware or crockery
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:31) Yes
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:32) Bon apetit!
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:32) humph
  Leon Sanchez: (01:33) I will dial-in back again
  Leon Sanchez: (01:34) Back in the phone bridge and all good now
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:34) Interesting, @Alan.
  Vanda Scartezini: (01:35) i am liking the way things are going as ALAN is explaining
  Justine Chew: (01:35) I don't envy you, @Alan ;)
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:35) So the top-down Temporary Spec is now validated by the bottom up multi-stakeholder process...
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:36) Thx Alan
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:36) great
  Humberto Carrasco: (01:36) Thanks Alan
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:36) nice job
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:36) muted Leon?
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:37) The Leon must roar.
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:37) yes
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (01:37) He is still upset due to the loss of  KC  Chiefs  last night
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:37) Yes indeed!
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:37) go!
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:38) Great to Hear Leon, of course that is why they got the job ;-)
  Maureen Hilyard: (01:38) we heard about the fire alarn
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:38) LOL
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:38) Was the alarmed provoked by someone with a dissenting position in room.?... ;)
  Maureen Hilyard: (01:39) LOL!
  Leon Sanchez: (01:40) The EPDP session was literally on fire!
  Maureen Hilyard: (01:40) Apparently so.. but so much was achieved.. so the heat was positive
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:42) Policy 3.0 is now setting up fire-alarms so that people rush to consensus before running for their lives..... 1.0 was just humming.  How far we have come.
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:42) Is this the best use of this meetings time Holly????
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:42) Thx Alan/Hadia 
  Gisella Gruber: (01:43) John Laprise has joined the AC - welcome!
  John Laprise: (01:43) sorry for my tardiness
  Maureen Hilyard: (01:44) Welcome John.
  Maureen Hilyard: (01:44) Still no ALAC members from AFRALO? or am I missing someone?
  Gisella Gruber: (01:44) @ Maureen - correct no Africa 
  Heidi Ullrich: (01:45) Welcome, John! 
  Holly Raiche: (01:45) Could ICANN staff please send notification of the meetings Leon is talking about to ALAC
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:45) Thx 4 shout out, mi León
  Heidi Ullrich: (01:45) Thanks, Leon! 
  Maureen Hilyard: (01:45) YAY.. we are in the consent agenda!  Thank you Leon..
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:45) :-) 
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:46) Excellent!!!
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:46) keep it in Consent!!!
  Holly Raiche: (01:46) Great news Leon
  Gisella Gruber: (01:46) Judith Hellerstein has joined the call 
  Gisella Gruber: (01:47) Welcome Judith
  Holly Raiche: (01:47) Thata will be appreciated
  Judith Hellerstein: (01:47) thanks. sorry was late
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:48) Great summary @Leon, gracias.  I will try to listen into that geonames as TLDs session by @Avri.
  Alan Greenberg: (01:49) @Holly, the blue itels are a combination of items we simply did not get to (and were generally not thought to be controversial), items that we re partially discussed by we did not finish (some with drafting going on now), and a few really difficult ones, including whether specify the GDPR Controller status of ICANN.
  John Laprise: (01:50) Trust is always about saying what you're going to do and then executing it reliably
  Holly Raiche: (01:51) @ Alan - thanks.  Do you want to focus on those areas in the CpWG meeting?
  Leon Sanchez: (01:51) Great idea Cheryl!
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:52) the few usual suspect will of course be there (wont we SeB
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:53) Thx Leon
  Leon Sanchez: (01:53) Thank you Cheryl!
  Humberto Carrasco: (01:53) Thanks a lot Leon!
  Leon Sanchez: (01:53) Thank you Humberto!
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (01:54) Indeed SeB well noted!!
  Leon Sanchez: (01:54) Thank you Sebastien!
  Leon Sanchez: (01:54) Merci mon ami1
  Leon Sanchez: (01:54) Thank you Maureen!
  Heidi Ullrich: (01:54) Thanks, Leon! 
  Leon Sanchez: (01:55) Thank you Heidi!
  Heidi Ullrich: (01:55) FY20 Budget Additional Budget Requests:
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (01:56) yes
  Gisella Gruber: (02:00) Dev Anand Teelucksingh has joined the call - welcome
  Maureen Hilyard: (02:01) Great news about my internet costs.. very much appreciated.. and no ABR required
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (02:01) and when @Heidi says "approved" she means 'approved'  by the FandB-SC for going to as ABRs  not that the ABRs are approved (yet) per se...
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (02:04) Also proposed support for  NASIG 2019 , speaking with Chris Modini
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (02:04) NASIG2! Yay!
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (02:04) I don’t ever seeing the LACRALO proposal on the mailing list, or even discussed that such a proposal was in existence
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (02:05) we sent out  sponsorship letters to Google, Facebook and CIRA today
  Maureen Hilyard: (02:05) Yes, these are submissions that we are putting forward because after consultation with external agencies, it is thought that it might get formal approval, but they still have to compete with the requests  from other constituencies
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (02:05) Note  no  Regional NA  IGF  after the  ICANN event
  Judith Hellerstein: (02:05) @maureen-it seems Dev has a question
  Maureen Hilyard: (02:05) Dev can be next..
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (02:06) don’t have the ability to speak 
  Maureen Hilyard: (02:07) OK
  Maureen Hilyard: (02:07) Put your comment in the chat?
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (02:07) we are looking at  30  ALS`s at  ATLAS 3 attend our  NASIG 
  John Laprise: (02:07) agreed
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (02:07) We are looking at a English and French track at NASIG
  Bartlett Morgan: (02:07) it strikes me as just unfair re: Alan's comment - effectively they create an expectation in ALAC for the slots then yank it without any or any sufficient communication
  Bartlett Morgan: (02:08) totally untenable
  Satish Babu: (02:08) Sounds good, Glenn...
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:08) We can include that in the text. 
  Bartlett Morgan: (02:08) Dev had a comment, I believe
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (02:09) You can runan onine decision starting from now yaking poll/vote results here and adding time for the others not attending from the ALAC ti vote in vext day or so @Maureen
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:10) @Seb, I will do that first thing tomorrow. 
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (02:10) you have what 7 ALAC here n ow
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (02:11) or is it 8 already
  Vanda Scartezini: (02:11) sorry I got some issue  at our connection but was just a minute, back now
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (02:12) Mauereen had said that already.
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (02:13) we have air control tower online
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (02:13) :-)
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:14) FY20 Budget comments page:
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:15) 2 year consultation -
  Leon Sanchez: (02:15) I will keep you posted accordingly Maureen
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:15) The FBSC will be meeting this week to review both those statements. 
  Gisella Gruber: (02:15) At-Large Review Detailed Implementation Plan
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (02:20) 1st week of Feb perhaps for ARIWG
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:21) Noted, Cheryl. 
  Alan Greenberg: (02:22) Maureen, I just reviewed the quorum rules and it does allow a vote to proceed without all regions, BUT it still needs 8 to start.
  Maureen Hilyard: (02:24) Thank you Alan.. yes we are still short of members however, so we need to do a mail vote. But great to see other At-Large leaders here..
  Glenn McKnight-NARALO: (02:27) As mentioned   Michael Lambert has cancelled the  Regional  North American IGF  which was to follow so he should be available 
  Leon Sanchez: (02:27) I have to leave the call now. My apologies for not being able to stay till the end. Thanks again for having me!
  Leon Sanchez: (02:27) Talk to you all soon!
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:28) ICANN64 workspace:
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:28) 45 days to Kobe. 
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:30) The sessions have been submitted. The next step will be the development of agendas for the sessions and the development of questions for the various groups ALAC will be meeting. 
  Gisella Gruber: (02:34) The schedule is on the Wiki agenda page
  Satish Babu: (02:34) I have no audio unfortunately...but we have a wiki page on the plans for Kobe (currently being updated).
  Satish Babu: (02:35) Sure...
  Silvia Vivanco: (02:35) Wiki:
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (02:37) yes
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (02:39) Thx @Leah!  (Pablo Rodriguez from ccNSO & .PR co-chair)
  Leah Symekher - NOMCOM ALAC NA: (02:39) Thank you Maureen and all ALAC for your support.
  Heidi Ullrich: (02:39) Thank you, All! 
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (@CLO3): (02:39) Thanks everyone Bye for now...
  Alberto Soto: (02:39) Gracias, thanks, bye bye!!!
  Satish Babu: (02:39) Thanks and bye!
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (02:39) Thx for update Leah
  Bartlett Morgan: (02:40) take care all
  Judith Hellerstein: (02:40) Thanks for chairing this call
  John More: (02:40) Thanks. 
  Silvia Vivanco: (02:40) Thank you all ! bye
  Javier Rúa-Jovet: (02:40) gnight all!
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: (02:40) take care all
  Leah Symekher - NOMCOM ALAC NA: (02:40) Bye all!
  Harold Arcos 2: (02:40) Thanks all,,,
  Humberto Carrasco: (02:40) bye
  John Laprise: (02:40) bye

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