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Brief Overview
Originating Organization:ICANN Travel Support
Purpose (Brief):Purpose to provide community members with the opportunity to review and comment upon proposed FY13 community travel support guidelines.
Current Status:Pending review and comments. Changes in guidelines this year include: (1) New proposed booking and reimbursement procedures; and (2) Inclusion of data on FY13 special SO/AC budget requests approved (one time approvals, not ongoing support).
Next Steps:There will be a Constituency Travel meeting on 26-June-2012 during the Prague meeting to further discuss proposed procedural changes for future travel bookings and reimbursements.
Staff Contact:Steve
Detailed Information
Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose
The proposed travel guidelines are posted each year for community review and comment prior to the next fiscal year. The purpose is to invite comments and questions specifically from the SO/AC community.
Section II: Background
Every year during planning for the next fiscal year budget, the community member travel support guidelines are posted for public review and comment.
Section III: Document and Resource Links
Proposed FY13 Community Travel Support Guidelines [PDF, 316 KB]
Section IV: Additional Information
One addition to this year guidelines is discussion of SO/AC Special Requests for FY13. In addition, a number of modifications to travel policy are proposed.

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--- June 27 2012 update 

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On behalf of the ALAC and At-Large, I would like to thank ICANN for the continued travel support, as it is essential for At-Large to carry out its mandate.

I do, however, have several comments regarding the section on At-large travel support.

1. The concept of re-purposing the funding allocated to 10 regional leaders towards regional assemblies has repeatedly been rejected by the ALAC for very well documented reasons. Having regional leaders present at all ICANN meetings is absolutely necessary for the At-Large to be effective. Moreover, it is incorrect to state that this is how the regional participation in Dakar and Costa Rica were funded. In both cases, separate funds were made available. These obsolete references in both section 3 and 5 should be removed.

2. Regarding how regional assemblies or summits should be funded, the ALAC is in on-going dialogue with senior ICANN financial management. This is documented in  section 6 on Special Requests.

3. It is unclear in whose mind At-Large travel support was thought to be needed only during its "startup". It has always been clear to all of those involved in At-large that to withdraw travel support would effectively kill the any semblance of At-Large and ALAC effectiveness. It is true that some have proposed lower or no funding, but that concept has never been implemented, nor should it be if ICANN wants to have the input of the world's Internet user community.


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