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Open Date:

12 December 2011

Close Date:

13 January 2012

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Originating Organization:

Policy, ICANN


ICANN requests community input on the Preliminary GNSO Issue Report on the RAA Amendments.

Current Status:

This Preliminary Issue Report has been drafted to summarize and categorize recommendations to amend the RAA, in order to facilitate the commencement of the Board requested PDP.

Next Steps:

Staff will update this Report to reflect community feedback in the Final Issue Report to be presented to the GNSO Council after the closing of this public comment forum.

Staff Contact:

Margie Milam, Senior Policy Counselor



RAA Working Group Documents

RAA - The Way Forward

Draft Ammendments to the RAA


Click here to download this Statement in PDF format. 



This draft Statement of the ALAC was originally composed by Carlton Samuels with the support of Alan Greenberg and Holly Raiche


The ALAC endorses all twenty-four (24) topics defined in the Final Report under the headings Registrar Obligations/Duties, Privacy and Proxy Services/Resellers, WHOIS Data and Contract Administration as good and necessary subjects for consensus decision-making in furtherance of an improved Registration Accreditation Agreement (RAA).

We are seized on the desirability for these amendments to be confirmed in time for adoption as defining contractual terms for all gTLD registries, including those expected to be raised in this new round.  In this context, the ALAC fully endorse the recommendation for the several PDPs required to enact these proposed amendments and we urge the GNSO to commence and conclude the PDPs recommended by this report in the shortest possible time.

The ALAC is ever mindful that the current Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) not only outlines a legal relationship between ICANN and Registrars but also defines obligations of the contracted parties which materially impact the interests of ordinary Internet users, something of immediacy to our Bylaw-mandated role. And while the perceived implementation priorities of this report do not necessarily reflect the At-Large's view, we note and approve its embrace of the public interest objectives of certain other significant sectors of the ICANN community.

Our position is fixed: we support an RAA that substantially conserves the policy objectives of the ICANN community judged to be in the global public interest already severally agreed.  In this context, the ALAC embraces all elements in the RAA that enable and give meaning to the At-Large perspectives on consumer protection, assurance, security and maintenance of the benefits accrued from the fair use of Internet names and numbers resources by ordinary Internet users.  Our Statement to the Board of May 2011 affirms the RAA and matters attending as subject to the transparency and accountability framework of the AoC.  We reiterate here that this framework agreed by ICANN is the minimum threshold for its operations in a multi-stakeholder world.  And the ALAC is emphatic that as such, all aspects of the RAA must reflect the spirit, if not the letter, of the consensus policy positions of the global multi-stakeholder community.  We commend the At-Large’s perspectives outlined in our 'aspirational' Charter for Registrants Rights and Responsibilities as a good starting point to contemplate a renewal of the RAA in furtherance of enforcing the global public interests.

We encourage the GNSO’s quick and positive response to the Issues Report with the reasonable expectation that the At-Large participation in the PDP is assured so that peripheral but highly complementary matters to these amendments can be aired and possibly addressed by the community.


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