The fields are as follows for the At-Large Document Reference System:

  • Group: Defined at the group behind the document. Options are as follows: 
    • ALAC
      • ex: AL-ALAC-ST-0213-01-00-EN
      • ex: AL-ALAC-CO-0213-01-00-EN
      • ex: AL-ALAC-ROP-0213-01-00-EN
    • RALO: The name of the RALO will always be preceded by "RALO-"
      • ex: AL-RALO-EURALO-ST-0213-01-00-EN
      • ex: AL-RALO-EURALO-CO-0213-01-00-EN
    • Working Group: The name of the WG is to always be preceded by "ALAC-" when it is an ALAC working Group, but preceded by RALO name as above, when it is a RALO working group
      • ex: AL-ALAC-Whois-CO-0213-01-00-EN
  • Document Type: Defined as
    • Correspondence: CO - any type of correspondence that is not a Statement
    • Statement: ST - a Statement is correspondence that has been ratified by a vote from the 15 member ALAC. It can also be correspondence ratified by At-Large Structure members of a RALO.
    • Other: We will need to indicate this document type as they come up (ex: ROP = Rules of Procedure) 
  • Date: A simple two digit month and two digit year format
  • Document Number: Two digit number, starting back at "01" both for each month and for each type of document. 
    • ex: AL-ALAC-ST-0213-01-00-EN and AL-ALAC-CO-0213-01-00-EN
  • Revision Number: This will always start at "00" for the original document and will sequentially increase with each revision. 
  • Language: The two letter code will be the last reference. They are:
    • EN: English
    • FR: French
    • ES: Spanish
    • AR: Arabic
    • RU: Russian
    • ZH: Chinese
  • File Saving: Going forward, all files will be saved with the document reference numbers as their titles. This will allow users to search for the specific document they are looking for. 
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  1. Matt,

    Thanks for decrypting the At-Large's numbering system.  What I question:

    1. The redundancy of "AL" (i.e., AL-ALAC where AL appears twice).  The words for the ALAC already has At-Large embedded in it.  The same thing applies for RALO where the AL is already ambedded in the the RALO term.
    2. Personally, I think the revision number is not necessary.  Statements are rarely revised.







    1. Think Big!

      The idea is to have a numbering system for all ICANN documents and this is what I am going to propose to Steve.


      So AL = At-Large; GAC; GNSO; SSAC etc. are other possible entries for that field, hence the long hierarchy.

      As for revision number, you are right that they are seldom used, but there are occasions when we do have a problem and a document is revised. RoPs for example.


  2. FYI – EURALO released a number of documents this year that are neither Correspondence (CO) nor Statement (ST). Thus we are now using DOC for standard organisational documents.

    Example: AL-RALO-EURALO-DOC-1117-01-00-EN