EURALO February 2010 Teleconference

Date: 16 February 2010

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 UTC (18:00 - 19:00 CET). For the time in various timezones click here

Meeting Number: AL.EU/CC.0210/1

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Participants: A. Muehlberg, W. Ludwig, P. Vande Walle, S. Bachollet, R. Vansnick, O. Crepin Leblond, D. Greve, A. Peake

Apologies: B. Drake, L. Donnerhacke, C. Wilkinson

Staff: M. Langenegger

Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 16 February 2010

Action Items: Action Items 16 February 2010

Recording: English

Interpretation: none

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Standing Issues:

1. Roll Call and apologies

2. Review of Summary Minutes 19 January 2010 (2 minutes)

3. Review of Action Items 19 January 2010 (5 minutes)

4. Open Public Comment Periods(All open public comments) (5 minutes)

> a. At-Large Policy Advice Development Schedule

> b. Currently open public consultations

>> Proposed Process for the 2010 Selection of an ICANN At-Large Board Member (ends 6 March)
>> New Consumers Constituency Petition and Charter (ends 13 Feb 10) (Beau drafted an ALAC Statement on the New Consumers Constituency Petition and Charter )

Proposed Agenda Items:

5. Volunteer Review Team Member (10 minutes)

The Affirmation of Commitment (AOC) Reviews between the US Department of Commerce and ICANN calls for a periodic review of the key AOC objectives.

1. Ensuring accountability, transparency and the interests of global Internet users;
2. Preserving security, stability and resiliency of the DNS;
3. Promoting competition, consumer trust and consumer choice;
4. Whois policy.

The first review will be on accountability and transparency. It is expected to start in April 2010. Selection of the members will ultimately be made jointly by the Chair of the GAC and the Chair of the ICANN Board. See call for applicants for the position of volunteer review team member

In its message from February 15th, the ALAC ExCom asked the RALOs for the following:

  • 1. Selection of Candidates for the AOC Review Team

RALOs should select and forward any preferred candidates to the ALAC and to the designated ICANN address through whatever mechanism they choose,. The earlier this can be done, the better, but if ALAC members will have the time to adequately review the documentation, they must be received no later than the end of February 20th. The candidates must follow the specific requirements specified in the Call for Applicants PLUS must include a statement of why they believe:

a.) they are in a position to fairly access ICANN’s accountability, transparency and the focus on the interests of global Internet users;

b.) they will be able to do this from the perspective of the global ICANN At-Large Community and the ALAC.

NOTE: EURALO, through its Chair, has expressed its support for Christopher Wilkinson's application for the Accountability and Transparency review team. The EURALO Chair also suggested Jeanette Hofmann's to the review committee. Jeanette has not submitted her application yet.

  • 2. Advise ALAC on AOC Review Team Selection Process

All RALOs, through whatever mechanism they choose, decide how their representatives can help the ALAC come to closure on the decisions on the AOC Review Team Selection Process for At-Large that the ALAC need to make during its teleconference on February 23rd. The ALAC has to make a decision on February 23rd and cannot defer these decisions.

A tentative ALAC meeting is scheduled on Friday, February 26 to finalize the endorsements in case the ALAC does not do so at our ALAC meeting on February 23rd.

6. EURALO Delegate to the NomCom 2010 (10 minutes)(Wolf Ludwig)

ICANN's Nominating Committee asked EURALO to submit candidates for the 2010 NomCom. Applications will be considered in confidence and should be received by 2 April 2010 for full consideration. Selections will be announced in early September 2010. Successful candidates will take up their positions following ICANN's Annual Meeting in December 2010. See complete information under:

7. Update on the At-Large Selection Board process (10 minutes)(Wolf Ludwig, Patrick Vande Walle, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Sebastien Bachollet)

The At-Large Selection Process design team (ABSdt) asked EURALO to formally endorse the selection process during the February meeting. Minority views can be forwarded to the ABSdt ( and the ICANN public consultation on the At-Large Board Selection Process.

Proposed Date

At-Large Director Appointment Process Milestones

January 8, 2010

Distribution of White Paper to ALAC and Reviewers (e.g. ALAC ReviewWG).

January 10/11, 2010

General release of White Paper.

January 14, 2010

Call for At-Large Board Member Selection design team (ABSdt) & At-LargeBoard Member Selection Committee (ABSC) Expressions of Interest.

January 26, 2010

Confirmation ABSdt Membership as per Agenda item in Jan 26 2010 ALACMeeting.

February 9, 2010

Close of At-Large Community discussions and finalization of Draft At-LargeBoard Member Selection (ABS) Process Recommendation for the ICANN
Board’s Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) consideration
February ICANN Public Comment Period on White Paper

February, earlyMarch 2010

RALO Meetings to include ratification of draft recommendations to the Board(minority views may be also forwarded) and to select ABSC members.

February 15-Mar 152010

Public Call for Statements of Interest (SOI) / applications from candidates.

February 23, 2010

ALAC Meeting confirms/ endorses ABSC Membership and ensures alldocuments and available commentary outcomes are available for the Nairobi

March-April 2010

Ratification by SIC and ICANN Board of the At-Large Director AppointmentProcess. Draft; distribute for comment; and approve Bylaw revision.

March-April 2010

ABSC review and selection based on Candidate SOIs and associated input.Throughout May First round voting on candidate list.



Position Accepted:


Dave Kissoondoyal



Tijani Ben Jemaa



Cheryl Langdon-Orr



Hong Xue



Patrick Vande Walle



Olivier Crepin-Leblond



Carlton Samuels



Vanda Scartezini



Alan Greenberg



Evan Leibovitch


7d) At-Large Board Selection Committee Membership


Name of Candidate (put forward by RALO):

Nomination Accepted:

Nomination Endorsed by ALAC (during ALAC meeting of 23 February 2010):


Yaovi Atohoun




Mohamed El Bashir












Veronica Cretu




Adam Peake




Jacqueline Morris








Myles Braithwaite




Danny Younger




Joly MacFie



8. Preparation of Nairobi Meeting (Sebastien Bachollet, Wolf Ludwig) (5 minutes)*

9. Update on the activities of the gTLD working group (S. Bachollet, L.Donnerhacke,) (5 minutes)*

The gTLD working group recently started work on the Draft ALAC Statement on the DAG 3.*

10. Recent and Upcoming Activities of ALAC (Adam, Patrick, Sebastien) (5 minutes)

11. Update on the IGF open consultations in Geneva (Wolf Ludwig)(5 minutes)

12. Review of ICANN Policy Podcast on Redirection (5 minutes)

Scott Pinzon, Director for Policy Communications, ICANN produced a 15 minute podcast with Dave Piscitello on re-direction at the top level of the Domain System. This is the first episode in a series of podcast on current policy issues that will produced regularly by the ICANN Policy team. Scott is interested in feedback on the first episode to find out how he can improve the podcasts and make them more accessible.

with the following link you can subscribe to the ICANN Podcast via iTunes:

  • Does the podcast allow somebody without a technical background to grasp the policy implications of re-direction at the top level of the Domain System?
  • What topics would you see covered by future podcasts?

13. Non-Lawyers' Guide to the 2009 RAA (2 minutes)

ICANN recently produced a guide to ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) written in an accessible language which tries to avoid legal jargon. You can find the Guide to the 2009 RAA under:

14. Any Other Business (5 minutes)

I suggest to add the following points:
Update on the ABS (At-Large Selection Board) process: ABSdt & ABSC with the link to the wiki pages (Wolf, Patrick, Olivier, Sebastien)
Preparation of Nairobi Meeting
First dicussion on the Brussels meeting

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