At-Large Community - Mexico City ICANN At-Large Summit

EURALO General Assembly

Date: 03 March 2009

Time: 09:00 - 13:00 Mexico City time / 15:00 - 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.EUR/MT.34/1

Location: Alameda 3 Meeting Room, Hotel Mélia, Mexico City

Interpretation (Simultaneous): None

Attendees: All European Regional At-Large Representatives

Sébastien (ISOC France), Rudi (ISOC Belgium), Dessi (ISOC Bulgaria), Heike (Terre des Femmes), Tommi (ISOC Finland), Wolfgang (Medienstadt Leipzig), Lutz (FITUG), Wolf (Comunica-CH), Patrick (ISOC Luxembourg), Max (LDUN), Annette (network new media), Bogdan (APTI Romania), Vittorio (ISOC Italy), Adam (ALAC)


Bill Drake

Remote Participation Details for the GA 2009

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Summary Minutes: 03 March 2009 GA Summary Minutes

Action Items: 03 March 2009 GA Action Items

Transcription: English (PDF)

Recording: English


1. Welcome

a. Approval of the GA agenda

b. Approval of the GA minutes from June 08, Paris

2. Message from the ALAC Chair

3. Board Report 2008-09

a. Approval of the Board Report

4. Initial Feedback on the At-Large User Summit (ATLAS)

5. Briefing on Current ICANN Policy issues (by Staff)

6. Current Policy Activities in ICANN and the Possibility for Better At-Large and EU/RALO Involvement at ICANN

7. Discussion and Approval of the EURALO Working Programme and Projects 2009-10 (up-dates from previous one)

a. Approval of EURALO’s Working Budget 2008-10

b. Need of Budget Allocation for EURALO Operation and Outreach

8. Chair, Secretariat and Board Re-Elections

9. Review of EURALO’s By-Laws and Needs for Revision (as noted in Paris), Regarding Individual Users Participation and Membership at EURALO

10. Call for Nomination and Introduction of EURALO ALAC Candidates

11. Miscellaneous


"Agenda"<file: AL-EUR-GA-2009-Agenda-EN.doc}>

Board Report

Work Programme

Budget Proposal



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