The first CCWG-Accountability draft was published on 4 May 2015 for public comment until 3 June 2015. 


Documents produced in reviewing the public comment are as follows: 

*these documents are also available in Plenary Drafts for CCWG-Accountability

Fundamental Bylaws Comment Summary Fundamental Bylaws 18 Aug.docxComment Summary Fundamental Bylaws 18 Aug.pdf 
Mission, Commitments and Core Values Comment Summary Revised Mission - 18 Aug.docxComment Summary Revised Mission - 18 Aug.pdf 
IRP Comment Summary Independent Review Panel Enhancement 18 Aug.docxComment Summary Independent Review Panel Enhancement 18 Aug.pdf 
Board Recall 2015-08-18 Power - recalling entire ICANN Board.docx2015-08-18 Power - recalling entire ICANN Board.pdf 
Community Mechanism 2015-08-18 Mechanism to empower the Community.docx2015-08-18 Mechanism to empower the Community.pdf 
Incorporation of the AoC 2015-08-15 Incorporating AOC into ICANN Bylaws.docx2015-08-15 Incorporating AOC into ICANN Bylaws.pdf 
Community Powers 2015-08-17 Power - removing individual directors.docx2015-08-17 Power - removing individual directors.pdf 
Community Powers 2015-08-15 Power - fundamental bylaws - clean.docx2015-08-15 Power - fundamental bylaws - clean.pdf 

Community Powers

 2015-08-15 Power - standard bylaws - clean.docx2015-08-15 Power - standard bylaws - clean.pdf 
Community Powers Power Reconsider reject budget 9 Aug-jz.docxPower Reconsider reject budget 9 Aug-jz.pdf 
Stress Tests Stress Tests_PC [Steve].docx/ 
Public Comment Shell annotated Public Comment - Frozen Shell - 12 July 2015.docx/ 
Public Comment Shell annotated by WP2 Public Comment - Frozen Shell - WP2 BB annotationPublic Comment - Frozen Shell - WP2 BB annotationPublic comment tool annotated with partial draft responses to comments on WP2 issues
WP1 Summaries by Question  N/AWP1 Summaries by Question.pdf 
WP2 Categorizing PC Feedback FROZEN - WP2- Categorising Public Comment Feedback Compiled.docxFROZEN - WP2- Categorising Public Comment Feedback Compiled.pdf 
Public Comment FROZEN Shell



Public Comment - Frozen Shell - 25 June


Public Comment - Frozen Shell - 25 June.pdf

Public Comment - Frozen Shell - 16 June V1.pdf

Document at end of ICANN53

Document frozen for review by the CCWG in Buenos Aires

CCWG-Accountability Public Consultations Trends CCWG Public Consultations Trends.pptxCCWG Public Consultations Trends.pdf 





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