Review Team Members: Alan Greenberg, Dmitry Belyavsky, Susan Kawaguchi, Lili Sun, Volker Greimann, Carlton Samuels.

ICANN Organization:  Jean-Baptiste Deroulez, Brenda Brewer, Jackie Treiber

Observers:  Svitlana Tkachenko

Apologies:  Cathrin Bauer-Bulst, Chris Disspain, Erika Mann, Stephanie Perrin

Audio recording:  EN

AC recording:  HERE

Transcript:  EN

Chat Transcript: EN

Observer Chat Transcript:  N/A


Plenary Call Report: PDF

Action Items:

- Alan/Susan to review recommendations, and rework them based on input received with Contractual Compliance on 26/09.


  • Welcome, roll-call, SoI
  • ICANN63
  • Draft Report
    • Status of public comments received
    • Public Comment Summary
  • Open table for any new issues that need to be considered in the final report
  • Potential need for call with Contractual Compliance
  • A.O.B.
    • Travel Services: Constant Contact

Call Details

15:00-16:30 UTC (timezone converter here)

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