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Past Presentations, Public Comment, and other Resources

ICANN 51 Universal Acceptance Session Archive - 15 October 2014

Summary Report of Public Comment on Draft Roadmap - 8 August 2014

ICANN 50: Universal Acceptance session archive - 25 June 2014

ICANN 50 ISPCP: Universal Acceptance - 24 June 2014

Public Comment on Draft Roadmap opened - 18 June 2014

Presentation at CENTR Tech Meeting - Jamboree 2014 - 3 June 2014

APTLD Member Meeting focused on Universal Acceptance - 11-13 May 2014

ICANN presentation slides - 11 May 2014

ICANN 49: TLD Universal Acceptance session archive - 24 March 2014

ICANN Blog Entry - 21 March 2014

W3C Mail thread on TLD Universal Acceptance (with APTLD draft of barriers) - 3 March 2014

TLD Universal Acceptance as part of Asia Pacific Regional Discussions at APRICOT 2014 - 24 February 2014

CircleID Post on TLD operator "use case" - 7 February 2014

Joint ccNSO-gNSO IDN Working Group draft final report announcement - 25 June 2013

Internationalization and Unicode Conference 36 (slides: ICANN's Work On Internationalizing the Domain Name System) - 24 October 2012

Universal Acceptance of All TLDs - ICANN 45 (Toronto) (Session Details) - 17 October 2012

Universal Acceptance of All TLDs – ICANN 44 (Prague) (Meeting Announcement) - 27 June 2012

Presentation to Joint ccNSO-GNSO Internationalized Domain Names Working Group - 12 June 2012

Registry/Registrar Meeting (Los Angeles) -18 May 2012

Universal Acceptance of All TLDs – ICANN 43 (San Jose, Costa Rica) (Session Details) - 14 March 2012

Public Comment: Initial Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs - 6 January 2012

ICANN Releases Beta-3 Version of TLD Verification Code - 22 March 2007

Github repository (2012)

ICANN has issued today a new version of code intended to assist software developers and application providers whose work assists others in using the DNS.

ICANN Releases Beta TLD Verification Tool - 3 December 2006

Today ICANN released a beta version Top-Level Domain (TLD) Verification Tool. This verification tool has been developed in response to problems reported by gTLD registries and end-users of the non-acceptance of some existing TLDs. These problems occur in some current applications because: 1) they do not recognize any TLD of more than three characters; or, 2) they rely on legacy information where only com/net/org and a handful of ccTLDs are recognized as valid.

ICANN Creates Area on Universal Acceptance of TLDs - 20 March 2006

In order for the full resources of the Internet to be available to all users globally, service and application providers must make use of the complete range of top-level domains (TLDs). To promote accessibility of up-to-date TLD information, ICANN is making available a new page of resources related to this topic.

Universal Acceptance of all gTLD Names - 18 October 2004

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