Review Team Members:  Denise Michel, Norm Ritchie, Russ Housley, Alain Aina, KC Claffy, Jabhera Matogoro

Observers:   /

ICANN Organization:  Jennifer Bryce, Steve Conte, Larisa Gurnick, Brenda Brewer and technical writer; Angie Graves

Apologies:  Boban Krsic, Kerry-Ann Barrett, Naveed Bin Rais, Laurin Weissinger, Eric Osterweil, Ram Krisha Pariyar, Negar Farzinnia

Audio recording:  EN   (12.10)

Zoom recording:  HERE

Transcript:  EN

Zoom Chat Transcript:  EN

Documents:  none

Plenary Call Report: PDF

Decisions Reached: /

Action Items:

  • KC will send a note to the team with a proposal for recommendation 18.
  • Jennifer to re-send the two Google document links to the team with a reminder of the work request.


  1. Welcome, roll call, SOI updates
  2. Brief recap of Brussels meeting
  3. Team member questions or issues to flag for team discussion re: merging and editing recommendations exercise
    1. Confirm next steps and timeline for consolidating text
  4. AOB
  5. Confirm action items, decisions reached

Call Details

14:00 - 15:00 UTC (timezone converter here)

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