Review Team Members:  Ram Krishna Pariyar, Alain Aina, Eric Osterweil, Laurin Weissinger, Denise Michel, Naveed Bin Rais, Norm Ritchie, Boban Krsic, Kerry Ann Barrett, Kaveh Ranjbar, Russ Housley, Scott McCormick

Observers:   /

ICANN Organization:   Jennifer Bryce, Brenda Brewer

Apologies:   Jabera Matogoro, Noorul Ameen

Audio recording:  EN

AC recording:  HERE

Transcript:  EN

Chat Transcript:  EN

Observer Chat Transcript: N/A

Documents:  PDF

Plenary Call Report: PDF

Decisions Reached:  /

Action Items:

  • Team members to use suggestion mode to make any final suggestions to the text in the Google document by Tuesday 22 January 23:59 UTC.
  • Leadership team will go through the changes in the document after the deadline, ahead of the consensus call to be held in LA during face-to-face meeting.
  • Those involved in ICANN SSR former subteam go through the outcomes from the LA meeting and previous subgroup work to flag any areas where more follow-up or interviews are required. 
  • Jennifer to circulate information to the list that is on the wiki and would be helpful fo the team.
  • Eric will share DNS SSR topics to the list - for team member input.
  • Add to leadership agenda for next week, Amin's resignation.


  1. Welcome, roll call, SOI updates
    1. Reminder: Please complete Doodle poll [] with your availability for a potential face-to-face meeting after Kobe - by end of this week
  2. SSR1 recommendations text - draft final text is in the Google document [], consensus call on the text will take place in LA during the f2f meeting.
  3. ICANN SSR workstream brainstorm – who do we need to interview, and what questions do we need to ask them?
  4. DNS SSR workstream – next steps.
  5. AOB
  6. Confirm action items/ decisions reached

Call Details

15:00 - 16:00 UTC (timezone converter here)

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Learn more about how you can observe SSR2 meetings - see here.

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