Review Team Members:  Ram Krishna Pariyar, Norm Ritchie, Laurin Weissinger, Žarko Kecic, Naveed Bin Rais, Eric Osterweil, Denise Michel, KC Claffy

Observers:  /

ICANN Organization:  Jennifer Bryce, Brenda Brewer, Steve Conte

Apologies:  Russ Housley, Kaveh Ranjbar, Boban Krsic, Jabhera Matogoro

Audio recording:  EN

AC recording:  HERE

Transcript:  EN

Chat Transcript:  EN

Observer Chat Transcript: N/A

Documents: PDF

Plenary Call Report: PDF

Decisions Reached: /

Action Items:

- Staff to send a note to the list and ask the team to send any personal conflicts or preferences in January or February to, off-list within 24 hours.

- Staff to send collated summary of conflicts to leadership team by end of this week, with the aim of sending a Doodle poll to team early next week (locations to include Vancouver, DC, LA, Brussels).

- Leadership to send a note to the team noting that “email thread re: SSR1 recommendations methodology” will be addressed on next week’s plenary call, and those with questions/concerns should be ready to address this agenda item on the call.

- Staff to recirculate work plan to the list, and ask team members to check over and raise any objections within 24 hours. Unless objections are raised, this work plan will be considered as adopted, noting that the work plan is a living document and will be updated as needed.

- Once adopted, staff to circulate the work plan to SO/AC leaders and Board on behalf of the SSR2 RT (RT in copy) and post to SSR2 wiki.

- Denise will hold the pen on the updated draft of the workstream report template based on comments from team, and share with the team for final review.

- KC to send an FYI email to the team noting the summary of discussions around workstream 3 and 4, shared during call last week; members should raise any substantive issues on-list by the next call.

- Add SSR1 recommendations work to leadership agenda. 


  1. Welcome, roll call, SOI updates
    1. Staff to provide update to team regarding the Jan/Feb 2019 face-to-face meeting
  2. Address email thread re: SSR1 recommendations methodology (see emails here and here).
  3. Work plan - confirm updated version is complete and will be sent to Board & SO/AC Chairs (work plan will be updated as needed)
  4. Work stream report template - confirm team is happy with structure 
  5. DNS SSR work stream discussion
  6. AOB 
  7. Confirm action items / decisions reached

Discussion Materials:

Call Details

15:00 - 16:00 UTC (timezone converter here)

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