Team:  Alain Patrick Aina, Cathy Handley, Denise Michel, Eric Osterweil, Kaveh Ranjbar, Jabhera Matogoro, Zarko Kecic.

Observers:  Brian Aitchison, Laena Rahim, Negar Farzinnia.

Staff:  Bernard Turcotte, Karen Mulberry, Jennifer Bryce, Steve Conte,Yvette Guigneaux.

Guests:  Maguy Serad (VP ICANN Compliance) presenting SSR1 Recommendation 10  - SSR1 Compliance Briefing June 2017 v3.pdf.

Apologies:  Emily Taylor, Geoff Huston, Don Blumenthal, James Gannon, Amin Hasbini, Kerry-Ann Barrett, Ram Krishna Pariyar, Boban Krsic.


  • Updated SOIs & note apologies/absences
  • Johannesburg meeting – recap & review of action items  
  • Updates from subtopic teams (SSR1 Implementation, ICANN SSR, DNS Security, Future Challenges, IANA Transition)
  • SSR1 Implementation Briefing: Maguy Serad, VP ICANN Compliance (Recommendation 10)
  • Trello Demonstration: To be rescheduled
  • AOB  

Draft Summary Notes & Actions 

Discussion documents

SSR1 Compliance Briefing June 2017 v3.pdf



Chat Transcript: EN

Transcript:  EN

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