Review Team Members:  Alain Aina, Eric Osterweil, Kaveh Ranjbar,    Ramkrishna  Pariyar, Boban Krsic, Denise  Michel, Laurin Weissinger, Zarko Kecic,  Russ Housley,  Scott McCormick,  Kerry-Ann Barrett, KC Claffy, Naveed Bin Rais

Facilitator:  None

Observers:  None

ICANN Organization:  Steve Conte, Jennifer Bryce,   Negar Farzinnia, Yvette Guigneaux 

Guests:  None

Apologies:  Brenda Brewer, Norm Ritchie, Jabera Matogoro

Audio recording:  EN - mp3 

AC recording:  HERE  (Due to technical difficulties, the AC Recording must be played simultaneously with the mp3 audio recording.  Apologies for any inconvenience.)

Transcript:  EN

Chat Transcript:  EN

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Plenary Call Report: PDF

Decisions Reached: 

- Team adopted the high-level comms plan.
- SSR2 to include DNS Root KSK roll process in relation to organizational risk management (ICANN SSR) and post-mortem of the KSK roll (DNS SSR)
- Team agreed to use the proposed table to assess recommendations and assess after 5 recommendations or so.

Action Items:  

- Staff to invite CCT review team to join a plenary meeting to answer questions. Review Team to confirm the best time for this to happen.
- Denise and Kerry-Ann to clarify via email with Matogoro that the comms plan is intended to be high-level (complete)
- Staff to add columns to the SSR1 questions table to capture the date of the ask, who asked the question and when it was answered, estimated completion date and additional notes for context.
- Staff to ask travel team to expedite travel request.


1. Welcome, roll call, SOI updates
• a) Staff to highlight rec. 16 in CCT report for team
2. Barcelona update from staff & confirm if any team members have not yet heard from constituency travel team
3. Finalize comms/outreach plan
4. KSK rollover - what does the team need to look in to?
5. Review of SSR1 recommendations
• a) Review table of outstanding questions
• b) Discuss SSR1 recommendations
6. AOB
7. Confirm action items / decisions reached

Call Details

14:00 - 15:00 UTC (timezone converter here)

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