Toronto NARALO Events Organising Committee call

Date: Wednesday, 03 October 2012

Time: 20:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here) Note: ONE HOUR LATER THAN USUAL

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Attendees:Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Garth Bruen, Gordon Chillcott , Glenn McKnight

Apologies: Darlene Thompson

Staff: Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Guber, Silvia Vivanco, Heidi Ullrich


Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 03 October 2012  

Action Items:         Action Items 03 October 2012        

Transcript:      Transcript 03 October 2012        

Chat:         Chat 03 October 2012         

Recording:  ENGLISH    


1. Welcome and Roll Call  - Staff (2 mins) (Note: items were renumbered by Garth as there were duplicate #3's)

  • Staff to recalculate the budget for the NARALO Showcase with as many real numbers as possible. - COMPLETED
  • Staff to find a fishbowl for business card collection. - TO BE COMPLETED IN TORONTO
  • Matt Ashtiani to send Glenn McKnight a list of participants. Glenn McKnight to then contact NARALO members and ask them to volunteer at the NARALO booth. - COMPLETED
  • Gisella Gruber to check if the same time can be scheduled for next Wednesday
  • OCL needs a list from staff of people who will be receiving certificates
  • Inserting Steve Crocker into Showcase Lineup
  • Correction to Toronto Mailing list:
  • Staff cooperation with "back end" of Interest form
  • Filling in table coverage
  • Final travel details

2. Review and Adoption of the Agenda - Garth (2 min)

3. Discussion of NARALO Toronto Event Activities  - All (30 mins)

a. NARALO RALO Anniversary/Outreach Event (Regatta Room & Time)

i. See NARALO RALO Anniversary webpage

i. Sponsorship update (What currency was Afilias quoting in? How much is final amt?) ~GB This has been clarified as USD 2,500

ii. Invitations to Keynote and other Speakers

  • Garth spoke to David Fowler @CIRA
  • Coordinating call with Patrick Ryan
  • No word from Grabanesse

iii. Multi-media for the Outreach event - Update

Olivier needs list (?) - See action items

Staff: Delete "coordination" column in Agenda table - COMPLETED (noted, Garth, Staff - delete this line, thx)

b. NARALO Capacity Building Meetings

i.Tentative topics of the Fellowship Meetings in Toronto: cyber security in developing nations, implementation of IPv6, DNSsec, Stakeholder Services and Relations, IDN gTLDs,  IDN ccTLDs, Policy development – how to get developing nations involved, impact of Internet Governance within ICANN, ccTLD compliance (asked by community member).

ii. Development of Capacity Building Session agendas - topics and speakers

*Integrate discussions from FCWG, R3(Evan & JJ), RRRWG (Holly), Compliance(Olivier, Evan, Carlton, Garth), Secretariats(Garth), new gTLD WG (Dev), Consumer brochures (Rinalia?) etc...

*YELLOW: how do we publicize this? Do we want other RALO's wearing yellow too? ~GB

Garth needs list of attendees to issue certificates to for participation in the capacity building sessions

Question: Is there a capacity building on Sunday? or is this just the newcomers/fellows meeting? (Glenn, via Garth) - Staff answered no. Meetings are Mon - Thur.

c. NARALO Table Top Display in ICANN Village

*Glenn & Staff: List of items to be displayed with links if possible

i. ICANN information booth can be used - What technical requirements are needed?

*Slideshow in development, focus on details of RALO engagement and application process. Draft outline of new slideshow format:

1. What we are (NARALO/At-Large) - Eduardo. General overview of the At-Large structure, it's relationship to ICANN, What NARALO is specifically in the At-Large structure. What does "NARALO" stand for? What region does NARALO cover? (Image of a map, images of different, countries, territories, languges). Visual of where NARALO is in the ICANN chart

2. What we do/have done - Gordon (talk to the group, especially Evan, review the website) What At-Large regional groups do. What NARALO does. Our accomplishments.

3. Who we are (look for yellow and pin) - Glenn. Names, locations of ALSes. Officer profiles. Photos of people/events

4. How to join (specifics simplified) - Garth. Breaking down the application. Steps for applying. Who can apply. How to apply. Making it EASY

Work in progress:

Joly needs details on remote participation for the Toronto event.

4. Update on Promotional Items - All/Staff (15 min)

a. NARALO banner - Reprinted banner (Staff: add link pls, Garth)

b.  NARALO buttons

c. Invitation postcards - See draft postcard

d. Meeting Guide text - See text in draft Meeting Guide (page 7)

e. Brochures - Update: Staff are bringing: 100 EN and 50 each of ES and FR.

5. Planning the Logistics - Update from Staff -  Staff (5 min)

a. Review of NARALO Toronto Events Budget Spreadsheet

b. Update from Constituency Travel - Pending issues

Question about approved arrival date: "Approved date of arrival: Saturday, October 13, 2012", arrangements by TC made from Monday.

Travel Constituency On Calls?

Was Dana Perry contacted by CT? (Garth) - Staff noted she has travel booked

Garth spoke to  ISOC CO and they will be supplying a name ASAP (Garth) - Ognian "Ogi" Roumenov Mitev

Question from ALS about per diem (Randy via Garth) - Requested in local currency, how does this work? - Staff noted he should be contacted at the meeting about where to pick up

*Re-purposing surplus funds for other ALS activity, for discussion (Garth) - Questions about alternate venues for recruitment (Staff will update)

c. Creation of mailing list for NARALO Toronto Events Participants - Completed (

i. Updating ALS list:

*Staff please list:Emerging Futures Network/Dharma Dailey on Web and spreadsheets (Garth) - Staff noted this will be changed

6. Next Steps

This meetings action items

AI: OCL needs a list from staff of people who will be receiving certificates. As discussed, these are founding members, "survivors" of 5 years

AI: To collect photos of speakers

AI: HU to follow up with ISOC CO.- Completed. No response as of 24 September. (resolved - Garth)

AI: Staff to set up a mailing list for the NARALO Toronto Events Participants.- Completed.

AI: Staff to schedule the next Organizing Call  for next week at the same day and time.- Completed

AI: Staff to determine if funds can be re-purposed for outreach at other confs





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