Toronto NARALO Events Organzsing Committee call

Date: Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Time: 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Attendees: Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Garth Bruen, Gordon Chillcott , Evan Leibovitch, Glenn McKnight

Apologies: Eduardo Diaz, Darlene Thompson

Staff: Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Guber, Silvia Vivanco, Heidi Ullrich


Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 26 September 2012 

Action Items:        Action Items 26 September 2012       

Transcript:     Transcript 26 September 2012       

Chat:        Chat 26 September 2012        

Recording:  ENGLISH    


1. Welcome and Roll Call  - Staff (2 mins)

2. Review and Adoption of the Agenda - Garth (2 min)

3. Discussion of NARALO Toronto Event Activities  - All (30 mins)

a. NARALO RALO Anniversary/Outreach Event (Regatta Room & Time)

i. See NARALO RALO Anniversary webpage

i. Sponsorship update (What currency was Afilias quoting in? How much is final amt?) ~GB This has been clarified as USD 2,500

ii. Invitations to Keynote and other Speakers

  • Garth needs contact info/introductions to speakers to get their topics etc. Also need Bios for each. ~GB

iii. Multi-media for the Outreach event - Update

Olivier needs list from Staff of attending, long-term members to be issued certificates at this event. ~GB

Staff: Delete "coordination" column in Agenda table - COMPLETED (noted, Garth, Staff - delete this line, thx)

b. NARALO Capacity Building Meetings

i.Tentative topics of the Fellowship Meetings in Toronto: cyber security in developing nations, implementation of IPv6, DNSsec, Stakeholder Services and Relations, IDN gTLDs,  IDN ccTLDs, Policy development – how to get developing nations involved, impact of Internet Governance within ICANN

ii. Development of Capacity Building Session agendas - topics and speakers

*Streamline information flow: how meetings/calls are broadcast, meeting data reorganization, plain-speak for newcomers, top-down review for newcomers, simpler application process, travel funding details, +other ideas+ ~GB

*What types of new members should be recruited? (Garth)

*Simple and meaningful terms that cross EN/ES/FR (Garth)

*Reaching out to Bermuda - CORRECTION, as noted by Evan Bermuda is part of EURALO, Guam will be targeted instead. (Garth)

*Expanding in the U.S. and Canada (Garth)

*Speeding up/Simplifying ALS membership: Better Application, Examination of the Process, Probationary membership. Using potential 2 ALSes as test subjects to review the process (Garth)

*Media: Simplifying and streamlining web interface. NARALO Facebook and Twitter. (Garth)

*Integrate discussions from FCWG, R3(Evan & JJ), RRRWG (Holly), Compliance(Olivier, Evan, Carlton, Garth), Secretariats(Garth), new gTLD WG (Dev), Consumer brochures (Rinalia?) etc...

*YELLOW: how do we publicize this? Do we want other RALO's wearing yellow too? ~GB

Some of the above are policy questions for the Monthly NARALO call on Oct 8, which will need to occur. I believe some calls right before ICANN meetings were canceled, there is too much to do ahead of the meeting so we need a call. Also, Darlene will be back and needs to catch up.

Text from Budget Request:

We will be scheduling four, two hour educational sessions to run before each day of the

ICANN meeting in order to bring people up to speed on ICANN Policy, hear from the chairs of each AC and SO,

develop a Communication Strategy and to plan for the future of the RALO.

  • Monday - Cross-RALO Dispute Resolution (Session facilitated by Chris LaHatte)
  • Tuesday - (Sally Costerton?) ~GB
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Garth needs list of attendees to issue certificates to for participation in the capacity building sessions

Question: Is there a capacity building on Sunday? or is this just the newcomers/fellows meeting? (Glenn, via Garth) - Staff answered no. Meetings are Mon - Thur.

c. NARALO Table Top Display in ICANN Village

*Glenn & Staff: List of items to be displayed with links if possible

i. ICANN information booth can be used - What technical requirements are needed?

*Slideshow in development, focus on details of RALO engagement and application process ~GB

*Draft outline of new slideshow format: 1. What we are (NARALO/At-Large), 2. What we do/have done, 3. Who we are (look for yellow and pin), 4. How to join (specifics simplified) - suggestions welcome. Will be splitting each section up to a member of this group. Garth = #4, Glenn = #?, Gordon = #?, Eduardo = #? (Garth)

*Web page with better representation of who we are: A structure with names, photos, and video links. Push-button on site to join should look like the pin(image of pin).

3. Update on Promotional Items - All/Staff (15 min)

a. NARALO banner - Reprinted banner (Staff add link pls, Garth)

b.  NARALO buttons

c. Invitation postcards - See draft postcard

d. Meeting Guide text - See text in draft Meeting Guide (page 7)

e. Brochures - Update: Staff are bringing: 100 EN and 50 each of ES and FR.

4. Planning the Logistics - Update from Staff -  Staff (5 min)

a. Review of NARALO Toronto Events Budget Spreadsheet

b. Update from Constituency Travel - Pending issues

Was Dr. Robert Bruen contacted by CT? (Garth)

Was Dana Perry contacted by CT? (Garth)

Garth spoke to  ISOC CO and they will be supplying a name ASAP (Garth)

Question from ALS about per diem (Randy via Garth)

*Re-purposing surplus funds for other ALS activity, for discussion (Garth)

c. Creation of mailing list for NARALO Toronto Events Participants - Completed (

i. Updating ALS list:

*Staff please list:Emerging Futures Network/Dharma Dailey on Web and spreadsheets (Garth)

*Listing unaffiliated as an ALS - for discussion (Garth)

*Reaching out out Consumer Reports (Garth will handle, contacts and suggestions welcome)


5. Next Steps

This meetings action items

AI: OCL needs a list (people who will be receiving certificates)

AI: To edit pages and format the Table (Heidi to do it) - Completed, (noted, Garth)

The At Large page can be extremely overwhelming, how it fits into ICANN with photos of the actual members and then linking those to the videos collected , so people can see who the members are.

AI: To collect photos-


AI: HU to follow up with ISOC CO.- Completed. No response as of 24 September.

Mailing list: Are there any people who are not active. Some people are not responding. (Differentiate not-responding with rejections, Garth)

AI: Staff to set up a mailing list for the NARALO Toronto Events Participants.- Completed.

AI: Staff to schedule the next Organizing Call  for next week at the same day and time.- Completed





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