Toronto NARALO Events Organising Committee call

Date: Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Time: 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 12 September 2012

Action Items:      Action Items 12 September 2012      

Transcript:   Transcript 12 September 2012     

Chat:       Chat 12 September 2012       

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1. Welcome and Roll Call  - Staff (2 mins)

2. Review and Adoption of the Agenda - Garth (2 min)

3. Discussion of NARALO Toronto Event Activities  - All (30 mins)

a. NARALO RALO Anniversary/Outreach Event

i. Sponsorship update

ii. Invitations to Keynote and other Speakers

iii. Multi-media for the Outreach event - Update

iv. RALO certificates - Update

b. NARALO Capacity Building Meetings

i. Discussion of session agendas - topics and speakers

ii. Date and topic for Chris LaHatte's session - Update from Garth

c. NARALO Table Top Display in ICANN Village

i. ICANN information booth can be used - What technical requirements are needed?

3. Update on Promotional Items - All/Staff (15 min)

a. Lapel pins

b. NARALO banner

c. Invitation postcards

d. Meeting Guide text

4. Planning the Logistics - Update from Staff -  Staff (5 min)

a. Review of NARALO Toronto Events Budget Spreadsheet

b. Final numbers and ALSes represented

c. Update from Constituency Travel

5. Next Steps





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