NARALO Monthly call - September

Date: Monday, 08 October 2012

Time: 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Attendees: Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Garth Bruen, Gordon Chillcott, Seth Reiss, Edurado Diaz, Allan Skuce, Avri Doria, Evan Leibovicth, Ogi Mitev, Darlene Thompson

Apologies: Gareth Shearman and Joly MacFie

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Matt Ashtiani

Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 08 October 2012  

Action Items: Action Items 08 October 2012      

Transcript:  Transcript 08 October 2012       

Chat: Chat 08 October 2012        

Recording:  ENGLISH  


1. Welcome and Roll Call  - Staff (2 mins)

2. Review of Action Items  - Garth (2 min)

Welcome Back Darlene!

Posting of NARALO Monthly Reports: Re: NARALO Monthly reports 2012

Recognizing ICANN Organizational Changes by New CEO:

Joly needs details on remote participation for the Toronto event.

Glenn, Eduardo, Gordon, et al on Slideshow

Creation of mailing list for NARALO Toronto Events Participants - Completed (

Final Travel Details:

  • Per Diem notice issued on Friday
  • Everyone have their details?

3. Brief of NARALO Toronto Event Activities  - Garth, Glenn, Evan, Gordon, Eduardo, Olivier (30 mins)

a. Calling up the troops/Rallying Point

I. We are 25 strong! (50 by next NA Meeting?)

II. The Yellow Sign

III. Answer my questions three, 'ere the other side ye see...Chair personal interviews

IV. Saturday Night Pre-meet: Will be available in lobby/bar 6PM on

b. Activities/Meetings

I. Full Schedule:

II. All ALAC/At-Large: At-Large Meetings - Sunday, 14 October 2012

III. Capacity Building Morning Sessions (Monday - Thursday) NARALO Capacity Building Sessions Workspace

NARALO Capacity Building Meetings


IV. New Comers Sessions (Sunday)

V. NARALO RALO Anniversary/Outreach Event - webpage

VI. NARALO General Assembly

VII. Secretariats Meeting


4. ALAC Activities -  Evan, Olivier, Eduardo  (5 min)

5. Any Other Business

6. Next

Toronto Planning Committee Call: Toronto NARALO Events Organising Committee call 2012.10.03

Live from Toronto!





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