January 2017

  • NARALO Monthly meeting on January 9th
  • Call for  FY 18 budget requests  due on January 16
    • Marita Moll
    • Evan Liebovitch
    • Javier, Eduardo and Alfredo
    • Loris Taylor 
    • Joly  (Withdrawn)
  • Financial Request for  Local Discretionary funds
    • Joly
    • Tom
    • Glenn-  GA   NARALO Banner 
  • Letter and certificate for  Darlene Thompson requested, thanks to Marita to locating her address
  • Request to membership to use last  CROPP Trip
  • NA  @ ARIN General Assembly
    • Confirmation of the 25 attendees
    • Confirmation of  unaffilated attendee-William Cunningham
    • Staff to send out to the list instructions 
    • Schedule of the  ARIN information sessions
  • Scheduled  volunteer meetings for  GA  logistics and Program agenda
  • Notifications  for  potential ALS  decertifications
    • ISOC  Special Needs 
    • VBUG
    • America ATLARGE
    • Open Media

February 2017

  • NARALO Monthly meeting on Feb 13th
    • Meet the Candidates  Call-30 minutes
  • Board Election
  • Rules of Procedures
  • Outreach and Engagement
    • Repeat request to community for last CROPP trip outstanding
  • Finance
    • Submission by Tom to GSE on local funding-Update?
  • General Assembly NARALO General Assembly 2017
  • ALS Expectations Plan- Feedback - Judith, Eduardo and Javier joined group and provided comments
  • ALS Management
    • Special purpose meeting for  ALS  Decertification and Warning letters- separate pages created to document the communication
    • Call on Feb 8th 
      • Ongoing engagement wiith  ISOC NC
      • Judith to contact ISOC  staff on the status of  ISOC Special Needs- Status on Notice
      • Open Media on Notice starting August 2016- 1 year process
      • VBUG  On Notice
      • America On Notice 
      • Clarification that Michael Miranda's and Darlene Thompson were requested for  decertification  months ago
      • Letter to be sent to ALAC that  Open Media, Ameria@AtLarge  and Vibug under Notice 
    • Contact made with ISOC  NC  and volunteer  expressed interest in participation

March 2017

  • ICANN 58 meeting in Copenhagen
    • NARALO monthly call
    • ATLARGE review meetings and comments
    • TTF  Face to Face meeting
    • Signed  certificate to be sent to Darlene
  • Second  Get to Know  ARIN session with NARALO ALS's
  • Reminders for the ALS  Expertise survey 
  • General Assembly Planning
    • Finalization of the  GA  Agenda 
    • Communication with all ALS's 
    • Reminders to all to complete the NARALO booklet
  • Held  second ARIN GET TO KNOW  webinar  with 14 attendees 
  • March 2  Rules and Procedures call with John More 


April 2017

  • Agenda set for May 8th monthly meeting
  • Third reminder for  ALS Expertise Survey
  • NARALO CROPP Plan under development for public comment
  • New Unaffiliated member
    Roland Yarbrough
    Nashville, TN
  • Special request to Dev Annand Teelucksingh for a Onboarding session
  • General Assembly in New Orleans
    • Full 26 ALS participation plus  remote participation 
    • Full report on the GA provided by May Meeting
    • NARALO GA Presentation
    • Abbreviated April meeting- NARALO Election and the NARALO Rules of Procedures
    • Update draft and community feedback on the NARALO Rules of Procedures
    • Commencement of  a NARALO Strategic Plan
    • Normal  Monthly meeting on April 10th was replaced with the  April 5th meeting
    • Action items created

May 2017 

June 2017

  • Work in progress
    • Outstanding  the NARALO  Strategic plan 
    • Refine the local discretionary funds for ALS

July 2017

  • Creation of a Discretionary Funding Application form and criteria
  • ALAC acknowledges Leah Smelkyer as the NOMCOM appointee
  • ICANN 59 Meeting in Joberg
  • Booking of first information session for  new ALS and Unaffiliated membership in September
  • Creation of a newcomers orientation booklet 
  • Global Indigenous Committee selection of a Mentee 
  • Substitute selection committee met and selected Evan Leibovitch in replacement for Garth Bruen for ICANN 60, note Garth still has the voting rights
  • Notice for Mentor  closed on July 31st sent to NARALO list 
  • Promotion of the  3 extra spots announced by Alan G for participation . closes on Aug 2

August 2017

  • Draft  Discretionary Funding application created and shared with the rest of the RALO's
  • Submission to the DF  by ISOC PR for  $1500 support for the ARIN ON THE ROAD
  • Selection of the first  CROP  traveler to the ARIN San Jose session in October 2017  Traveller is Yubelkys Montalvo
  • Monthly call had special speaker  on the ATLARGE Review by Olivier  special session arranged for  August 16
  • Selection of the  Global Indigenous Mentee  Geoff Blackwell
  • Selection fo the Global Indigenous  Mentor  Renata Ribero choosen on Aug 15
  • Four  NARALO members selected as  Fellows for the ICANN 60
    • Alfredo Calderon-Serrano, ISOC PR
    • Matthew Rantanen, Native Public Media
    • Destiny Tchehouali,  ISOC Quebec
    • Susanah Gray, ISOC SFC 



  • September meeting  attendance  
  • Meeting with Eduardo, Judith and John More on Rules of Procedures
  • Meeting with Judith, John, Alan and Glenn on Rules and updates
  • Special purpose call for the fellows and Global Indigenous Fellowship introducing them to ICANN 60 and managing expectations


  • October  NARALO monthly meeting,  Attendance  15 
  • John More presented the  final draft of the Rules of Procedures
  • Email to Membership for a 21 day review and set of the  BIG PULSE VOTE
  • ARIN 40-  Oct 4-6  Attendance by Yubelkys Montalvo,   Susannah Gray, Glenn McKnight, Nancy Carter, Eve Edelson,  Leah Smekler - Missed meeting Jose  De La Cruz lll and  Loris Taylor 
  • CROP  Report requested to Yubelkys Montalvo for CROP Report 
  • Link to  YM  Report 
  • Creation of  Annual Report
  • Promotion to membership for next  ARIN Fellowship for  April 2018
  • Call for the  second  Global Ambassador Fellowship due on Nov 17th


  • Passing of the  Rules of Procedure by membership
  • No meeting with Chris Mondini at ICANN 60 in Abu Dhabi to discuss strategy 
  • Transition for NARALO leadership with Eduardo becoming chair and Glenn becoming  Secretariat 
  • Discussion for substitutes for Ed and Javier at  ICANN 61 since they are locals
  • Monthly Newsletter produced
  • New format for monthly meetings- New subcommittees ie. Policy and Education 


  • IGF Geneva involvement by Judith and Glenn
  • Five leads from the outreach in Geneva followup
  • Followup with the ARIN leads 
  • Produced December newsletter

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