NARALO Monthly Teleconference

Date: Monday, 10 December 2012

Time: 20:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

How can I participate in this meeting? 1(800)550-6865, Teleconference ID: 1638 (as a standard item for the meeting agenda)

Adobe Connect Link:

(If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before: Test your connection and get a quick overview)


Garth Bruen, Darlene Thompson, Alan Greenberg, Eduardo Diaz, Allan Skuce, Louis Houle, Eduardo Diaz, Gareth Shearman, Murray McKercher, Glenn McKnight, Gordon Chillcott, Joly MacFie, Tom Lowenhaupt, Seth Reiss, Evan Leibovitch, Ogi Mitev

Apologies: Olivier Crepin-Leblond

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Gisella Gruber



Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 10 December 2012

Action Items: Action Items 10 December 2012

Transcript: Transcript 10 December 2012

Chat:  NARALO Chat transcript 10 December 2012

Recording: ENGLISH

A G E N D A  

1. Roll call - Staff (2 min)

2. Review of Action Items of call 8 October 2012  - Darlene Thompson  (1 min)

NARALO Monthly call 2012.10.08 (Going forward, let's list previous action items and not have a separate page)

2.1 Eric BW suggested/recommended we use time tracking on call agendas

2.2 Should these calls ALWAYS occur at 3PM EST REGARDLESS of Daylight Savings Time?

2.3 Staff should review and update the Working Groups lists and status

2.4 Staff will assist with the back-end processing of a online application form for ALSes as well as individual NARALO members

3. Review of Toronto Activities and Chair's Report (5 Minutes)

3.1 Chair's Report - (Communications Strategy I.1)

3.2 Toronto Review

3.2.1 Chair has drafted a thank you letter to Toronto event sponsors to be countersigned by ALAC Chair Olivier Crepin-Leblond

4.  Review of Communication Strategy (5 Minutes)

4.1 NARALO Communication Strategy Document: This work is never "done", we will constantly update and improve our communication. Please submit your comments to the Chair or directly into the document.

4.2 General request for staff: Please create the new page for the next NARALO teleconference immediately following the end of the current call.

5. Our Community (10 Minutes)

5.1 Recruitment (Section II of Communication Strategy)

5.1.1 Sub-Committee on NARALO ALS Outreach has been created with 5 members, Garth B. as Chair, more volunteers welcome

5.1.2 Recruitment Introduction Letter is being drafted, please review and comment (Section II-3 of Communications Strategy)

5.2 Status of ALS Applications & Regional Advice

5.2.2 Connect.NYC APPROVED! - Our Spotlight Connecting NYC with comments from Tom L. (5 Minutes)

5.2.1 Nova Scotia Community Access Program APPROVED! (Third spotlight for January 2013)

5.2.3 University Community Partnership for Social Action Research Under Further Due Diligence (2 Minutes)

5.3 Unaffiliated Status

5.3.1 Staff: Any new members?

5.4 Participation/Working Group Watch (Communication Strategy III.6)

5.4.1 Immediate need for two (2) members for Finance and Budget Sub-Committee

Engagement in ICANNMonique C.     
Naming Issues TaskforceAlan G. (?)Evan L. (?)Seth R. (?)   

Capacity Building Working Group

Darlene T.     

IDN Policy

Randy G.*     

ALAC Subcommittee on Finance and Budget

Gareth S.Darlene T.    

ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach

Eduardo D.     

Technology Taskforce Working Group

Gordon C.Avri D.Bill T.   

Metrics Working Group

Alan G.Darlene T.    

IRT Process


ccNSO / At-Large Coordination


At-Large Improvements Project Taskforce

Darlene T.     

ICANN Academy Ad-Hoc Working Group

Glenn M.Allan S.    

ccNSO Study Group

Eduardo D.     

Joint DNS Security and Stability

Thick WHOIS PDP (GNSO - pending)Evan L.     
Red Cross/IOC PDP (GNSO - pending)Evan L.     
Consumer Choice, Competition and Innovation WG (GNSO)Evan L.     
Joint Applicant Support WG (ALAC-GNSO)Evan L.     

5.5 ALS Spotlight - Each Month we will feature a NARALO ALS to give a brief presentation of what their ALS does as well as their goals and achievements. (Communication Strategy I.2) See

5.6 Cross-Ralo Relations (Communication Strategy IV)

5.6.1 Offering our support to APRALO for their Showcase event: At the request of Holly R. we have offered advice and made ourselves available to APRALO members

5.7 Statements of Interest (SOI)


6. Beijing & The Summit (2 Minutes)

6.1 Visa InformationU.S.Canada

6.1.1 TC Sent Instructions to sponsored travelers

6.2 Worst U.S. Airports for connections

7. New gTLDs (No Updates)

7.1 General Status

7.2 Lawsuit Claims Fraud in new gTLD Application

7.3 Neutral Auction & Mediation Resolution for gTLD String Contention

8. Nominating Committee "NOMCOM" Activity (No Updates)

8.1 The new 2013  NOMCOM page

8.2 Positions available (apply at:

    - Three members of the Board of Directors of ICANN

   - Three At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) representatives (one each from the Africa, Asia/Australia/Pacific Islands and Latin America/Caribbean Islands regions)

    - Two members of the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO)

    - One member of the Council of the Country-Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO)

9. At-Large Advisory Committee "ALAC" Issues (Olivier, Evan, Eduardo, Alan - 10 Minutes)

9.1 Burning Issues

9.1.1 Follow-Up on Trademark Clearinghouse Meeting at ICANN HQ LA

9.1.2 World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT)

9.1.3 IGF In Baku

9.1.4 GNSO's Consumer Choice, Trust, and Competition Working Group

9.1.5 Policy Development Process (PDP) on the Protection of IGO and INGO Identifiers in all gTLDs (IGO-INGO).

9.1.4 Joint BC-IPC Position Regarding Rights Protection Measures (RPM) Improvements As Second Level

9.2 Policy Advice Development Page


10. ICANN Functions (20 Minutes) (Communication Strategy III.5)

10.1 Compliance Answers to Questions submitted in November (8 Minutes)

10.2 Language and Translation (4 Minutes)

10.2.1 Requests from Louis H: Translation of the ICANN News Alert in Spanish and in French An abstract of the Naralo Monthly Meeting that we could post on our Web site (or RSS it), including some of the documents produced by ICANN, that we discuss and that would be worth translating to attract attention toward NARALO. Translate RAA and legal documents related to the RAA into French and Spanish Translations of Registrar/Registry documents in local languages(where the company operates) to avoid consumer disputes.

10.3 Travel (8 Minutes)

10.3.1 Request to have Travel Constituency on a call before each ICANN meeting to address any issues or questions

10.3.2 Remaining items from Toronto - Add tracking numbers for travel requests?

-Glenn M: Survey

10.3.3 Shuttles from spill-over hotels to venue/Compliance with disability access laws/Taxi fares

12.1 On Travel (This list sent to staff 11/12/12):

12.1.1 What was the official policy concerning wire transfer fees? (NARALO members have been asked to forward wire transfer fee information), example of fee from NARALO member

12.1.2 How should At-Large members go about getting transfer fees reimbursed?

12.1.3 What is the official ICANN policy concerning shuttles from sanctioned ICANN meeting spill-over hotels? The following images are of taxi receipts from NARALO members who paid $13 to $15 CAN per trip.

Community needs clarification on travel visa types for China from Staff

11.  Any Other Business "AOB" (2 Minutes)


11.1 News

Hands Off the Internet!

U.S. House passes unanimous resolution to ban UN regulation of the internet

Syria shuts down the Internet

The $100 million raised by the sale of new Web domains should be used to wire Africa.

An Open Forum on the Copyright Alert System

Gov't surveillance on the RIse

Shutdowns Counter The Idea Of A World-Wide Web

UK IPv6 advocacy group gives up, disbands

Neelie Kroes also has voiced her opposition, tweeting last week: “The Internet works, it doesn’t need to be regulated by ITR treaty. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Mobile devices and the poorThe Internet's Next Billion Users ↑

11.2 NARALO Buzz Items

Invite Richard Branson to Keynote in China? Murray M. (5 Minutes)

Is the Internet really prepared for disaster? 

Canadian Digital Policy

NRO Contribution to the WCIT Public Consultation Process

Fadi Chehade Letter to ICANN Community

Report of the Chair on the HLM

At-Large IDN Variant TLD Program – Interim Report Examining the User Experience Implications of Active Variant TLDs Workspace

12. Action Items

12.1 Staff: Please create the new page for the next NARALO teleconference immediately following the end of the current call.

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