• 1. Glenn McKnightto draft a certificate of  acknowledgement for Darlene Thompson for her contributions to NARALO.
  • 2. Silvia Vivanco to follow up with Tribal Ambassadors on their reports for the Pilot.
  • 3. Glenn McKnight to send the ARIN fellowship information to all Unaffiliated  members
  • 4. Volunteers for the GA agenda - Leah S. Howard D. Seth R. and Tom L. Joly
  • 5. Gisella Gruber to arrange for General Assembly Remote participation
  • 6. Glenn McKnight to circulate the survey one more time to select one slogan between the following two:


2) The voice of North American end-users in ICANN ( 7 votes)

  • 7. Terri Agnew  in coordination with Judith Hellerstein to send a doodle out for a call of the General Assembly GA Organizing Committee for the first week of January
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