Terri Agnew: Welcome to the NARALO Teleconference held on Monday, 10 October 2016 at 19:00 UTC

Terri Agnew: agenda wiki page: https://community.icann.org/x/PQG4Aw

Allan Skuce: Hi Terri.

Silvia Vivanco: Hello all welcome

Javier RÚA-JOVET: Hello 2 all

Alfredo Calderon: And Puerto Rico and U.S.

Silvia Vivanco: Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians!

Javier RÚA-JOVET: Columbus!

Alfredo Calderon: Its' Columbus Dat for us in Puerto Rico and U.S.

Javier RÚA-JOVET: free

Heidi Ullrich: Happy Thanksgiving Day for all Canadians!

Glenn McKnight: https://www.flickr.com/photos/glennmcknight/sets/72157670854676834

judith hellerstein: Hi All

Glenn McKnight: hi judith i didn't think you were joining us

judith hellerstein: this is the cubs. I only know about black sox

Glenn McKnight: thanks

Louis Houle: Hi everyone

Evan Leibovitch: The adobe connection is giving me some propblems, so I am dialed in by Adigo

judith hellerstein: HI Evan, please record these so that we can document it for icann as they are using new servers

Terri Agnew: Welcome Eve Edelson

Javier RÚA-JOVET: I'm on adobe and it works great.

Evan Leibovitch: It might be a flaky internet connection, nor sure the problem is at adobe end.

Terri Agnew: Welcome Alan Greenberg, and Seth Reiss

Eve Edelson: Hello Terri and All

judith hellerstein: Can we unlock the agenda

Terri Agnew: Welocme John More

Terri Agnew: @Judith, done

Javier RÚA-JOVET: Ted Cruz and the Texas and Arizona Attorney Generals!

Eve Edelson: ok now

judith hellerstein: Silvia yes you are echoing

Eduardo Díaz: I had problems with adobe audio. I gad to connect through my telephone

Eduardo Díaz: Yes, use the newsletter to tell your story

judith hellerstein: Hi Eduardo. Please document the problems you are having with the adobe audio so we can help icann during this transition to the new adobe

judith hellerstein: josh wants it all documented

Terri Agnew: Please check your adobe connect plug in's http://tinyurl.com/icannactest

Eve Edelson: sorry, things are in process but can't report results yet!

Glenn McKnight: I have you Leah then tom

Silvia Vivanco: Thank you for this information Eduardo, please share the events on the NARALO maililng list

Eduardo Díaz: @Silvia: will do so.

Eduardo Díaz: @all you can visit internetdaypr.org for more details about the event. I will sent maro info to the list

judith hellerstein: @leah, talk to Joly about livestreaming

Glenn McKnight: Please speak up Tom

Silvia Vivanco: Tom can you speak closer to the mic

Silvia Vivanco: interpreters cannot hear you

Tom Lowenhaupt: See the post at http://www.connectingnyc.org/abandoning-intuition-forgoing-digital-equity/

Eduardo Díaz: @Tom: You sound like you are in a concert hall with a lot of reverberation

judith hellerstein: exactly

Eduardo Díaz: I do not understand him.

Eduardo Díaz: @Glenn: please summarize?

Louis Houle: Please Tom, get in touch with me by email

Tom Lowenhaupt: ok

Eve Edelson: reading the site now, very interesting and I think I grasp the sssue

Terri Agnew: Welcome Le-Marie Thompson

Terri Agnew: Tribal Fellows: https://community.icann.org/x/vw6bAw

Glenn McKnight: Their bio was in the newsletter

Glenn McKnight: Leah and Tom do have more questions?

Eve Edelson: ok here

Allan Skuce: no echo

Glenn McKnight: Louis is in the que as well.

Tom Lowenhaupt: See this URL http://www.connectingnyc.org/abandoning-intuition-forgoing-digital-equity/ concerning our effort to influence the city administration to require public interest commitments be attached to certain "premium" domain names.

Glenn McKnight: We will be spending time with them

Tom Lowenhaupt: Examples of effective uses of PICs will be appreciated.

Eduardo Díaz: Great

Evan Leibovitch: I encourage anyone interested in the policy side of ICANN activity to read the Neilsen survey on consumer attitudes on gtLDS, commissioned by ICANN as a part of its investugation into competition and trust

Eduardo Díaz: Getting a conference visa was a pain! Lots of paperwork.

Evan Leibovitch: https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/reviews/cct/global-registrant-survey-15sep16-en.pdf

Glenn McKnight: Thanks Evan for the link

Louis Houle: Audio feable

judith hellerstein: I have my visa

Alan Greenberg: JOhn is still having issues.

Eduardo Díaz: WHat about the visas for the tribal fellows - did they get it?

Glenn McKnight: @ed the TA are ok

Glenn McKnight: Looks like John and Louis have isslues

Glenn McKnight: can't hear Heidi well

Alan Greenberg: I have my visa. Once I got the right info from the ministry of home affairs, it was issues in 1 dat.

Alan Greenberg: day

Glenn McKnight: @terry please post the ALS survey to the middle screen\

Glenn McKnight: Alan you ae next

Glenn McKnight: @alan did you drop your question

Javier RÚA-JOVET: I have my visa. Very efficient ( ñ3 days) through TRAVISA (but had to pay $350)

Terri Agnew: Welcome Marita Moll

Evan Leibovitch: Why wasn't the ICANN Delhi meeting so hard to get visas for?

Javier RÚA-JOVET: 3 days

Eduardo Díaz: YEs, I used CKGH and worked very well.

judith hellerstein: CKGS is very efficient

Marita Moll: Sorry to be late. It is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada

John Laprise: I was using CIBT at ICANN's suggestion.

judith hellerstein: how many people have appleid to the .mobi role

Silvia Vivanco: Open till October 21st

Silvia Vivanco: Survey link: http://items.fr/atlargesurvey/

Glenn McKnight: Thanks Silvia

Silvia Vivanco: Please complete it!

Evan Leibovitch: I did the survey and had a fairly lengthy interview

Eduardo Díaz: SAme here

Alfredo Calderon: Me too!

Terri Agnew: NARALO work in progress https://community.icann.org/x/WhWsAw

Silvia Vivanco: Work in progress: https://community.icann.org/display/NARALO/NARALO+Work+in+Progress

Alan Greenberg: For At-Large people, several sections are omitted, so it goes faster than you might expect.

Eduardo Díaz: MAa I add the newsletter work to the list?

Leah Symekher: Unfortunately, I will need to excuse myself for an urgent meeting. I will review the meeting minutes. Apologies. Leah

Glenn McKnight: Bye Leah

Silvia Vivanco: We will confirm the exact email once we hear from IT department

Glenn McKnight: Yes, I will circle to you Ed in one sec

Silvia Vivanco: but it will be set up shortly

Glenn McKnight: Thanks

Silvia Vivanco: the Naralo-Leadership@icann.org, wil be set up shortly

Terri Agnew: NARALO Newsletter: https://community.icann.org/x/54tYAw

judith hellerstein: The NARALO Leadership address is a good thing

Louis Houle: Good point Alan

Alan Greenberg: What we have now IS a gneric address. Just implemented differently than imagined.

Eve Edelson: I hear Judihh

judith hellerstein: Yes. I know the IETF allows this but we can not

judith hellerstein: This is what Silvia told me

Silvia Vivanco: IT explanation: “IT, along with Cyber security, has further enhanced both the technical protections in place for ICANN domains as well as our internal procedures on what we allow since this was last discussed. These changes were made to establish sane SPF, DMARC and DKIM records. Cybersecurity does not endorse or condone the practice of sending emails from ICANN managed domains that originate outside of our infrastructure (see practice on subdomains for cloud provided services). Unfortunately, as this request is asking for assistance on sending emails from ICANN managed domains from outside our infrastructure, we have to deny this request”.

Evan Leibovitch: thanks, alan. asked and answered

judith hellerstein: @evan. Yes I checked this out thoroughly and that is how I came up with my creative solution to solve this problem

Javier RÚA-JOVET: Must excuse myself; see you all in Hyderabad. Bye!

judith hellerstein: Bye

Evan Leibovitch: of course... I wonder why it is better to use naralo.org than naralo.icann.org, the us of which would make the forwarding a non-issue

Eduardo Díaz: We can open up and email in a domain that we can get and then use that email as a generic email to forward to whoever is the NARALO Chair/Secreatriat at the speific moment

Terri Agnew: NARALO Operating Principles Review https://community.icann.org/x/UAubAw

Terri Agnew: NARALO General Assembly 2017: https://community.icann.org/x/GSWAAw

Terri Agnew: CROPP FY 17: https://community.icann.org/x/5Zw0Aw

Tom Lowenhaupt: All set.

Terri Agnew: CROPP Follow up form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfzJUS8V2rqRjrPbr-cSpDySBnCEw01h9ztQu2vO-lYfuLnXA/viewform?c=0&w=1

Terri Agnew: everyone can scroll themselves

Tom Lowenhaupt: Thanks to staff, especially Jancie Lang for assistance in finalizing all the CROPP related details.

John Laprise: http://www.aiu-us.org/

judith hellerstein: we can not hear you

Louis Houle: No audio

Silvia Vivanco: We cannot hear John

judith hellerstein: please mute your adobe

Glenn McKnight: @Alan G We are wrapping up giving you the general final comments item 12 onward upon completion of John Laprise

Terri Agnew: Policy Advice pate on At-Large Website: https://atlarge.icann.org/policy-summary

Terri Agnew: Policy Advice Development Page: https://community.icann.org/x/bwFOICANN Public Comment Page: https://www.icann.org/public-comments

Eduardo Díaz: No policy because everyone was focus in doing the IANA transistion work

judith hellerstein: When will you be discussing the choices for the different liaison positions

Glenn McKnight: Evan Leibovitch: https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/reviews/cct/global-registrant-survey-15sep16-en.pdf

judith hellerstein: we are losing evan.

John Laprise: My apologies but I must drop off the call for another meeting at 3pm.

Evan Leibovitch: My comment is just to make sure we don't take our eyes off this.

Howard Deane (Consumers Council): IM INTERESTED

Allan Skuce: Thanks, Bye.

Evan Leibovitch: Howard, happy to follow up.

Alfredo Calderon: Have a great day!

Evan Leibovitch: bye all

Louis Houle: Arrivederci

Eve Edelson: Good afternoon all

Glenn McKnight: bye

John More: thanks

Silvia Vivanco: Thank you all!

Dustin Phillips: Bye, thanks all

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